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10BaseT wiring notes
« on: December 09, 2012, 01:00:04 am »
10BaseT Wiring Notes                                    Version 1.1
                                                        12 Sep 1991

From the recent number of questions on CompuServe, there seems to
be a need for a few notes on how to wire a 10BaseT network.  The
information shown here should be very useful for the first time
installer.  Much of it is derived from Hewlett Packard's excellent
tech manuals in addition to several cable vendors catalogs. 
Another useful download about 10BaseT concepts in the PD10BA.TXT
file in Lib 17.  For the most part I have avoided inserting subtle
prejudices but I have not been entirely successful <grin>.
This should answer some early questions in getting started.   
Please send corrections, comments and suggestions to me so we can
make this more useful.
Good Luck.
Steve Fleming 
Kabi-Pharmacia, Inc
Raleigh, NC

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