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          Artificial Intelligence in Education, 1995

                      Edited by Jim Greer
              1995, 618 pages; ISBN 1-880094-16-9

This book serves as a major source document indicating the current 
state of artificial intelligence in education and related fields.
This volume serves as a record of AI-ED 95--7th World Conference on 
Artificial Intelligence in Education, held in Washington, DC, in 
August 1995.  The 95 conference is one in this series of biennial 
international conferences designed to report the best research in 
the field of AI and Education and to provide opportunities for the 
cross-fertilisation of information and ideas on research and 
applications in this field.

From the Preface: "The focus on collaboration and tools introduced 
by the invited speakers is continued in the contributed papers. 
The best represented themes in AI-ED 95 are computer-supported 
collaborative learning and authoring tools and shells. Both of 
these themes represent recent changes in focus for the field. 
Contributed papers continue to reflect a strong interest in 
conceptual change, cognitivie modelling, and a variety of student 
modelling approaches. New research directions including adaptive 
hypermedia and innovative interfaces are also appearing."

Papers cover the following major topics:
* Intelligent tutoring systems
* Learning environments and microworlds
* Visual and graphical interfaces 
* Human factors and interface design 
* Non-standard and innovative interfaces 
* Intelligent multimedia systems 
* Authoring systems and tutoring shells 
* Collaboration tools
* Principles/tools for instructional design 
* Natural language interfaces
* Knowledge representation for instruction
* Knowledge and skill acquisition 
* Conceptual change/Metacognition 
* Teaching higher-order thinking skills 
* Social and cultural aspects of learning 
* Cognitive development and errors 
* Student modeling, cognitive diagnosis 
* Theories of teaching/Motivation 
* Reading and writing
* Educational robotics
* Computer-assisted language learning 
* Evaluation of instructional systems 
* Assessment of learning outcomes

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