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From: ur-valhalla!!jharding (JOHN E. HARDING)
Subject: AFOSI Agent Speaks Outs
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Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 19:38:24 -0700 (MST)

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I am sure everyone in the UFO arena has at one time of or another hear
of the Kirtland AFB in New Mexico incident.

This was an incident where a UFO was discovered by a guard next to a
building containing HQ 44 materials.  Also in the same area the next
day a Security officer checks Coyote Canyon and stumble onto a UFO.

This incident also involved AFOSI Special Agent Richard Doty, Dr. Paul
Bennewitz, Senator Schmidt of New Mexico, and Jerry Miller who was a
GS-15 and Chief Scientific Advisor of the Air Force Test and
Evaluation Center, KAFB. (NOTE:  Mr. Miller is a former Project Blue
Book USAF Investigator who was assigned to Wright-Patterson AFB in

I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in March of 1995
and in April 1995 I received the complete AFOSI report of the
incident.  It did in fact confirm the Air Force had indeed
investigated a confirm UFO sighting.

The following is an excerpt of the ORTK Forum for Spring-Summer of

He does not make mention of the Kirtland incident, but as you will see
he confirms the Roswell crash, Alien bodies, Alien contact and
meetings and Alien Technology given to us.


by Dan Pinchas

(Editor's note: The following is excerpted from an e-mail interview I
conducted with controversial former Air Force Office of Special
Investigations (AFOSI) Special Agent Richard Doty over a two-week
period in the Spring. Readers may recall that Special Agent Doty was
heavily involved in the so-called Bennewitz Affair, was (is) an
alleged member of the "aviary," and had an extraordinary meeting
regarding UFOs with researcher Linda Howe at Kirtland AFB in 1983,
discussed in more detail below. Doty graciously agreed to answer
questions I put to him regarding his knowledge of Roswell, the
Holloman AFB landing, and other topics. He has given permission for
his remarks to be printed in the Forum.)

On meeting Linda Howe in 1983:

Yes, Linda and I met in April 1983 at the OSI Office, KAFB, but, no, I
didn't show her any Carter Briefing Documents. She showed me a
document. I listened to Linda and then advised her of the official
UFAF statement on UFOs. I maintained contact with Linda for about two
years, but I did not show her any official classified government

On the Holloman AFB landing:

Regarding the landing of a UFO at Holloman AFB, NM on April 25, 1964,
yes, it did happen. The only exchange that occurred was us giving back
the six alien bodies. In an exchange of good will, the aliens provided
us with several "items" of advanced technology. No further comment on
that. Yes, I have information that Mr. Emenegger was given access to
the film, but I'm not sure why the government backed off on their
offer to assist.

On the Roswell crash:

First of all, there were six aliens in the craft that crashed in
Roswell in 1947. Five died and one lived for three years. That is
fact! I've read the official report and that's stated in the report.
An alien spacecraft crashed in the New Mexican desert in July 1947. An
alien was recovered and lived for three years. Five alien bodies were
recovered. The same aliens returned in 1964 and all alien bodies were
returned. To the best of my knowledge, these aliens have not returned.

Whitley [Strieber] also interviewed my uncle, a retired USAF Colonel,
who was involved in the investigation of UFOs [Project Blue Book]. I
told Whitley exactly the same information. I also told him that the
government has thoroughly investigated abductions and determined they
were not real. I respect your opinions and others; however, you don't
know what I know! I have had the access during my OSI career. I've
seen the evidence and have actually collected the evidence.

On the Kecksburg, PA crash:

The Kecksburg 1965 incident was a crash of a then Soviet Satellite.
That information is readily available at the National Archives. I know
of no other alien crash known about by the U.S. government. There is
more evidence that the Kecksburg incident was not a UFO incident.
Interviews of state troopers recently revealed the troopers observed
the writings on the object, which one stated was "Russian" writing.
Russian writing could easily be confused with hieroglyphic.

On the Aztec and Kingman crashes:

The Aztec incident in '48 was a hoax. There was no crash nor was there
any creditable evidence to support a crash. I know of no crash or
alleged crash in or near Kingman in 1953.

On the UFO cover-up: Regarding the alleged cover-up, I don't know the
government's reason. I am no longer employed by the government nor am
I a spokesman for the government. I really don't know. As far as the
government's alleged effort to hide information, there was a
disinformation operation, but that is all I can say.

There you have it folks, a former AFOSI Agent confirming what we had
suspected all along.


John Harding
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