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Areas Of Interest

Below are a few particular areas of interest for your reading. Each of the areas displayed below are part of the primary archive, but may have been more difficult to find due to the deep directory structure.

US Department Of Justice archive - A collection of publications and materials related to the US DOJ. This includes documents referencing prisons and inmates, criminal cases, statistics on victims of crime and other information on criminal history.

Manson Family collection - Various items related to the Manson family and the murders committed by its members. The collection includes several crime scene images, court transcripts, news articles, photographs of the Manson family members among other related items.

Black Holes - A few documents to introduce you to the existence of black holes in space. Covers the more general information and will likely answer common questions regarding black holes. Further related reading can be done here.

Artificial Intelligence - Numerous books with a basis on programming and application, and general AI method theory. The directory features several published works along with more general documents for leisurely reading.

NASA Columbia disaster - Comprehensive collection of reports from the investigation of the STS-107 (Columbia) shuttle disaster in 2003, when damage to the heat shield resulted in the shuttle disintegrating on re-entry.

Occult Library - A large library of occult related documents from magick, rituals, theory, history and various writings. Also see the occult conspiracy section.

Columbine Report - Full investigative report on the 1999 Columbine shooting in Littleton, Colorado. Includes all related information including witness interviews and background information.

MKULTRA - Articles, studies and various writings regarding the MKULTRA project which began in the 1950's and involved tests conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency. Additional information on the CIA can be found here.

The Warren Commission - The investigation behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. The report includes testimony of all related witnesses and outlines the final conclusions as to the involved parties.

Gopher Archive - This new addition to the archive is a collection of over 200,000 files archived from various Gopher servers. Content ranges from newsletters and mailing lists to scientific software applications and antique operating system files. Be warned, the directory structure can be complex to navigate.