"Intelligent Space" for the Medicine of the Future

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by John E. Holland.

After quite come correspondance with a director of a pain clinic in Ontario, Canada who is also lecturing at Toronto University about medical practice for the future we have both come to the conclusion that there is no way forward without understanding something of what is called by some "Noetic Science", the knowledge of the workings of Consciousness. That means we have to be aware of all aspects of existence and so culture. We had both made presentations at a conference in 1992 for "System Science in Healthcare" where we had realised that the responsible integration of health care on many different levels was necessary for the health of individuals and the nation to really survive our present culture of health care.

The Old Tools of the Past, what can we rescue? I have been working on these ideas since 1985 when I and a professor for Bio-medical engineering came up with an idea that health and healing and caring practices had to be linked using both western medicine, natural products, and the work of psycho-therapists and those working in the area of the Transpersonal Pychologists who wish to understand spiritual experience as something scientifically real and the healer who uses electro-magnetic energies in the body to correct subtle energies in the patient which is out of balance. As I had behind me personal experience of meditation and finer work with the arts and music by 1990 I realised as I combined sociology of religion, music and astrology as a language of symbols explaining life and death that I was on to something important to offer either as a intellectual tool in personal diagnostics or likewise something which links the spacial experience with good health as an artist can find. By now you might think about turning off because I've mentioned astrology as a tool and for many especially the psychologists this is an important "tool". The symbols are valid because they are symbols whose meanings allow us to describe three levels of existence and so add more dimensions to life and in particular enter what we could describe as the death experience. In this way we enter the field of that other science, the "Noetic" field of existence. By using such old well worn symbols but bringing their meaning to a more fundamental level we can make analysis of the patient's condition more real to their everyday existence. There is a trend that the medical profession has to become more aware of social trends like the social scientist and in this way we can analyse different segments of society by being aware of these foundational dimensions and so we can cross over existential barriers to show how life and death balance each other.

Experience, Science, Art and the use of old Symbols. By 1994 I had written 9 books explaining the levels of spirituality in imagination, emotions in reaction of natural tensions in each space. I used social science, music and astrological sysmbols and found links into Quantum Science as a mechanism using the foundational elements of sound and colour and light effect us mentally and materially. They eventually give us the collective possibility to really share creative life which contains all elements of the creation. Much of my work I've described at the subtle energy level and lies in the subconscious but medicine has to broaden its base to understand feel and the base spirituality of our existence leading to real creativity. Without these all inspiring energies and materials we would cease to exist and the world of language and sound would be dead. We know it is not dead so let us carry on. This language I was working with was familiar to psycho-therapists and Consciousness Researchers (Noetic Scientists) although I had used language also which links the world of the arts with that of the inner intellect. This is because of the fact "Imaging and Imagination" are necessary to start with so we can exist at all in an aware world. Because of both personal interest, experience and studies over the years I've seen great links between the arts and science and here I can only start to make others aware of. For example by careful cross linking, using psychometry I saw that astrological meanings links with cosmology and quantum relativity which when brought in contact with real spaces and how images are formed in nature, we form individual time dimensions. This experience runs parallel with the "Enlightenment" mechanism and the wonderment of being in a very spiritual church, we meet a wonderment which uplifts. This left me no doubt that I was dealing with the inner sources of existence. This has also been confirmed by other scientists in this field from major American Universities.

What is the Practical Nature of this? These ideas can support people by helping them know how personal Imagination and Imaging can transform their creative lives and be used in the healing process. You, as a doctor can help patients grapple by pointing out certain facts which with trust they can work on personally to pick themselves up and be creative or you can entrust the task to a sensitive therapist to support the therapy and the "life direction". In the courses I run to show this mechanism of "Intelligent Space" I start the experiment by first clearing the stress by understanding correct breathing to released trapped emotions in mind and body. Then the proof of subtle energies I practically open in a simple expirience to know how space works in a large building like a church and how mind and body changes its perspectives. This is important in knowing how the patient is ill and how they use their creative capasity and their "love of life". In the large space sound experience is divided clearly into the 12 areas necessary for creation to be supported. These we can experience by walking around the inside of the building, stopping in the 12 preordained places often used in the churches' services and so we learn the balance of the mind and body and what relationship there is between inner mental reaction and outer body wishes. There is of course a personal tolerance but what is real is the possibility to feel real changes in the balance between mind and body. You can use this to support your patients in their therapy through simple understanding of the subtle energies of space and feeling how each patient is. It is like developing the "bedside manner" to its logical conclusion of individual support in the healing process. We come to realise that we can experience fundamental sources in nature and in this way through memory of the patient and how natural "image" making takes place we can work in quiet with life giving forces.

The "Consciousness" or Noetic Science System" has been developed into courses and lectures on personal and group experiences how therapies can be integrated and how each space can be made creative. We can come to understand these experiences of light, colour and sound within space at various levels of complexity depending of whether you are working on the psychic level or by giving remedies and tablets. My personal and training skills allow us to be able to link events and reactions with location and with personal experience. We have to remember that each of us is different and has a different capasity to perceive and represent the world whether that be from the material or from the inner psychic level. I try and make courses an experimented within the field of conscious and subconscious awareness so we can use this in its present form to bolster inner mental capasities of first the doctor and therapist and then the deeper sources of the patient and how this links with their capabilities in certain spaces to be revitalised. This work will also help us not to go over the capasity of each location's natural resources. These I have divided up according to the flexibility and stability of the supporting psychic "Imagery" and mental capasity of the personality to perform and likewise to get into certain health problems. Many of these are born into the person and others I have seen as a seasonal cycle given by the subtle energy levels within the cosmology. Here Quantum Physics takes over the reason for the different experience of each space and the present work on Vacuum Field theory backs up the reasons for our very different lives because we experience them in different space which are often not linked consciously and so a vacuum or partial vacuum forces nature back to its universal roots in how cell and group structure really works.