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Chaos is the field that underlies all things which exist.
In the beginning there was Chaos.   Before the big bang all
order was bound into the monoblock, a point smaller than an
electron.  All else was Chaos.  After the big bang the
various dimensions of order were spontaneously created by
the inherent symmetry of the original matrix.  These
dimensions continue to expand through the continuum, but
still the underlying Chaos remains active and potent. The
nature of the Chaos field is dimly understood.  Is it the
complete absence of order, or does it correspond to an order
not comprehended by Man? Fundamentally it is the
uncoordinated source of creation. From Chaos does creation
rise, to be formed by other forces. The Greeks called this
the Cornocopia; a twisted tube within which is nothingness,
but from the mouth of which spews all manner of things.
This is interestingly similar to modern theories concerning
black holes. Physicists, such as Stephen Hawking, postulate
that the structure of black holes may be that of a twisted
tube, (called a "wormhole"), within which is a chaos without
any predictable physical laws, (called a "singularity").
Further it is stated that these wormholes may have a
terminus in another spatial/ temporal/dimensional location,
(called a "white hole").  It is a matter of form passing
through chaos becoming form again in another aspect. Here is
a quality of the Chao s field, that it serves to reprocess
matter/energy, breaking them down into components so that it
may be reused in the various dimensional matrixes.  In these
matrixes, our universe for instance, the energy matrixes
that form planets, stars, bodies, minds, etc, cannot be
entirely broken apart, they retain some similarity.  For
example, the energy matrix of a body, upon deactivation of
the governing principle, goes on to combine with similar
matrixes.  The corpse feeds the tree and the worm.  It
reshapes the consumed matrix into simil ar organic
constructions.  If this combining is delayed, say by
isolation within volcanic rock, than the matrix will combine
with the less energetic rock, the process of fossilization.
With sentient creatures there are actually two matrixes
working in combination, the physical matrix and the mental
matrix.  What has been said about physical matrixes
generally applies to the mental, with this difference; that
where the physical is usually recombined, except when the
matrix is very weak or more energy is required to m aintain
equilibrium in t he Chaos field, the mental rarely
recombines, (this is termed  possession when it combines
with an already functioning matrix and called reincarnation
when it uses a latent matrix ), instead it usually enters
the Chaos field, wherein various things may occur. A special
set of circumstances applies to mental matrixes in Chaos.
These may be generalized in three ways:
1) It may be reprocessed;  When this occurs the individual
matrix is broken down completely.  This is dissolution.

2) It may be partially reprocessed;  It sometimes happens
that mental matrixes enter Chaos, but the primal will to
exist is strong enough to prevent it from being completely
reprocessed. in these cases the intellectual qualities do
not survive, but the remainder retains some integrity.
These are just machines of a sort, what Qabalahists refer to
as Qliphoths, (shells).

3) It may preserve its integrity;  It may be that the
individuals mental matrix is possessed of not only a strong
will to exist, but also of a powerfully focused intellectual
fixation.  the individual matrix can preserve its
discreetness if it can maintain clarity, a very difficult
thing to do during conditions of  discorporation.  Managing
this feat will raise another question, "what now?"
 The individual cannot retain itself in the Chaos field
 indefinitely, it would inevitably break apart.  Therefore
 the mind must travel.  This raises another quality of
 Chaos. The chaos field has no dimensions, no time, no
 distance, at least in our mode of thinking.  Basic laws
 that apply in the dimensional  matrixes do not apply in
 Chaos.  Different objects can occupy the same space at the
 same time, effect can proceed cause, and every point in
 every location is congruent.  Everything is everywhere,
 always.  One can enter Chaos from any particular location,
 and exit it at any other particular dimensional location,
 assuming integrity is preserved.  The major difficulty i n
 this m ode of travel is navigation.  A very nearly infinite
 number of choices is presented, no easy task sorting this
 out, and once one makes his exit, his individual matrix
 will adapt itself to local conditions, perhaps forgeting
 himself entirely.  Most people have no idea where it is
 they want to be, in fact many do not even know where they
 are.  They would become lost. There is a method for
 successful navigation.  This method is possible because it
 is not required to die in order  to enter the Chaos field.
 Travelling the Chaos is referred to by the vulgar as
 "astral travel".  Few understand the nature of this.  They
 use it as a sort of mental vacationing, talking to
 cretinous shells and gawking at illusions.  The inhabitants
 of Chaos are generally useless to the individual,
 exceptions perhaps being other more experienced travellers
 (not al ways human), who might provide some insight.
 There, as here, you must always be on the lookout for
 charlatans.   The use of travelling chaos before death is
 that it is much easier to keep individual integrity while
 possessing a body.  The individuals body acts as a beacon
 to draw back the wandering mind.   If the individual wants
 to use the Chaos field to plot his after life travel plans,
 it is required that the person know his true Will, for this
 will tell him where it would be best for him to ma nifest.
 Without this the individual can not go to where he should
 be, for he would not know what, or where, this is.  But
 knowing ones true will in this area will raise sympathies
 which will lead one to his particular "portal of becoming".
 It is important to avoid facination, or the individual may
 find himself getting exactly what he thinks he wants, which
 may be hideously inappropriate. The chaos field is not in
 itself horrible, although it contains some horrors.  Chaos
 is not hell, although it is inhabited by some types of
 demons.  It is potential, the realm where possibility is
 born.  It is the Apsu, the abyss of the Babylonians.  The
 place of naked, formless creation.  It becomes existant
 when given form by Enki, which is Wisdom and Intellect.

                                          Feb. 1989 Hiram
                                          Gordon Wells


Upon reading this essay it occured to me that some readers
might take it as a justification for inactivity on this
particular level.  The old, "never mind what's happening
now, things will be great in the afterlife, in heaven, on
another planet, etc."  This may be fine for the christian
slave or whatnot, but it is hardly sufficient for those who
are driven by that strange need to create, to attain.  Only
through progression through the multitude of evo lutionary
levels can one go beyond, and it is by ones a ctions here
and now that this progression is made.

H.G.W   Copyright 1989 World Report Information Services