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Government Forces against the Citizens
Mark in Michigan - June 1993
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   Good evening.  Once again we're brought together here for an opportunity
   to discuss the direction that this nation is moving towards.  My name is
   Mark, I'm from Michigan.  We'll be covering all aspects or everything we
   possibly can concerning the New World Order operations inside the United
   States.  We'll be discussing the MJTF police, ... the United Nations
   combat forces inside the United States and the conversion of the United
   States into an asset for the United Nations.

   To begin with I originally worked as an intelligence analyst 1975 through
   1981.  First with Usex a company out of Arizona.  And then I moved on
   Fifth US Army intelligence center where I worked both as an intelligence
   analyst and as a counter intelligence coordinator.  Later through the
   eighties up until present time I command two, both second third brigades
   which are special warfare units that train US military forces in foreign
   warfare and tactics.

   We're going to start with the MJTF police, where it came from, what its
   original mission was, what its mission is now.  Through a series of
   political actions that started around approximately March of 1989 the
   federal government extorted resources from most of the states, in fact
   all 50 states simultaneously within a two period passing laws in every
   state authorizing the use of federal funding to convert local and state
   forces into national police forces.

   The MJTF police, Multi Jurisdictional Task Force, is in virtually every
   state of the union of the United States at this time.  Its primary
   mission is house-to-house search and seizure, separation and
   categorization of men, women, and children in large numbers, the transfer
   to detention facilities and the use of those facilities for interrogation
   purposes.  The MJTF are regular national guard, local law enforcement and
   street gangs converted to national police services.

   Remember that this was originally organized under George Herbert Walker
   Bush.  We all know of course now that President Clinton has proposed a
   national police force.  This is simply another name, in fact an overt
   name, for the MJTF police.  Now the model for the MJTF police is that
   they are the velvet glove on the iron fist.  Anybody who is familiar with
   some of the speeches that have taken place, Ex-President Reagan spoke in
   England here approximately two months ago and commented that the United
   Nations forces would be the velvet glove on the steel fist.  This is a
   very popular phrase.  It has been used extensively by these people that
   are within the New World Order operation.  I don't know how you feel
   about this but any time I've been hit with an iron fist I usually don't
   feel too good and a velvet glove doesn't make much difference.

   It should be noted that most of the resources are being drawn from again,
   federal fundings for regional governments.  The state of Michigan
   converted part of their forces over on February 11, 1989 when Senator
   Carl Levin, the state ...  of the state of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana met
   in Lansing.  At 6:35 in the evening an agreement was struck in which
   elements of the Michigan national guard would be deployed in Indiana,
   Ohio in the event of, and in fact it was stated that when firearms are
   confiscated in the Midwest that these forces would be deployed both in
   Indiana and in Ohio.  Indiana, Ohio would then provide 50% of its guard
   forces to police the Michigan area under the MJTF police guidelines.
   Approximately three months after the arrangement was made through the
   Department of Defense in conjunction with other agencies, some of them
   unknown at this time, the state of Indiana backed out of the agreement.

   When this took place the federal government through a series of funding
   coordinations withdrew resources from the state of Indiana.  They had to
   restructure part of their guard mechanism and in the process were able to
   maintain a good portion of their original integrity concerning their
   preparedness strength for guard forces.  Three battalions had to be
   restructured at that time.

   Now the MJTF police are supported through strategic reserve aircraft that
   have been transferred to their resource.  They will convert almost all of
   the existing local police agencies to national police forces after
   they've lifted personnel they do not consider trustworthy.  And they will
   also incorporate street gangs.  Now, if anybody has seen the guidelines
   and we have copies of both, the original stated that house to house
   search and seizures will be performed by military, law enforcement, and
   civilian personnel.  Now we all know who the military are, that's anybody
   in a green uniform or a blue uniform or the Army, Navy, Air Force,
   Marines, Coast Guard.  We understand that those would be people in the
   national guard, reserve and active, our active military forces.  We know
   who law enforcement is.  These are the constables.  The individuals that
   you have at your local level all the way up to an including our secret
   police in the United States such as the FBI, Central Intelligence Agency,
   and other agencies that might be at their disposal, Defense Intelligence
   Agency, etc.  Who are the civilians that are going to come into your
   home?  I don't recall there being any guidelines for that in the
   Constitution.  If anybody has listened to National Public Radio you will
   note that on several different occasions, specifically the tenth month of
   1992 it was announced, and in fact, it was a one hour special program on
   National Public Radio about converting the street gangs to law
   enforcement agencies.  We had been talking about this for years prior to
   its action.  We knew that there were preparatory actions taking place.

   Through these activities a truce was signed by several of the large gangs
   in the city of Los Angeles.  At the time, there were negotiations in
   process in Chicago, and this was also taking place in New York.  Since
   the initial actions a full agreement has been signed in Los Angeles and
   both the Crips and the Bloods are now being trained, equipped, and
   uniformed by, with federal funding through California.  Chicago has
   finalized this agreement last week.  New York is in the process of doing
   so some time in the next few weeks and we can assume that they will do
   this very quickly.  These forces will be the canon.  Their mission is to
   be the forefront, the master forces to come through the door.  Remember
   that the average federal agent makes anywhere from $47,000 to $57,000 a
   year.  He is more or less looking at his pension.  He is not concerned
   with risking his life, especially if he can find someone to throw in
   front of him as a sandbag.  That's the mission of these brute forces that
   are being organized.

   Since last I spoke, probably the best example, I'm sure that everybody
   listening here has heard about Waco, Texas.  These forces that were on
   the ground, give you a best example, were not effective fighting forces.
   When you retreat and leave wounded and dead lying on the ground that's
   called a rout, it's not a retreat.  And this is symptomatic of
   professional forces that are there for the money.  On the other hand, if
   you use the old medieval pillage principle and you have a profit
   mechanism set up in which you're allowed to confiscate properties, cars,
   jewelry, furniture, the neighbor's wife, whatever, then you're highly
   motivated to go through that door.  And especially if you have been doing
   it illegally for an extensive period of time and all of a sudden they're
   giving you the opportunity to be legitimized.   Remember, why let the
   street gang situation foster or flourish the way it did.  We had more
   than the capability to restrict the street gangs at the time when they
   came about.  Most assuredly we had the capacity to restrict them in any
   way that we wished to.  However, by allowing the street gangs to flourish
   you create regimentation.  Then, the strong come to the top.  These are
   your NCOs and leaders.  And when you are finished you simply put them in
   uniform, then you have an organized military force at your disposal.
   They're thugs, but they're expendable thugs.  Remember that.

   Now, MJTF police operations are, there are several actions that have
   taken place within the last two years.  Starting in 1991, they
   participated or were part of Operation Achiles which was a sweep from the
   southern Ohio valley up through to Michigan of ATF, by both the Bureau of
   Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and MJTF forces to harass and eliminate FFL
   holders, who were manufacturers and producers of components and arms.
   Their primary concern was not to confiscate or charge somebody will
   illegal arms but rather to acquire records and resources that were
   available and in the hands of the people who held the FFL.  In every case
   where they went into these businesses the only thing that they took were
   the records of who purchased products and where they lived, very
   important to understand.

   There are a series of other activities that took place after this.  MJTF
   was deployed in Los Angeles during the LA riots though there was only a
   slight mention of it, that's the authority they were under.

   All of the agencies are overlapping and under the general authority of
   the United Nations.  Remember we are now an international organization
   not the United States ... small corporate entity part of a big company,
   larger company.  In 1992 through early 1993 reorganization was taking
   place to try and give the MJTF a greater credibility.  However, it was
   understood that their mercenary forces probably will not function as
   originally anticipated so the guard has been restructured.  Many people
   who are familiar with the guard will be able to understand why the guard
   is being rifted of experienced personnel.

   Desert dust, or in other words we call it Desert Storm, its primary
   mission, it was three-fold but its primary mission was to see whether or
   not the American people would eat the New World Order.  U.S. soldiers
   were sent overseas, their American flags were taken off their uniforms,
   flags were taken down by officers in the field because the flag was not
   to be flown.  Most every other nationality was allowed to fly their flag
   and other than for publicity purposes for our public consumption the
   general position was that the flag was to be trodden at every
   opportunity.  However, if any of you were watching the news you'll notice
   a lot of Marines were jumping up and showing their patch which they just
   pulled out of their pocket and were laying it on their arm and going see
   this.  This is what I'm fighting for.  These people have to be done away
   with.  You can't have these people in the military and so they decided
   that they would have to rift these people out, transfer them to guard.
   If they're already in guard units, restructure.  Reestablish guidelines
   that would enable them to extract these people from the mechanism.  They
   are trying to go to the next generation of educated idiots.  They're
   looking for people who are going to be more pliable.  As Mr. Rockefeller
   said many years ago, clay that can be molded more efficiently.  And since
   the first or latest crop didn't work we're now going to restructure the
   entire mechanism and see what we can get from the next batch.  This is
   where we are going with this.

   Now, it should be noted that before they can do all of this, before they
   can perform any of the actions that are pending they are going to have to
   take the weapons that we have inside the United States.  I will say again
   that the meeting that took place in 1989, the federal government and the
   representatives that were there stated uncategorically when we take the
   weapons, not if we take the weapons, but when and under that premise
   everything else was constructed.  Now, very quickly there is one that I
   like here.  I'm going to have it put up on the board while we are
   speaking.  A little poster everybody should remember.  All of those in
   favor of gun control raise your right hand.  There is an interesting
   piece that just came out that I was most fascinated with with regards to
   firearms laws.  It's a book concerning the Gun Control Act of 1968 in
   which it has been demonstrated that the Gun Control Act of 1968 wasn't
   simply an American creation, it was taken from Nazi Germany's gun control
   laws of 1938 word for word.  Now that's very important when you consider
   this because we're not talking a few paragraphs here and there.  The
   entire document is taken from Nazi Germany's Gun Control Law of 1938.  If
   they're already at that level in 1968 then where are you going to go with
   our gun laws now?  If you've listened to the people who are talking about
   this they say the Brady Bill for instance, and I'm hoping everybody
   understands what that is, that's one of the pending gun, firearms
   legislations that is at the Senate and House level right now.  It is a
   good first step to follow through on this.  I don't think anybody likes
   that idea.

   If that is a first step then where are we headed.  It should be
   understood that the MJTF police is not trusted by the federal agencies
   and eventually will be done away with.  Again, the MJTF are useful ...
   that eventually will be swept to the side.  Moving on beyond the MJTF
   police, we're going to back up into them a little bit, are FINCEN.
   FINCEN, or Financial Crime Enforcement Network personnel.  FINCEN has as
   much to do with finances as the SAS had to do with airplanes.  The SAS,
   Special Air Service, was a cover name for an entity which existed in
   England and was the equivalent to the OSS of World War II, 1941-1945.
   FINCEN forces are, their mission is house to house search and seizure,
   separation and categorization of men, women and children, transfer to
   detention facilities, securing properties acquired but not the
   maintaining of detention camps.  That will be the mission of the MJTF

   I should mention very quickly, the detention camps themselves, originally
   under FEMA 23 detention camps were authorized.  These detention camps
   were spread out across the United States.  In addition to that, there are
   20 supplemental camps that were authorized with the 1990-91 military
   fiscal budget.  Carl Levin's DOD budget amendment 656 authorized the
   implementation of these 20 camps to supplement the 23 that were already
   authorized.  There are now 43 total camps that are pre-deployed inside
   the continental United States.  In addition to that there are
   supplemental camps or auxiliary camps through each state and in each
   region.  An example of this would be the Nike Hercules missile site
   located near Monroe.   That is a pre-designated detention facility.  The
   three sites that are located in Michigan:  number 1 is located due north
   of Pickney, Michigan, due west of Brighton.  The second is earmarked near
   Lansing, Michigan, the north, northeast.  The third is Ft. Custer
   military reservation which has been upgraded from a D facility to a B
   facility.  This is very important because a D facility is state
   authorized and state controlled.  A B facility on the other hand, has
   been upgraded to federal status and is comparable to any of our military
   facilities such Ft. Benning, Georgia.  Dwight Patterson Air Force base,
   any facility that we are presently using for active military forces.
   However, if you get a chance to tour the highways and byways and back
   roads of Ft. Custer you'll find that there is a new urban warfare center
   there.  The new urban warfare center doesn't look like Germany, it looks
   like downtown Monroe.  It looks like downtown Soline.  It has three
   bedroom ranch-styled houses, crackerbox farmhouses.  Small living areas
   inside downtown areas.

   At this particular site MJTF police forces were training from the first
   week of January of 1989 on.  They are returning every second and third
   week of the month from Monday through Thursday.  They were paying with
   non DOD funds.  In other words, they were GSA funds or they were funds
   from other agencies, other than regular military budget allocations.
   It's important to understand how they pay because that's how you find out
   who it is that's playing.

   Now these forces operated secretly for a number of months and we
   identified them as they were training and they changed facilities.  We
   understand after approximately a year and a half cooling time that they
   are using Custer and they are using Graylien again extensively.  Bringing
   forces together from other parts of the state, turning them on site and
   then sending them back out to be prepared for whatever is going to happen
   in the future.  We'll go back to FINCEN now.  FINCEN was organized
   utilizing foreign military forces as secret police forces here in the
   United States.  They are drawn from military and secret police forces
   overseas.  They are predominantly European.  We have Belgian, Dutch,
   German, ... French.  We also have a variety of Asian military personnel.
   It is known at this time, for instance, that FINCEN has an element in
   Montana that is made up of Gerkas.  The 197th mechanized as of one month
   ago, I'm sorry excuse me, as of one week ago, has deployed for a training
   operation that may last as long as two months in northern Montana through
   the Canadian frontier.  It is the 197th mechanized infantry combined with
   two brigades of British mechanized infantry, the first Canadian armored
   division, Gerka mercenary forces, 1 Belgian brigade, 1 EEC and another
   undetermined number of forces, all foreign.  They originally were
   scheduled to work for approximately three weeks in the area but if this
   is similar to the last mobilization that took place you will find that
   they will be there for up to two and a half, three months.

   During the LA crisis that took place there were a series of actions that
   took place both in Montana, we also saw activities in California, and
   there were activities in northern Texas, in the Panhandle.  FINCEN forces
   are ruthless.  An example, the Gerkas are a professional mercenary forces
   from Nepal.  They rotate these forces for a period of time, out of Nepal,
   and were originally hired by the British military force for a number of
   years.  Now that they're under UN authority of course we have to find a
   use for them and they have.  Remember the Gerkas were being paid by the
   British and probably still are to be used against us, kind of like the
   Haitians of 1775 isn't it?  I think you'll find a lot of other forces of
   similar perspective there.  There are, and I will use the regional map
   here, there are a number of forces spread throughout the ten regions.
   For those of you who are not familiar with regionalism, regionalism is a
   form of government that we are about to experience if the New World Order
   people have their way.  Under regionalism Michigan becomes not Michigan
   but Area 5.  As Area 5 our capitol will be in Chicago under the new
   states constitution this particular type of government comes into power
   and we're going to find that all of a sudden we're going to be part of
   this warm fuzzy New World Order real quick.  Unfortunately, we'd never
   vote for a Governor again.  The Governor will be directly assigned by the
   President.  Kind of like in Star Wars.  If you remember it was rather
   entertaining...  in one scene one of the military brass comes walking
   into the briefing room and goes the Emperor has just done away with the
   Senate.  And of course one of the admirals goes how will he manage
   without the bureaucracy.  And then the brass turns and goes, well, our
   regional governor shall deal with the problem, terror shall reign.  And
   most assuredly terror shall reign.  The regional governor will not have
   the same authority over his military forces, but he most assuredly will
   have full authority over his security forces.  Unlike the governors of
   old who had a pocket army he will simply have police.  The centralized
   military force will be completely under the authority of the United

   How did we get here?  Well, that's an interesting story when you think
   about it because there are a lot of problems that are involved.  It's an
   ongoing escalation of resources pitted against the American people and
   the republic.  We are a constitutional republic by the way, we are not a
   democracy.  I think everybody better remember that now.  This is a
   problem you run into even for republican Presidents.  How many times did
   we hear George Bush say this democracy?  This is a man who calls himself
   a Republican.  I'm not necessarily a Republican or a Democrat.  I'm one
   of those independent American kind of guys.

   An example of FINCEN and some of the effects that overlap into the United
   Nations operations, this was on the cover of Airmen magazine which is a
   US Air Force publication, July 1992.  It should be very evident that the
   forces that are displayed here on the cover are very impressive.
   Unfortunately, of the five aircrafts on the cover only one of them is
   American.  The rest are all Soviet bombers, or Soviet heavy lift
   aircraft.  It should be noted that these types of assets have been
   reported on for the last 10 years by a lot of people in the military, who
   people simply didn't want to listen to or believe.  These are documents
   here that shall we say more than verify that validity of comments that
   were made in the past.

   The forces involved that we're going to see in FINCEN will be very well
   educated.  They are professional military forces.  They are for all
   practical purposes mercenaries, or course.  You're going to find that
   they normally serve an eight-year tour unlike the old American mechanism
   which was a six year tour, a mixed time of active and reserve component
   with IRR, independent rating reserve options.  Instead we've now gone to
   an eight year mechanism the same as all foreign professional forces
   overseas.  Very characteristic of the same mechanism that was used
   against us in 1775.  ... through pressing was normally done with an eight
   year tour.

   There are a variety of different mechanisms.  This is one that was done
   by a friend of us that liked also to include, which I think is very
   interesting, it's a whirlpool, actually a black hole, I'm sorry.  And
   most assuredly we're spinning into a black hole if we allow this to
   exist.  It should be noted that these people are chugging on despite the
   types of pitfalls we've thrown in front of them.  We will slow them down,
   we probably will not stop them completely, and this will become an armed
   confrontation.  I can not believe that the American people are going to
   continue to participate in something like this not without realizing
   eventually that somebody is selling the cookie jar, they aren't just
   grabbing the cookies.

   Otherwise, what we're looking at right now, I have two or three other
   pieces that I'd like to throw in here.  What we're looking at right now
   is an action which is quite sophisticated, has taken probably 50 years to
   develop and the enemy has almost reached that point where he can touch
   the golden ring.  Imagine if you will going around the merry-go-round and
   almost having your hand on it.  It's in slow motion, time dilation.  All
   of their different schemes, plotting and conniving have come to a nexus,
   a point in time in which they have the opportunity to grab everything.
   To do this they must act quickly.  They have windows of opportunity.
   They are very dangerous at this particular point because there is an old
   story, the swift stroke oft misses.  That's the problem with this, if we
   are lucky we can get them to move quickly or move too quickly, they will
   show too much and the American people are not complete dummies.  And
   there are enough of us, there are enough patriots out there that are
   interested in seeing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights survive that
   they will participate in the defense of the nation.

   There are a lot of military forces that are being sent overseas.  Doesn't
   anybody wonder while in this time of peace we're sending more and more of
   our military strength to Bosnia or Segovia, Somolia, Thailand and has
   anybody heard about our forces in Peru?  I imagine not.  Well I'll give
   you a good example.  We have twenty to twenty one thousand personnel
   right now sitting off Yugoslavia's coast or in Yugoslavia at this time.
   We have approximately 20,000 mixed personnel functioning in Somolia.  And
   that's 40,000 combat personnel.  In addition to that we have
   22,000-23,000 in Cambodia.  Now we've got 60,000 people overseas and most
   of them are combat troops.  Let's go one step farther.  Back to Desert
   Dust, one of those little actions that was missed by everybody is that
   during executive orders that were signed, 18,000 US military personnel
   were sent to Peru for policing operations there under UN authority.  Now,
   this is documented.  We've got people who are down there right now.
   There are families and there are mothers that are highly concerned about
   the people that are in place.  They have lost people there.  People have
   been killed.  This receives no publicity.  Yet it's going on.  It's a
   prime example of watch my right hand, hey, you didn't see what was going
   on over here did you.  That's what we have to worry about.  These people
   control the media completely.  What I do a lot of times and I recommend
   you do the same thing is video tape what's going on television but ignore
   most of what they say.  Pay attention to the photographs.  If they're
   really concerned with something they won't feed you much.  But in many
   cases they'll feel the general population isn't that observant, and there
   is more in a picture than there is in all of the gobbledy gook and words
   that they've fabricated.  You have to ask yourself when you look at
   pieces of equipment activities why is this taking place.  Where is this
   taking place?  Is this actually what is going on?   If you look at this
   expressions of the individuals, the activities, the attitudes you know
   that something doesn't taste right.  A lot of military people coming back
   are tickled pink to leave Somolia fast as they can throw their feet on a
   747 or a 737 air bus.  There is a reason for that.  It is an ...
   situation that is typical of the type that the United Nations has put us
   into.  Of course, by the way, we're paying the bill too.  This is not
   good.  It should be noted that a lot of personnel who are overseas and we
   have personal contacts that are experiencing this right now, are having
   difficulties bringing family members back or sending family members back
   from Europe to the United States.  We have three families in particular
   that are experiencing this right now.  They are attempting to send their
   wives and children out of Europe back into the continental United States
   and the military will not do it, will not send them.  They have not
   released the dependants, let alone the husband.  This is interesting
   considering we are not at war and we have no threat of war on the horizon
   that anybody could pick out short of a few policing actions that are
   supposed to be very minor.  I will inject this though.  It used to be
   that we called it the Vulcans not Yugoslavia.  And there were a handful
   of wars there over a period of 50 years, that many of your ancestors
   probably left Europe because of.  After having three or four of them in a
   row and probably losing 1/2 or 1/3 of the family most of the Europeans
   decided it was time to, what we call unass the ..., excuse me, that was
   the objective.  Now we're calling it Yugoslavia.  Right next door are the
   Moslems.  The Moslems are not exactly friendly people to deal with and
   given the opportunity and good weapons they are darn good fighters.
   Anybody that was in the Korean war knows about the Turks.  Those are the
   people to the East.  If they aligned with the other Moslems we may have a
   very interesting experience on our hands.  Who will we side with?  Well
   we'll side with the UN.  And they'll side with whoever it is that's
   against the United States.  It's very simple.  One of the things I like
   to incorporate, good old Fred Rexer, a man to remember and a man to
   admire, be prepared it's later than you thing.  If you don't think so
   take a look around you.  The amount of force facing the American people
   right now is approximately the equivalent to several heavy infantry
   divisions with a couple of mixed mechanized divisions combined.  We're
   looking at a little over 300,000 personnel that we could verify or that
   we could at least identify in different parts of the country.  These
   forces include FINCEN elements through Montana, northern California,
   southern California, central Texas, the northern part of North Carolina,
   Ft.  Drum, the eastern seaboard including elements that are now stationed
   around the capitol of the United States, Washington, D.C.  There are five
   FINCEN companies deployed there.  I will mention this that we put a great
   deal of heat on these people since we've begun to identify them.  And I
   will ask you something.  How many people have seen a newsclip every night
   when they watch the media, somebody takes one of those ski masks and puts
   it over their head and busts into somebody's home?  Sixty Minutes did a
   little piece on this just the other night, but it's what we've been
   talking about for a long time.  Who is under the ski mask?  If you're
   wearing a ski mask how do you know who these people are?  In fact, how do
   you even know that they're even law enforcement agents?  Anybody can wear
   a uniform and a ski mask hides the identity especially when nobody says
   anything.  And even if they do how could most people be sure?  A ski mask
   does for a person at 3 in the afternoon what the KGB did at 12 midnight
   and 3 in the morning with a knock on the door.  It is called terror.  And
   the fact that we would allow that to happen in the United States is a
   disgrace to our country and a disgrace to our Constitution.  I'll tell
   you one thing right now, when I was in the military we were trained to
   shoot people with ski masks on if you'll recall.  We called them
   terrorists, bank robbers, you know, criminals.  Only in this case now I
   guess they're hired by the government.  It is very important to
   understand this because we can not be lackadaisical in understanding the
   threat.  They have progressively through gradualism gotten everybody in
   this mindset that this is an acceptable situation.  It is not.  It cannot
   be allowed.  I cannot be allowed to continue.  If these forces for
   instance, are on the up and up why not bring them into the light?  If
   these people are doing something that is for the good of the nation why
   not bring them into the light?  Why conceal their activities?  Why shroud
   them in darkness?  Why shroud them in chaos?  On the other hand, maybe we
   want a little chaos.  Remember crisis management?  Mr. Kissinger brought
   this up first.  Crisis management is a good thing.  You're hearing it in
   the news, constantly, aren't we?  Crisis management, crisis in Russia,
   crisis overseas, crisis in New York.  We had a bombing ... mechanism.
   With something like this, of course, thesis, anti-thesis synthesis.  You
   create the problem, you demonstrate an answer and you execute the
   solution.  But you've created all three.  We're looking at the same thing
   right now here.  Now UN combat forces, I'm going to interject these
   people real quick because all these people interlock and overlap.  United
   Nations combat forces include those that are cooperating with FINCEN at
   this time in Montana, the elements that are in California, there were
   21,000 of them identified south of Los Angeles and are probably deployed
   north, northeast of Los Angeles in Sacramento basin.  The elements that
   were located in Texas have shifted by all indications are probably spread
   out through a series of Garrisons.  The Ohio Valley starting in the
   Cincinnati area and moving north, northwest, have forces deployed there.
   We know that these elements are also located Ft. Achuka, there are some
   in Ft. Benning, Georgia.  We know that an element was also located at Ft.
   Drum.  By the way, our processing center for detainees in the western
   half of the United States is Oklahoma City.  We do not know what the
   location is for the eastern seaboard at this time, however, by all
   indications Ft. Drum will be the control point for processing individuals
   to detention facilities on the eastern half of the United States east of
   the Mississippi.  If there are any problems what I would recommend for a
   lot of people that are concerned about this is that we observe the air
   not the ground.  However, I will say this, in Cleveland, for instance, we
   have friends and patriots who have photographed UN armor being
   transported by rail from east to west.  Many of the people that have been
   in contact so far are both intelligence analysts or worked as
   intelligence analysts and counter intelligence sergeants.  They are
   experienced in observation and they know what they're doing.  Because of
   this, we can rely upon their first hand information.  Most of the time
   though you are seeing FINCEN forces utilizing rotary wing aircraft
   assets.  Excuse me.  Back in the early part of 1990, approximately 3,000
   rotary aircraft were withdrawn from out strategic reserve.  These are not
   from the reserve or guard, these came from the mothball fleet.  Upon
   implement this force these units were transferred to FINCEN painted in
   the flat black, not flat green and not camouflaged green.  These aircraft
   are in flat black.  They bear no markings or identification to determine
   whether they are American or foreign national.  The fact of the matter is
   they are now foreign national assets, no longer in the hands of the
   United States Air Force.  We do supply and support them with your tax
   dollars and your tax dollars but we do not control them completely now.
   FINCEN forces utilizing these rotary assets have both heavy lift aircraft
   and conventional attack aircraft.  The heavy aircraft which may have been
   experienced in the area where I am speaking right now are the Chinook CH
   47.  It has a rotor front and rear and can carry up to 64 personnel in
   one lift.  The first mission for FINCEN helicopter and support aircraft
   is to go in and actually control ground operations.  They do not have to
   follow roads.  They are not concerned with road blocks, obstructions,
   infrastructure damages, etc.  They can drop into an area and assert
   military forces, utilize those military forces to the best of their
   ability and if they're needed somewhere else lift and move them again.
   The second mission for these aircraft though is very important.  Because
   of the detention camp mechanism that exists they do not feel that it will
   be safe to transfer prisoners on the ground.  That's why a large
   preponderance of the aircraft that they've received are heavy lift
   aircraft capable of moving large numbers of people at once.  Because of
   this the Chinook's mission will be to transfer from pick up points
   personnel who have been acquired and are put in temporary holding sites
   outside of each municipality.  Here in the city where we are standing
   right now somewhere in this vicinity, in close proximity there is a
   holding area, that is also what we call a POL point, petroleum, oil and
   lubricant point.  These operations will bring the people by ground
   vehicle to this temporary detention site.  They will never hit the ground
   again until they reach the detention facility itself.  They will be
   picked up by the rotary wing aircraft, flown directly to the primary
   detention site that is closest or to a sorting facility where it will be
   determined whether or not they are a high threat or a low threat.
   Remember MJTF police their mission is separation and categorization of
   men, women and children.  They will not take some individuals, it's
   easier just to take the whole family if you feel it's a threat.  And this
   is their mission.  Once they transfer to the sorting facility families or
   individuals will be separated and then sent to primary holding areas.  I
   guarantee that prior service, military personnel, patriots and
   individuals who possess firearms will not be released.  That's why there
   are so many facilities.  A good example of holding areas or of detention
   sites that we know of that are first line pick up points Brighton Airport
   near Brighton which is still a federally funded facility even though it's
   been rented out.  It originally was an Army Air Corp aviation facility.
   The pick up site for Anarbor is located due east of Anarbor on Liberty
   Rd. between Parker and Zeeb.  We know that for instance the one near
   Jackson is located at the Jackson airport and is predesignated.  Each
   metropolitan area has a pick up site that has already been predetermined,
   every area.  All you need to do is start to look and weedle your way into
   the FEMA mechanism, there is that evil word, FEMA, Federal Emergency
   Management Agency.  Now we talked about this at the last meeting where I
   was talking to a large group of people and this was before the articles
   started to come out through the federal papers about FEMA's activities
   throughout the United States in the eighties.  FEMA is not Federal
   Emergency Management Agency.  FEMA is the secret government, legally.
   It's funded, made and supported through monetary expenditures designated
   through the Department of Defense and also normal budgeting is taking
   place every year with out government.  FEMA has approximately 3,600
   employees and yet of the 3,600 employees only about 59 to 63 actually
   deal with emergency management such as storms, disasters, hurricanes or
   manmade catastrophes such as nuclear attack.  If only 60 of them are
   doing this, let me ask you one very basic question.  What do the other
   3,600 do?  Well, their mission is to manage the system after they've
   taken it over.  They utilize black budget or black bag funding.  Black
   bag funding are covert operation funds authorized that cannot be
   challenged by public agencies or entities.  They've been doing this for
   13 years.  Remember that FEMA was created originally by Zabigneau
   Brazinski.  Zabigneau Brazinski worked for Jimmy Carter.  However, after
   Ronald Reagan came into power Zabigneau stayed over to complete
   operations and deployment of FEMA inside the United States.  The issue
   guns, drugs, drugs, guns came about approximately four years ago.  The
   objective behind that was to create an environment, create a situation
   that these people could use.  Before that it was internal economic
   catastrophe, that was the mission of FEMA to create Rex 84, Rex 85.  Now
   the Rex series of programs started up in 1981.  And originally I
   participated in a program that set up a series of actions which allowed
   for us, for instance, to surrender 50% of Florida.  We weren't going to
   stop the Russians until they got to Orlando.  We used to jokingly call it
   the Disney line.  And we weren't going to make any attempt to get it back
   either.  If you look at the globalist map though, and if you look at the
   final solution through the UN charter we lose a good portion of the
   United States.  This part of the country that we're standing on right now
   is part of Area 62 or it could be part of Area 63, we're on the line.
   The way the nation is divided up the United States of America will cease
   to exist.  Right now we are very close to them accomplishing what they
   want, very close.  And I cannot emphasize that enough.  With most of
   these actions they have always looked at the prospect of disarming the
   American people first.  It is the most important issue that we should
   concern ourselves with at this time.  There is a little piece here that
   was given to me not too long ago and it's the better example that I
   wanted, it's called Bondage to Bondage.  I think everybody should think
   about this.  We all start out as slaves.  At some time or another we will
   revert back into slavery.  At any given time utilizing the clockwork that
   is depicted here we could break this cycle.  But because of the nature of
   man many people refuse to.  And so we will revert back into slavery.
   With a constitutional republic we have the capability and the power to
   free ourselves now, to break the chain, break the cycle.  To do so though
   we have to decide as citizens what we're going to do.  We have to decide
   personally within ourselves.  We have to despite what most people might
   say about this, ask God for guidance.  If we do not as a people ask for
   guidance we will fail.  It is the most important issue to concern
   ourselves with what is happening now.  God will deal with the problems of
   the future.  We have to deal with the temporal life that we are existing
   in at this time.  And because of this our Constitution, our Bill of
   Rights which were granted, those powers granted to us by God have to be
   maintained by us utilizing God as our strength, as our guidepost, as our
   steel, as our iron rod.  We have failed as a nation or we will fail as a
   nation if we do not take hold of that rod again and follow the course.
   There are many people in this country who will not listen to what we are
   talking about here.  I am not worried about them.  Many, these people are
   like the population that existed in the United States in 1775.  Do not be
   concerned for them.  They'll tag along or we'll have to ship them
   overseas when the time comes.  I can think of many glorious socialist
   regimes that will be more than happy to take in a few more slaves.  I
   don't say that we hang them or shoot them, there are a lot of people that
   would like to do that, I think the best punishment is to brand their
   butt, give them one piece of luggage, and ship their hind end overseas
   where they can live out the rest of their lives outside this
   constitutional republic and see how we flourish from afar.  Because given
   the opportunity we will, we can be and we will be the finest nation on
   this planet.  And with the republic we can go on to become an even
   greater power.  But without the republic and without our personal rights
   we are nothing.  Why, I've asked this many times, do you think that
   everybody on this planet wants to come here?  There are many other places
   on this planet they could go.  There are many other forms of government.
   We as a minority, and we will always be a minority by the way I think, as
   a minority we are still the ... example of opportunity, no matter what
   anybody says.  And everybody would like to grasp a part of this and we
   have the capability to do that but we have to hang on to those documents
   which were given to us in the first place.  If we do not have the Bill of
   Rights the rest is mute.  If we do not support the Constitution we shall
   fail.  These people that I am talking about, the MJTF police, FINCEN, the
   UN forces that are here have no comprehension of our form of government.
   They come from governments alien to us.  They come from governments that
   are a threat to this form of government, to this nation.  That does not
   mean that they will always be our enemies.  That does not mean that they
   are necessarily ruthless aggressors that will always be ruthless
   aggressors.  There are people that will change within their mechanism.
   But until they change we cannot come half way.  Half way means losing
   half the Constitution.  What part are you willing to give up?  What part
   are we willing to surrender of this nation, what state?  Which one of our
   constitutional amendments are we will to throw into the kitty so to speak
   so that we get a little piece of something else from the other side?  And
   the first thing I'd have to ask is this.  What can the other side offer
   us?  Absolutely nothing.  That's more important than anything else right
   now is to understand there can be no compromise concerning this action.
   Is it unacceptable that UN forces be here?  Most assuredly.  Is it
   illegal?  If you will recall we have a little thing called passe
   comatadus.  Under passe comatadus it is virtually illegal for military
   forces to be used as law enforcement agencies inside the United States.
   And yet right now we have military forces in several parts of the country
   being used as law enforcement.  Probably the best example in 1990 which
   we came across, and this has to do with the ski mask again, a guy with a
   ski mask jumps into your house you have no idea who he is, he's wearing a
   black uniform and it has three letters on it and you don't know what any
   of those three letters stand for.  When this takes place how do you know
   where he came from?  He comes in, they lay on the floor, they virtually
   rape your house, they rape you privacy, they go into your bedroom, they
   go into your children's rooms.  They destroy property, take property for
   private profit.  When they are done they leave.  You never have any idea
   who they are.  And then they go back to Europe or they go back to Asia
   and they spend what they've stolen.  These people were training ranger
   units as law enforcement agency forces in 1990-91 utilizing the ski mask
   mechanism.  In Ft. Hood, Texas these forces were training with the local
   Sheriffs department in confiscation and seizure policies.  Important to
   remember because, again, passe comatadus was not overridden.  Remember
   the President must override passe comatadus and it can only be for a very
   short and temporary time.  Very short, special situation.  Not an
   undeclared internal war.  In addition to this is should be remembered
   that this type of situation existed in 1775.  This is the exact same
   thing our forefathers experienced.  A foreign military force was injected
   into the United States, not willingly on their part, necessarily and many
   of them came over to our side down the road, but this force's mission was
   to do exactly what these people are doing now.  The first two battles of
   the American Revolution is must be remembered were fought for what?
   Taxes?  No.  Were they fought because we were worried about tea?  No.
   The order was to confiscate all shot powder, canon and individuals who
   possessed them.  The first two battles of the American Revolution were
   fought for the same reason that we are fighting in parts of this nation
   right now, the possession of coercive force.  When the government
   possesses all the coercive force available you have what?  A police
   state.  It doesn't make any difference, take your choice of colors of
   uniforms.  If the government possesses total coercive force as a monarchy
   under pharaohism, under socialism, capitalism, communism, fascism, it is
   a police state.  We, fortunately, had founding fathers who understood the
   capacity of man and his greed.  And because of that we were given the
   inalienable rights that were laid down.  Now they also understood that we
   might lose them.  There is an interesting statement that Jefferson made.
   The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it would not be needed until
   they tried to take it.  That's pretty prophetic because he understood
   exactly why we had the arms.  It wasn't for hunting, it wasn't for
   fishing, it wasn't for can clinking, though certainly those are ways to
   train.  The objective was to protect us from tyranny first, and foremost,
   moreso than anything else.  Tyranny can come in any color, shape or form.
   It can come at any time.  It knows no boundaries.  If given the
   opportunity it will overwhelm you and enshroud you with its power.  It
   should be understood, give you an example of how this works, here is
   tyranny in the making.  The PL100-690, here is a copy of it.  PL100-690
   was the camel's nose which allowed the government to do most of what we
   are moving into now.  PL100-690, Incorporated no knock search warrant,
   house to house search and seizure clause, the money change, which
   everybody better be very worried about.  Because with the money change
   comes control of your lives totally.  It also included many other actions
   which are amending existing laws.  This is very important because you get
   an and or a but in this document, put it in another document and all of a
   sudden you have changed the entire meaning of a law.  Through this law,
   the Copper Wire Act was changed.  I will give you an example.  Most
   people think that it is illegal to wiretap without a warrant.  It is not.
   A wiretap can be formed on anybody's household under the changes in this
   law at any given time, but a warrant must be acquired if you're going to
   wiretap and use it in court.  That's why in many cases people have
   experienced problems with their phones, phone systems burning out because
   elicit taps can be done on a regular basis.  And I will give you an
   example.  In Washnaw County in the state of Michigan, in Anarbor there
   are 5,000 new wire taps done every month.  5,000 new wire taps done every
   month.  All of the original wire taps are proceeded through to the next
   month.  Do some quick math and tell me how long it takes before you have
   saturated the entire county.  Not long at all does it?  This is typical
   of the mechanism and the way it works, envelopment.  With the electronic
   media and with the electronic communication systems the way they're set
   up right now our privacy can easily be invaded and it must be understood
   that there are many different avenues that they are going to approach us
   with.  Probably the best single mechanism that I could recommend for
   anybody, anybody who is interested in this subject would be to use
   Operation Vampire Killer by Jack McLamb.  As a single document bringing a
   novice into the picture, for 93 pages it's a lot of reading that is worth
   its money.  You sit down in an evening and absorb the basic information
   necessary to perceive what is going on.  I have said this before and I'll
   say this again and again and again.  Everybody I have talked to, I don't
   care who they are, I don't care if they're skeptical on this subject or
   not, you all get a bad feeling don't you?  I don't care who you talk to
   right now they all have the same image, something is wrong.  It's like a
   carcass stinking in the desert.  You can smell it long before you get to
   it.  Now, it's very important to remember that the enemy has many, many
   resources and assets at their disposal.  The best one we have here is
   you.  They can't shut us all up.  Word of mouth, voice to voice, person
   to person, we can do more damage, take and move the thought and expose
   these creatures more effectively than any other tool we could possibly
   use.  For they will silence me, and they will silence other people that
   are talking about this but they can't get us all.  What the founding
   fathers understood is what I think everybody here had better understand
   right now, if they have unlimited capabilities to confiscate your
   property, if they have unlimited capabilities to take your car, to take
   your money, to take your life if need be, what have you got to lose?
   What sense is there in worrying about the threat?  You might as well
   fight.  You have no choice.  Now, do we fight on the enemy's terms?  No.
   One thing about George Washington I like is he fought for two years with
   little or nothing, and there's an old saying, we don't have much but what
   little we have we know how to use.  And that's how he fought the
   beginning of the revolution.  This situation is going to be fought much
   in the same way, with limited assets and resources, progressively
   steamrolling and building up.  Did I say it was going to be a short war?
   No.  Do I think that it is going to be an inexpensive war?  Absolutely
   not.  But as somebody said before, will it be worth it.  Most assuredly.
   It has to be.  What is the future of your children worth?  That's another
   thing they plan on taking from us, our children.  Listen to the
   President.  Listen to the policies of the government right now.  This is
   the age of the child.  But the age of the child in whose hands?  In your
   hands?  In your hands?  No.  In their hands.  Oh, and by the way,
   remember this, they are the ones with the velvet glove on the iron fist.
   And once again, I'll remind you, even if there is a velvet glove on it it
   has a tendency to hurt doesn't it?  You can create a lot of casualties
   this way.  ...  There is another saying that came about that we have used
   before in instruction and it should be remembered.  We are not talking
   about offense here by the way.  Nobody has gone out of their way to find
   these people.  We aren't going overseas.  We don't have to go outside of
   our own state now.  We're talking about having to defend our homes,
   having to defend our counties, having to defend our livelihood.  An
   attacker must vanquish, he must crush, he must utterly destroy.  A
   defender need only survive.  Wave upon wave maybe, but he need only
   survive and endure.  For the defender is no place to go.  Despite what we
   say about the people that are, and I'll bring this up again in Waco, it
   should be reminded of something, we may not agree with what they're doing
   in there but we do know this they're Americans, they didn't go looking
   for somebody else, somebody came looking for them on private property in
   their own home and they decided to defend themselves.  Why didn't the
   government do very well?  Because they are thugs.  Thugs never do very
   well against anybody who is protecting themselves when they are tenacious
   and when they are willing to stand up and fight.  There is another rule
   that I have about the situation we are going to run into.  They're going
   to run out of secret police long before we run out of soldiers, I
   guarantee it.  By the way, I am also realistic.  I think everybody is
   familiar with the National Rifle Association quoting that there are 70
   million firearms owners in this country.  I guarantee there are.  But you
   know what?  I guarantee that only 1 out of 7 will show up, guaranteed.
   However, let's do some quick math here.  Even if they had a million men
   at their disposal we have ten million combatants.  How many are combat
   veterans?  That's right.  How many are soldiers?  How many have fought
   before?  And I can train an army.  There are many men who can do the same
   thing.  And given the opportunity there are many people that will be
   listening to this, I say the same thing to them, organize at the lowest
   possible level.  Organize as patriots in a militia.  We are legally bound
   to that.  It is our obligation.  It is our duty as citizens of this
   country to participate in the militia as part of the militia at large.
   Men, women, young, old, and do not discriminate.  I'll tell you what.
   What we hear out of Waco, the interesting thing that fascinated me is
   that the person who was on the Barret Light 50, that's a 12 shot, 50
   caliber semi-automatic rifle, it was a 64 year old grandmother and she
   did a fine job of cutting a lot of people in two I'm here to tell you.
   If a 64 year old grandmother can stand up to a bunch of 23 year old jocks
   that can bench press 500 lbs. I've got this funny feeling we'll do just
   fine.  Mercenaries, I think we can handle them.  Now, there are a lot of
   areas that they're going to get into here.  There are a lot of things
   that I would like to talk about but I want to concentrate on this for
   just a minute because I briefly touched on it.  The militia could be
   easily crushed and destroyed if we try to build from above and create
   organizations here and then fill them out.   That is not the way that
   this nation was built originally, that is not the way that this nation
   will be in the future or will be protected in the future.  The worst
   thing that these people are scared of are what we call coin operations.
   The citizen getting together with citizens that he knows.  Notice I said
   people you know, citizens you know, people that you have grown up with,
   family members that you live with.  That is how you must build up the
   militia, from below.  A ten man squad is a hell of a lot harder to find
   than a 600 man battalion.  Okay?  Small groups can always be organized
   into larger groups but not vice versa.  It's much more difficult.  The
   only, the advantage we have is our limited resources can be put the best
   ability in our hands.  We don't have to worry about the government
   contractor.  Our concern is getting people uniformed, armed and equipped.
   The militia man was a minute man.  And that is how you must gear
   yourself.  You must, as the old saying goes prepare for war if you wish
   for peace.  It's that simple.  To do so, cheaper is better.  If you want
   to put more bullets down range you can't share a weapon.  I've said this
   before, okay it's your turn go ahead and shoot.  Have you ever tried
   that?  Well there is three of us and we're going to share a rifle.  Oh,
   boy that's my idea of fun.  Because of that, get what you can afford but
   buy as much as you can.  The laws that are coming down the road right now
   are rolling at us just like a juggernaut.  There is a wall of supply and
   demand that is going to hit us.  When it comes there won't be anything to
   buy.  And because of that if you don't do it now you're going to be in
   trouble later.  We have what we call jokingly, the Butter Knife Brigades
   and I will mention this again.  Someone goes Butter Knife Brigade, what's
   that.  Well, it's simple.  I'm going to give you a butter knife and
   you're going to go out and you're going to get a weapon.  Now if you
   don't come back, well the worst that I have lost is a butter knife.  But
   if you do come back well you've got AK and we'll give the butter knife to
   somebody else.  Now I prefer not doing that, but I'm not going to waste a
   steak knife or a butcher knife, I'll probably be carrying that for that
   matter.  Butter Knife Brigades are something that has been done in the
   past when its necessary and it will be necessary to do it again,
   unfortunately.  Those are for the ones that don't quite believe but you
   know who have found the spirit of God down the road.  Now, another thing
   we should concern ourselves with is mobility.  I'm not saying buy big
   trucks, mobile homes, etc.  What I would recommend are vehicles.  One of
   the reasons that we should be a tad concerned about what is going on
   right now with our vehicles, especially and transportation and
   transportability is because a population on foot is easily controlled.
   Because of that, this was an article that I used before and I wanted
   everybody to see this, this was in a monthly publication that was
   available, I think it was February.  And, Uncle Sam wants your cars.  If
   you don't think so you better start looking at the Environmental
   Protection Agency, you know our friends.  They're only interested in
   fish, and your cars.  With the EPA's new guidelines it will be possible
   for them to ban many of our cars outright and they intend to do it.  Now,
   I had to ask myself why pre-'84 cars.  Gee that's kind of strange.  There
   are a lot of other cars out there that look pretty nasty that are a lot
   newer, especially in the state of Michigan.  Consider this, a lot of
   pre-'84 cars have a different type of electronic ignition don't they?  A
   lot of newer cars have a totally alien type of electronic ignition and I
   think the best way to describe it is like this.  In 1976 when I worked on
   a Ford Grenada, the electronic ignition was this large, it did virtually
   every function on the car that was necessary.  That was with 70s
   technology.  Today, the electronic ignition on our car is this big, is
   this thick, and this tall.  And that's with 1980s microchip technology.
   Now, what's in that electronic ignition?  Two considerations.  Number
   one, an EMP shut down circuit, that would be the best example.  It would
   be very easy to incorporate.  It would work on a specific frequency, upon
   transmitting on that particular frequency you could shut down whole
   categories of vehicles.  Now, I'll give you an example of this.  The Iroc
   Mustangs and also I believe, the comparable vehicles made by GM have a
   microchip in them already that upon functioning at 140 miles an hour for
   seven seconds will shut down the vehicle.  On some cars we understand
   that this is as low as 105 miles an hour.  In fact, a car was just
   tested.  Now because of that you've got to ask yourself what's in your
   electronic ignition in your new car.  If this is already in place and can
   be found what is there that we don't know about?  Question number two,
   why not something on the line of a transponder for tracking?  So much
   easier, and we're not talking lowjack here because as anybody in
   communications will understand it need only transmit for a short period
   of time or in a very low range, your pick up equipment will do the rest.
   You can find what you want.  Each one of your VIN numbers can be
   signatured to the electronic ignition mechanisms, fairly simple
   technology.  In fact, the idea goes back to 1965, 66.  All this in a box
   under the hood that is now this big, that was this big.  And again, I
   asked myself why the change.  We're not talking microchip.  I've got
   calculators that were made in 1985 that will do virtually anything that
   science wants you to do in a package this big and the thickness of my
   little finger.  Isn't that amazing?  Because of this you should consider
   other alternate forms of transportation or you should consider override
   mechanisms so that you have the capability to move during these periods.
   Fuel will be cut off.  We know that availability of resources will be cut
   off drastically as far as munitions, fuel, food.  How about lead?  What
   about tin?  What about manufactured items such as threaded stock?  Nuts,
   bolts and screws.  What about basic items like toilet paper?  Burdock is
   not all the exciting after a few weeks as anybody can probably imagine.
   And of course, we've used it in the past but we try not to use it in the
   future.  Stock up on a few things.  But the weapons systems that we're
   dealing with, that we're fighting against, we've gotten a little taste of
   also.  The enemy's capability to utilize electronic warfare technology
   against us was displayed during this little Kentucky bout with the kids
   that were lost in the Smokey Mountains International Biosphere.  Oh
   that's right they didn't call it that did they?  They called it a
   national forest.  Isn't that amazing how our national service made a
   point of not calling it a biosphere?  In the Kentucky Mountains right now
   that particular forest has a sign as you enter the area.  It says
   international biosphere.  In all the news reports I saw they didn't use
   the new, proper title, they used that old American thing so that we
   wouldn't get people upset.  They made a point of calling it a national
   forest, which it isn't anymore.  But during that, I think it should be
   noted by everybody, the kids were found utilizing special technology and
   they were picked up by very special people in black uniforms.  And before
   they would be released it was stated they refused to let the children go
   until they were debriefed.  I've got to ask myself why would you debrief
   a bunch of high school kids who were supposedly lost in the middle of the
   mountains.  What is it that they saw that they felt the government
   wouldn't want other people to see or talk about?  So much so that they
   said they wouldn't release them until they were debriefed.  Interesting.
   What about infrared scanning technology?  They're admitting to that.
   Another example, in Waco, that admitted very briefly early in the morning
   on Sunday that they had used the infrared scanning technology on the
   compound before they went in.  They don't want to elaborate on that but
   we know that the enemy has this threat capacity.  Or I should say a
   government has this threat capacity.  There are ways to counter this.  In
   the future we'll discuss it.  Some of the simpler methods we call stand
   off are utilizing glass.  Glass is a tremendous insulator.  And with two
   layers of thermal glass you'd be surprised how much protection you can
   offer from these devices when they're inside a building and used as
   shielding.  Another are reflective metallic surfaces such as space
   blankets, gee what a simple compensation for a system that costs a lot of
   money, that costs millions of dollars to deploy.  There are other options
   that are available.  A few reminders, when you guys dig a hole, save the
   topsoil.  When you fill the hole in make sure you put the topsoil back
   on.  It's kind of obvious when you use infrared scan, it's like this, if
   you look at it from the sky it's like the piece of paper on my blue coat,
   it's just about that obvious.  There are little things that you have to
   remember about protecting yourself, it's called spoil.  How to defend
   yourself in the future will be a matter of how ingenious you are.  And a
   lot of the answers are fairly simple.  Their technology is very
   expensive.  Anyway.  What I'd like to get into next activities, and
   future proposed actions inside the United State by a variety of
   organizations including the MJTF police, FINCEN and UN battle groups that
   will be deployed against the American people.  First of all, we'll go
   back to early 1989 when originally in smoke filled rooms behind closed
   doors some committee of political monkeys decided that it was time to go
   after the weapons inside the United States.  In doing so what they did is
   decide to come up with a program called guns, drugs, drugs, guns.  If you
   have a gun you must be a drug dealer.  This was everybody, private
   firearms owners, skeet shooters, whoever.  Our response as law abiding
   American citizens was supposed to be oh, God, take my guns.  I'm not a
   drug dealer, oh please.  Only unfortunately what happened as far as the
   government is concerned is the American people started to rearm
   themselves very quickly.  We surveyed a lot of different shows throughout
   the United States, Midwest specifically, in fact, in some cases we
   covered 3 different cities in 2 different states within a 10 hour period.
   And what we saw weren't people trying to get rid of their weapons, in
   fact that wasn't the case at all.  You notice people weren't selling
   anything and were buying more.  It was shoulder to shoulder, elbow to
   elbow, rearend to front, and heel to toe, and everybody was bringing
   everybody's uncle in to buy weapons, munitions, equipment.  And we saw
   this from Kentucky and Tennessee to Pennsylvania to New Jersey to
   Michigan, Indiana, Illinois.  The effect that their guns, drugs, drugs,
   guns program had is that the patriots out there started to talk to people
   and said see this is what we told you was going to happen.  And after
   surveying a few shows I'm sure that the intelligence information coming
   back through the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms people and also from other
   agencies that were monitoring the gun shows that the result was not
   exactly what they wanted either.  More ammunition and weapons passed
   through the FFL dealers and through firearms sellers at gun shows in the
   three months of 1990 than in the last 15 years prior to that all sales
   combined.  In some cases over a million rounds of ammunition were sold
   off of ammunition dealers tables.  Thousands of conventional firearms,
   virtually hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of
   equipment such as field gear, boots, uniforms, medical support items,
   these were all going out and disappearing.  It used to be when Fred
   Schmidlap and Jim and myself would go over to the gun show we'd go in and
   well let's go buy something.  We'd go buy it, we'd take it home, fire it
   up a little bit, we thought it was neat but it was that vogue toy for the
   month.  We got done with it we might take it back in, we'd sell it and
   we'd go buy something else.  There was a used firearms market.  Today,
   there is no used firearms market.  There is a reason for that.
   Everything that is in the hands of the people is being absorbed.  This is
   happening right now again.  It's as if somebody cut an artery and the
   weapons are just gushing out.  In fact, the people cannot keep up with
   demand enough.  Now because of this, they are getting a tad concerned
   again.  The effect of the guns, drugs, drugs, guns campaign should have
   been for people to just hand things over or try to dispose of the weapons
   because they were fearful of being prosecuted by the government.  When in
   1990 it was realized that they weren't exactly going to accomplish their
   original mission they had to change their time table a little we think.
   By the third month it was realized that the militia forces, civilian arms
   were bludgeoning it at a massive proportion.  The structured forces that
   were inside that were deployed, including Operation Achiles which we
   mentioned before, they began to reduce their actions because of notoriety
   and the fact that they were seeing more aggressive stances on the part of
   the civilian population that they were attacking.  Unfortunately, like
   cock roaches, you can spray and they keep coming back.  So by late 1992
   the latest guns, drugs, drugs, guns campaign escalated with a variety of
   other actions overlapping.  It's a threat to your children.  Well, not if
   you train your children properly.  It's a threat to society.  Well, this
   society isn't monarchal England, it isn't pharaohic Egypt and we most
   certainly aren't the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  Because of
   that we trust our people with firearms, in fact, we are the government,
   therefore we're the ones who decide who should have firearms.  I think
   everybody forgets that.  We the people.  We have an obligation and a
   responsibility.  Now during this time, from late 1992 to the early part
   of '93 we've seen a series of other actions take place in which firearms
   confiscations, house to house, door to door have taken place.  Operation
   Clean Sweep in Chicago, Operation Achiles II in Cleveland, and a series
   of actions that took place after the Los Angeles riots, not against the
   street gangs, but against the citizens who defended their homes and their
   businesses.  Remember the Koreans who were on top of their roofs?
   Strangely enough the government used the video tapes that were made to
   track down these homeowners and they are now being prosecuted for using
   their weapons to defend themselves.  And this is an ongoing program.
   You're not seeing this in the general media because it wouldn't exactly
   bode well with the rest of us.  Because of this it is realized they're
   going to have to intensify, and in fact heavily intensify, their
   campaign.  During the earlier phases, for instance, in Chicago the black
   helicopter missions that we were talking about in the early hour were
   taking place extensively.  We have individuals who were in high rises
   were actually above helicopters flying between the high rises in Chicago,
   in the windy city.  These operations culminated in a final activity which
   last approximately one week in which they ... off neighborhoods, went
   building to building and house to house, entered forcibly if necessary
   and prosecuted the owners of any firearms, ammunition, or gun parts
   found.  This was operation clean sweep.  In Cleveland an activity which
   was covered only by national public radio involved elements of the MJTF
   police and probable FINCEN forces.  The Ohio guard was mobilized from
   several different areas in the state, transferred to an area outside the
   Cleveland airport where a mount area, that's an urban warfare training
   area, was set up with three neighborhoods.  The units that were brought
   in were trained in house to house search and seizure and securing a
   neighborhood.  They then went into the first training neighborhood, went
   house to house, secured the neighborhood and then attacked a second
   neighborhood.  Once they had secured the second neighborhood they had to
   hold the first two and went to get a third neighborhood.  After these
   elements were trained and passed through this mechanism they were
   transferred to different parts of Cleveland where they were actually
   deployed against the population.  This happened about the same time that
   the Weaver incident took place in Idaho.  It was almost simultaneous.  In
   fact, a series of actions both in Cleveland and one here in Michigan took
   place either during or shortly after the Weaver incident.  Now in
   Cleveland this received media coverage.  In some parts of Ohio this
   received media coverage.  But it received no national media attention
   except for one place.  National Public Radio, who thought that this was
   the next best thing to sliced white bread.  That they had violated
   people's homes, that they had gone into different parts of the city and
   that they had done this.  Now interestingly enough we were challenged on
   this but in the last two weeks, actually I'm sorry, three weeks, when the
   Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms forces came into Detroit to search house to
   house in specific neighborhoods it should be noted that National Public
   Radio on the 11th of March broadcast another one hour program in which
   they specifically mentioned that if we can do it in Cleveland why can't
   we do it in Michigan.  I had to ask people when they heard this broadcast
   what were they talking about.  What happened in Cleveland?  They knew but
   nobody else did.  The enemy only refers to their victories very quietly,
   after they know that they have secured the action and they have been
   successful.  Otherwise, no comment made.  The Waco situation, which was
   typical of a lot of what we're going to be seeing in the future, although
   I think you're going to see even more ham handedness, involved a 100 to
   130 man assault company of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, probably under
   MJTF authority again.  It should be understood that as of March of 1989,
   the ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms forces were divided up into these
   assault companies.  Each platoon consists of 40 men armed with M16 A2
   rifle, the AR15 9mm conversion, or the M79 grenade launcher.  It is now
   known that these forces also include the M60 machine gun which is an
   infantry battle weapon now being deployed with policing agencies.  You
   know like they have in Russia, ...  It was interesting to note that this
   assault company in Texas was identical to the type of forces that were
   used during Operation Achiles in the Ohio Valley coming up into Michigan.
   The forces are in all black BDU uniform.  They wear the black pascat
   armor, the black pascat helmet which looks quite a bit like the German
   ...  They are armed, equipped and maintained through DOD resources.  So
   many of the weapons that they are provided with are actually provided by
   our military.  In many cases Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI, DEA
   are now receiving training both at Quanaco and many of them have gone
   through the US Army Ranger School.  That's rather exotic training for
   people who are supposed to be police officers in the United States.  On
   the other hand, if you again need thugs, you've got to send them some
   place where they can learn to be fairly efficient thugs.  Many of the
   people that we have had that went through ranger school in the last 1
   year said that up to 50% of their company were made up of Federal Bureau
   of Investigation people and individuals who were involved with Alcohol,
   Tobacco and Firearms or Drug Enforcement Agency.  Now DEA, by the way,
   has what we call Clet units.  Clet units are directly under the control
   of the Treasury and/or can be accessed by the MJTF police or FINCEN.
   Clet are armed identically to the ATF combat elements and are deployed
   throughout the United States and can be used overseas.  DEA is now using
   extensive resources from outside the United States in terms of man power
   but they will not identify what the name of the organization is that is
   being used.  Now remember we know what FINCEN is, but nobody else is
   supposed to.  So it can be assumed that FINCEN is the element that is
   involved.  How they're deploying equipment here.  Well it's kind of
   strange.  A lot of people said where are they.  Well they're in all parts
   of the United States, but we've had at least once face-to-face
   confrontation with some of their people right here in Michigan.  I fact,
   though I can't mention names, on a given date one of our people was
   attempting to use a space available flight through US Army tactical lift
   command.  Upon arriving at the site and giving his military ID card
   somebody punched in his name, looked at him very briefly and went,
   punched it in again.  In a minute and a half there were two MPs behind
   him.  Now this site which is Sulford International Guardspace, and I will
   point this out specifically because people have asked about this, the
   individual was then taken and put in a car and driven around to the
   southwest quadrant of the post.  When he arrived there the MPs took him
   out of the vehicle and as he entered the structure the first person at
   the table, at the entrance desk, was an all black uniform with no
   identifiable insignia or markings at all.  He was then taken to an
   interrogation room.  At first he's going oh my goodness, what did I do.
   My ID card must be messed up or something.  But upon seeing the black
   uniforms he understood exactly who he was dealing with.  He was sat down
   and the first thing that was asked how many cars do you own.  How much
   food do you have?  How many weapons do you own?  What are the names of
   your children?  What does 762 by 39 mm mean?  And he really didn't know.
   Well, he did but he didn't.  He thinks in inch not in metric.  And then
   there was a little conference and they left the room.  Well they left the
   room and they left a file sitting on the table.  Anybody who is involved
   in the military knows you don't do that, your career rests on security.
   But it should be understood that in this file, he dragged it across the
   table, opens it up very quickly and there is a bit rat sheet about 2 1/2
   foot by 1 1/2 long.  On this sheet was a spider web of names of people to
   be arrested.  My name was at the top for the state of Michigan so I can
   be proud, I'm number one and I don't have to try harder.  Number two, was
   another individual that was with us.  Number 7 is the individual who was
   being questioned.  All of the other lists had virtually dozens and dozens
   of names.  It should be understood that first of all, it was meant for
   him to see this and it was a direct threat to anybody else who is prying
   into the affairs of these little gusteppers.  A gentleman made a little
   rattling noise at the door and came back in, sat down and basically told
   him we have nothing to hold you on, we're going to let you go.  Walking
   back out two MPs appeared, picked him up, walked him back over to
   vehicle, drove him around to his vehicle and he left the post.  Now
   anybody who understands military documentation will understand that if
   you have a classified records jacket you take a classified records sheet
   and put it on top, first of all.  That is if you have it just laying
   around on your desk.  The next thing you don't do is take a classified
   document and leave it where somebody you really don't want to see it can
   see it.  This was meant as a direct threat.  This was just before we were
   involved with other meetings that we participated in that we were
   illuminating people to this subject.  If I keep this up they're going to
   do something to me.  Well I tell you what I'm not that stupid.  If I'm
   already on the list, as many other people are, look at it this way,
   you're never going to come off that list.  Okay?  Your butt is in the
   fire and you might as well fight and go for broke because you haven't got
   any place left to run.  It's that simple.  Now when I worked for
   intelligence I worked as an intel analyst with a TSBI clearance.  I
   handled a lot of classified documents.  People don't operate like that
   unless they're sending you a message.  Now the last time I had this
   happen, I will bring this up to date as far as you know activities go.
   The last time I had this happen was a very interesting experience because
   we started to look into the MJTF police, FINCEN, etc.  And on a Friday
   afternoon at 3 o'clock I had a knock at the door where I work, in my
   office.   I opened the door and here is campus security.  And who should
   be with them but the Area Director of the FBI and one of his henchmen.
   And of course they wanted to talk to me.  Well, let me tell you something
   when the police come visit you at 3 in the afternoon you better
   understand on Friday that they plan on keeping you for the whole weekend
   if they can.  So we sat down and we discussed, well he started to ask
   questions.  And the first thing he said is you have been talking with
   your Representative and your Senator.  Yes, I have.  Well that's
   interesting.  Well you know if necessary we will find somebody to put you
   at the scene of a crime.  And they said this flat out.  That's
   interesting, okay.  So I didn't really respond effectively to that other
   than well no crime has been committed and all we're talking about here is
   truth.  Well.  Then they started asking a lot of other questions like how
   do you feel about assault weapons.  I said well, well basically I've been
   telling everybody to buy everything they can get their hands on and I'll
   own as many as I possibly can.  Why?  And, of course, it was like what do
   we say to that.  So they weren't really sure how to respond to this.  I
   mean I was being very open with them for the most part.  When they were
   done they didn't take me away only because I didn't think they weren't
   sure exactly how to figure what we, we did know that they were coming in
   advance, I will say that.  I had a little warning.  And, it's not the
   first time but we have had three different attempts where they have tried
   to stop us from doing just this, informing people.  Because like bugs
   they hate for you to move that stone.  I put a little piece up here on
   the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions
   who at the dawn of victory sat down to rest and resting died.  While most
   assuredly they are close we are just as close and they know it.  They are
   scared snotless of the possibility of the American people waking up.  Any
   possibility, anybody trying to bring forward what we are talking about
   puts such a wrench in their plans that they can't afford to see this
   exist.  They will do everything in their power if need be probably
   eliminate people but I think that is down the road.  Right now they are
   rather concerned, we are rather public.  But they will do everything in
   their power to squash this movement in its infancy.  They know they
   cannot afford to see this continue.  We must not hesitate, on the plains
   of hesitation lie the blackened bones.  We must forge an organization now
   at the lowest possible level.  It's called the American citizen.  We must
   get together as a people and build.  If you do not build now you will not
   have the capacity later to protect your family, your livelihood, your
   people.  It's that simple.  Now, activities, example, choppers that we
   have been seeing all over the state, many people have seen them, there
   were a number of sightings over the weekend.  In many of our allies or
   friends that we know that are in the northern part of the state have seen
   virtually waves of helicopters, not five or six.  At least four nights in
   a row we've seen anywhere from 34 to 50 helicopters in waves going from
   horizon to horizon, not in column.  In one particular evening, alone,
   with four people standing back to back there were so many aircraft that
   the four could not count them all.  Where are they coming from?  Well
   they're bringing a lot of assets in from overseas, most assuredly.  But
   part of it is being pre-deployed in Canada.  There is a thing called
   mundialization which I've talked about before with people.  It's
   mentioned in several different books, one of the most recent about George
   Bush, The Establishment's Man.  Mundialization, it's the conversion of a
   city from being an American or a Canadian city to an international city
   under the United Nations under the authority of the United Nations.  In
   doing so the city pays a tribute to Caesar, oh I'm sorry to the United
   Nations and are under the protectorate of the United Nations.  In doing
   this while they most assuredly denounce their citizenship to the nation
   they still get taxes from that nation.  And the city and the state make a
   point of still sending them those taxes which I think is rather strange.
   Well originally we wouldn't have put a connection to this were it not for
   the fact that we had had intelligence information that foreign aircraft
   were flying out of London Ontario or near London Ontario.  Well I opened
   the book and I started to look at this and it says Dundus.  Dundus was
   mundialized.  Dundus was one of the first cities mundialized in Canada.
   Dundus is a suburb or like adjacent to London Ontario.  They were using
   the air facility near London in Dundus to transfer resources and
   equipment into the United States from outside the United States.  This is
   very important because they have full authority has a UN affiliate.  Now,
   because of the amount of attention that was given to the activity in the
   London area they transferred their operations to an area called Mitchell
   Bay.  I like this, we have a state map everywhere we go.  Michigan, Mt.
   Clements is located here.  What we're looking at right now is Mitchell
   Bay is located right across Lake St. Claire on the opposite side of the
   lake in Canada.  A facility was set up with POL points or petroleum, oil
   and lubricant support, manning support.  And what the foreign forces are
   now doing is jumping from Mitchell Bay into the United States and then
   flying their missions here and then going back.  They come, they fly
   through Mt. Clements air space ... national guard base and are not
   challenged.  All that the traffic controller can do is count the number
   of aircraft and then they are allowed to fly anywhere inside Michigan air
   space or Ohio air space.  They branch out from there.  Now a lot of
   activity has taken place in the thumb and some of our people who checked
   out the area who live in the area ... north actually communicated with
   people in different parts of the state or different parts of that area of
   the state and they actually said oh yes we've seen a lot of these
   helicopters and we've had a lot of crashes here.  Has anybody seen
   anything in the media about crashes in the thumb?  They refuse to even
   talk about it.  And we have queried the state and they will not respond.
   And yet they advise us that there were at least 5 specific air crashes,
   five, count them.  A helicopter is not a small thing to have land in your
   back yard, especially if it is in your pool or something.  All of this
   overlaps into what will they use the helicopters for again.  Well the
   choppers for control and command support can also be used as we were
   discussing before, tracking and tracing.  Tracking and tracing is very
   difficult unless you have something to track and trace with.  If you're
   in your car it could be of course as we discussed the electronic ignition
   system with a transponder.  Most of you who have been watching the media
   though, what about the chip?  Now Beau Grites talked about it and even
   our veterinarians in Oakland County are now talking about it.  In Oakland
   County, the humane society has switched over from dog tags to a microchip
   that is inserted in your little puppy or in your little kitty or in your
   dog when he's licensed and that dog can be traced anywhere.  You can find
   him no matter where he is.  Not only can you find him but it has a
   transponder number in it.  Now I challenged people on this before.  I
   know people who think that their animals are more important than people.
   So if you can have it done to Fido or if you can have it done to my
   Fluffy why can't we do it to your child?  It's that simple.  Now with
   this in mind the microchip which originally they were proposing with some
   of the different legislation and literature that we have seen would be
   inserted underneath the skin in the hand, it could also be put in the
   forehead.  We know the biblical reference to this, don't we people?  We
   also know that with the chip comes total submission.  I'll remind
   everybody about a little piece of revelation that everybody should read,
   13.  Receiving the mark is as a divorce from Christ.  You'd be better off
   going out and executing a few hundred people.  You might be forgiven for
   that.  But receiving the mark is a divorce from Christ, period.  There is
   no forgiveness, there is no way to get out of it.  You might as well eat,
   drink and be merry because you are finished.  Now, in California they
   have already proposed this for the animals and it is already in motion,
   that's where Oakland County got the idea, and there have already been
   several comments about using this for instance, for welfare mothers now
   and for many other people who are under the gun, already under the fist.
   All the different fingers, it's like a hand, are closing and coming
   together.  Oh they've got the nice velvet glove on them by the way.  So
   it's very desirable, you know it's very fashionable, it's probably quite
   chic.  But in reality with all these fingers closing fewer and fewer
   people will slip between those fingers.  And as it finally clinches tight
   there will be no escape if you are not prepared in advance.  You must be
   prepared in all aspects.  Now, one thing that was mentioned about this
   thing with the chip was CNN had a piece on about Canada where they've
   already proposed this for all the exotic animals.  It is a must, it is
   not an option, it is mandatory.  There are a lot of people that pay a lot
   of money for animals.  There are a lot of people, as I said before, who
   think that the animals are more important than kids.  And since you did
   it to my Fluffy I'm going to do it to your child.  In fact, it's proposed
   that it be done from cradle to grave.  As soon as that child is born
   we've got him on the table there, Mommy can't do much about it, and away
   we go.  And the kid is grabbed right there.  Now, I will say this, this
   is something that was challenged before by people.  If it is forced upon
   you, if it is ultimately forced upon you it is not the same and it can be
   done away with and be gotten rid of also.  But to willingly, knowingly
   accept this action is the worst possible thing that you could do as a
   Christian.  I can't, well perhaps there are one or two others but I'd
   have to see the laundry list.  I can't think of any worse than going over
   to the other side and sticking them.  There are no deals to be made.
   There are no options here.  Now, what value will this have?  Well let's
   give you an example.  In the America of the future, 1994 style, or is
   that '84, I keep forgetting.  The books are so much the same.  In 1994,
   '95 what you're going to see is a variation on this little image right
   here that we are putting on the screen.  This is not something made by an
   author such as say, a conspiracy theorist, or somebody who just picked a
   map up and threw some new lines in.  This document was in the Detroit
   free press this last fall.  It depicts the proposed borderlines for
   America.  I'm going to ask you something once you take a close look at
   this.  You'll notice they gave it some warm fuzzy names, they made it
   seem real fluffy and oh we'll just change the borders a little.  But this
   is very important when you consider control of population groups.  I
   might remind you of something about this article if you read it, and if
   you didn't I'll point it out.  That originally this document was done by
   a State Department official.  This was designed to test the water to make
   everybody you know see how they'd feel about this warm fuzzy attitude
   about throwing the country away.  This is only an intermediate guideline.
   Once this is finished the next step is to go to the finalized version
   which is in the United Nations charter which cuts the United States into
   four pieces.  We lose all of our external territories and we become a
   totally subservient nation to the United Nations.  Very important to
   understand.  This is the first step.  Remember that old term?  Divide and
   conquer.  I want to make note if you put the regional map up here you'll
   understand where you saw these lines before.  Now when we've tried to
   demonstrate to people in the past that this is where they are going
   somebody said well I've never seen anything like that.  Almost as quickly
   as we discussed this with people this article that was in the free press
   showed up.  It's probably the best single example and it's an example of
   many of the damning pieces of evidence that the enemy will put forward in
   their attempt to legitimate themselves.  It's very important that they do
   that.  Now the chip of course allows you to control people for movement.
   Movement is a very dangerous thing when you're free.  Boy you can't
   really keep track of what people are doing.  You can't tax them, and tax
   them out of their socks.  You're not going to be able to tax them in
   their food and their drink, tax them in their livelihood.  We'll
   paraphrase one of our founding fathers on that.  Remember?  Taxation, we
   went to war for 10% what are we at now?  We're at a lot more than 10%.
   But in addition to that, movement, I'm from Area 5 I've got a chip rated
   for Area 5 blue code.  What am I doing in Area 10?  In fact, your
   internal papers don't show that you should even be here.  I might mention
   too that there is a reason that you shouldn't be there.  You're property
   of the state.  The Governors' Conference of 1989 and the Governors'
   Conference of 1990 which we do have on video tape, by the way, get a
   chance some day we should be incorporating this on one of our talks, they
   specifically stated at the Governors' Conference all 50 members who were
   there and representatives of the District said that we are nothing more
   than chattel.  We are the property and asset of the state.  Property and
   assets shouldn't be allowed to just wander off, you know after all you
   might want to sell them to somebody.  Oh, that's slavery again, no that's
   right we aren't supposed to think that way.  It's that New World Order
   kind of stuff.  By the way, that's the salute too.  I hope you've seen
   this on CNN.  It was on at least twice, the United Nations salute.  We
   like to joke, Mars.  But it's true, they had to come up with a
   compromise, that's it.  Now with this, with the chip in control of
   movement, we've got to get you on your feet.  We can't have you driving
   your cars.  We've got a lot of environmental problems so we can drive you
   out of your seats real quick with that.  In addition to that to control
   freedom of movement we've got to take care of this money problem.  I mean
   you people just spend it on the craziest kinds of things, firearms and
   ammunition, and why stuff that you will just use on us, if we're the
   government of course.  Because of that we have to bring another finger
   in, money.  And to control the money we have to change it.  In the first
   phase if anybody has a sampling of it in their wallet and they probably
   do, any of your 1990 series currency, if you will look and you can hold
   it up to the light.  Face the currency like this.  Turn it up on end,
   look under the numbers with the light.  You will see a bar line inside
   the paper.  This is a platinum polyester microscreen bar coded element.
   As we were talking about traceability with your car and with your person,
   this currency was being tested and is being tested now for traceability
   on your person, in your home, in your business, everywhere.  This is what
   we started to call the intermediate currency because this is not the
   final currency.  The final currency is called the blue chip dollar.  The
   blue chip dollar is virtually, blue.  The one dollar bill will be blue,
   all the others are of different colors.  By what we understand there is
   also a bar coding just above the 20 dollar that is printed out here.
   This can be scanned two different ways.  If you look around the oval of
   the currency you will find that there are micro printings which repeat 20
   US 20 US 20 US.  But, apparently, in the latest piece that we have seen
   this may also be screened.  So there are several different ways that they
   can actually screen this.  With 1983 technology it was possible for them
   to drive by your home and from the road screen your house and identify by
   the dollar amount how much cash you have in your house.  This is 1983
   technology.  The year is 1993.  If our computers have expanded
   geometrically in capacity I want to ask you another question.  What do
   you think they have done with the technology concerning this?  And where
   are they now?  See what I mean?  By the way, PL100-690 covers this.  And
   if you get a chance what you need to do is call your Senator or your,
   call your Congressman, best bet.  Let's do it this way.  Call your
   Congressman.  Request a copy of PL100-690.  It is a book 3/4 inch thick 7
   X 10 format.  In it you will find all of this.  And originally people
   said well I read the law and it said they were only going to do 100s and
   50s.  I said bull dudu.  The way the law was written at the discretion of
   the Treasurer they have the capacity to do it on all currency and they
   will because there were Senate hearings concerning this.  C-SPAN covered
   this.  And during those hearings they stated uncategorically all of the
   currency will be traceable.  No currency will be hidden by the time
   they're done and this is intermediate.  This currency will be devalued
   down the road.  The exchange ratio will probably 6 to 1.  At a 6 to 1
   exchange ratio your debts don't change but your money does.  So let me
   ask you this.  Can you pay for food, heating, and the house at the same
   time?  Like the Great Depression or Germany with its hyperinflation you
   get to choose between heating and eating.  Which are you going to do if
   you have four kids?  Now it becomes a challenge doesn't it?  On the other
   hand, if you buy tangible products with this worthless piece of paper
   developed by the federal reserve, not by us, remember this is just a
   federal reserve note, this isn't really money.  Use this to the greatest
   possible level that you can taking advantage of volume purchasing by
   getting together with those friends that you organized in the militia,
   you put away munitions, food, and equipment with this before it becomes
   valueless.  During the transition phase you should have coin instead of
   paper.  Why?  During a devaluation, in fact during this devaluation, in
   PL100-690 it makes no allowance for the coin change.  Coin will still
   have a face to face value.  In Israel in 1973 when they changed the
   currency people who had coin ate the next week.  People who had paper
   were sucking air.  It should be understood that you want to put a
   percentage of coin in quarters, dimes, even nickels if necessary.
   Whatever you can afford, half dollars and full dollars are the best way
   to go.  Now, it should be interesting to note that for those of you who
   are trying to financially protect yourself, does anybody know about the
   confiscation laws?  Well we're going to get into them now.  The other
   finger is starting to close.  This one.  Now, with the existing
   confiscation laws and with the banking laws in PL100-690 any instrument
   cash, money order, or cashiers checks or any other negotiable instrument
   that can be transferred into a bank or used by a bank is to be kept track
   of by the bank against you.  And it is at the discretion of the teller
   and the bank as to whether or not they consider a criminal activity.
   Now, the limit at this time is $10,000.  It may have changed.  We don't
   know.  It could be lower.  Under the original law they have the authority
   to go down to every $150 transaction.  At their discretion, they inform
   an agency of the government and that agency can then impound and
   confiscate your money.  If they do this or if they decide that you have
   done something that we call structuring, in other words, I decide I don't
   have $10,000 at a time that I spend.  Okay?  So over a twelve month
   period I do $2,000 here, $3,000, $2,000 again, and I'll spend another
   $4,000 in negotiable funds and put it in and use it in another way.  If I
   do that that is interpreted as structuring and at their discretion what
   we call arbitrary enforcement, anybody in law enforcement understands
   what this means, under civil law.  Under common law you cannot have
   arbitrary enforcement.  Under civil law you can.  But under civil law and
   with arbitrary enforcement they can take this property from you and they
   don't have to give it back because you have to prove that you are guilty.
   You know what that is?   That's British law, Kids.  That's where you have
   to prove your innocence.  That is not the US Constitution.  That is not
   our Bill of Rights.  Guilty until proven innocent are those little
   dictator things again, the little gustepping guys ...  Okay?  What we
   have to watch out for is you have to be very, very careful.  I would not
   use, not that I would ever break the law, but I wouldn't be using very
   many of these bills and I wouldn't keep very many of these bills and I
   get rid of them as quickly as I can.  When they change, during the
   transition period you will have about six weeks to turn this money in for
   the new currency.  In that six week period for the first time in American
   history the old currency will be worthless.  That's the policy of banana
   republics, not a constitutional republic that is sound, using sound
   currency.  It is interesting to note, again, this is a federal reserve
   note not a US dollar, not a gold dollar or silver dollar or silver
   currency.  How will they use this against us?  Well, eventually once they
   get the new currency then we get that mark thing incorporated.  I don't
   know if anybody has been watching our new socialized medicine program, I
   mean the restructured medical program, but under this new socialized
   medicine, restructured medical program that we're going to have it's
   important to note that they are already talking about using your social
   security number to determine whether or not you get service, tying all of
   them together and bring them all into one number.  Very important to
   understand.  Now, how do they all bond together?  What do we do?  First
   of all, protect yourself, food.  You know there is one funny thing about
   food in a can.  I haven't seen anybody killed with a frozen bag of peas
   yet.  Have you?  And yet under new federal guidelines and federal
   statutes and under state law it is a felony to store more than 6 months
   food supply in your home.  Under new federal guidelines and new federal
   laws it is called the hoarding law.  It's a PL102 series law we've got, I
   don't have the number here with me, I'm sorry.  But it is a 102 series
   law which makes it a felony to hoard food.  It might be noted also though
   that there is no definition of hoarding.  Are three days worth of food
   hoarding?  Is a week?  Is a month?  Ten months?  Eight months?  Talk to
   me.  I need to know.  I don't have any definition here.  That's where
   this whole thing of arbitrary enforcement comes in.  Remember that.  You
   can be punished for having food now.  Food, some silver perhaps, silver
   may not be as important as tangible items, but silver is good to have.
   You and I can understand it.  Gold is a little harder because such a
   small amount of gold is worth so much.  But tangible assets such as
   silver we can understand, we can hold.  Okay?  Weapons, and I argue this
   again and again and again.  You cannot share weapons.  Find wood and
   steel and we talked about before.  Implements that will last and can be
   handed down generation to generation.  Father to son, son to grandson.  I
   own weapons that were made in 1891 and are as accurate and are as capable
   as they were when they were made.  That is over 100 years old.  It is a
   matter of how they are maintained.  Valuable are the manufactured items
   that we will not be able to purchase in the future.  Bring all of these
   things together.  Create a defense for your family and for yourselves and
   for your friends.  Resources of all types concerning tools.  Anybody who
   is a man who has worked with his hands will know what a good tool is
   worth.  The value of that tool, again, can be passed down from generation
   to generation.  And they hate that.  It gets all over their bullets and
   everything you know.  What are they going to do?  I mean we are going to,
   if we do not accept the mark we are going to have to take care of
   ourselves.  They hate that thought of independence.  They are terrorized
   by the thought that we as free people will stand up.  We are going to
   have to do that.  We're going to have to take care of manufacturing for
   ourselves.  We're going to have to take care of food production for
   ourselves.  We're going to have to take care of ammunition, weapons
   requirements, reloading, something I talked about before.  If you are not
   into reloading yet get into reloading now.  Down the road here ammunition
   is going to be few and far between.  Hand Gun Control, Inc. said two and
   three years ago, I have Sarah Brady on tape right here in Michigan, she
   said two things that everybody should remember.  Number one, well when we
   want to get the weapons we're going to get your ammunition first.  And
   the next thing she said is first we're going to get these weapons, but of
   course our ultimate goal is to get everything.  Her own words, and what
   are they proposing now?  By the way, I don't know if you have read Bill
   Clinton's and Al Gore's latest book but if you haven't you should.  In 4
   different chapters, and I read this all last night.  Trust me, it was
   written to the sixth grade level, unfortunately, and it was done in big
   block print which I'm amazed considering you know our people are
   supposedly better educated than we were 100 years ago.  What's
   fascinating is their solution to every problem at the end of every
   chapter, I'll give you an example.  Children, their solution, the last
   two paragraphs are to pass the Brady Bill and to ban all assault weapons
   because they have no legitimate hunting purpose.  Crime in America, what
   do you guess the last two paragraphs are?  The exact same two that I saw
   in the chapter before.  Now don't you think this is strange that they
   feel I'm so stupid they have to repeat it to me twice.  Well that
   wouldn't be so bad but it's four different places and it's in four
   different chapters in the book and it's virtually printed identically,
   one chapter after another.  When you are trying to drive something to
   people's brains or brainwash them you repeat something over and over and
   over again.  And you convince them that this is how it should be and you
   make them mimic what you have said.  You don't want free thinking free
   willed people.  It's that simple.  Your enemy is using tools he has
   always used before.  Data, information, technical information.  One thing
   that has happened I've seen this happen time and time again.  You must
   have the written knowledge where people can access it.  You as a mentor,
   you have to become an educator, a student, you have to become a mentor
   and educator force to teach them what to do and how to do it.  To do that
   you have got to have the technical data on hand.  If you have a group of
   ten people you must have ten copies of that knowledge.  Reloading, combat
   skills, farming, I don't care, whatever subject it is disperse your
   knowledge.  The printed word is going to be banned.  Mark my word on
   this.  I guarantee it.  It has already happened with certain books
   concerning how to take care of and maintain firearms.  You will see it
   again.  What can we do now?  What are we supposed to do now?  The thrust
   has to be deep into the vitals of the enemy.  In order to do what we need
   to do at our end as citizens, one of the things I can recommend are to
   throw up stumbling blocks for the enemy.  We have proposed and we hope
   that it is a motion now and we believe it is that at the state level we
   get involved with trying to reintroduce, for instance, our state borders
   into the Constitution.  Our state borders aren't formulated.  They are
   not in the Constitution now.  Why?  Because these people have planned to
   restructure the government.  To do that they have to change the state.
   This is simple.  We're going to find out who our enemies are real quick.
   ...  The people who vote this are citizens, are Americans.  The people
   who don't vote for this obviously have another agenda and we need to know
   who those people are.  Can we win?  Absolutely.  Will we win?  It will be
   a long, drawn out, rotten, nasty affair.  I would prefer not to see it
   all.  But if we have a choice between freedom and slavery I would rather
   gladly die standing on my feet with a weapon in my hand than to die in a
   ditch on my knees begging that somebody won't put a bullet in the back of
   my head.  I do not plan on giving that legacy and leaving that to my
   children.  And none of you should accept that either.  Together, we must
   travel into the future with all of our people in tact with all of our
   freedoms in tact.  Without that, without our Constitution, without our
   Bill of Rights we're in a pretty sorry position as far as what we are
   going to hand down to the next generation.  God bless the United States.
   Death to the New World Order.  The republic shall prevail.  Goodbye.