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Hacking 950's
« on: February 13, 2017, 06:32:26 pm »
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                    AbUsE in 1993 -FiNaLLy A ReAl SceNe Is Back
                      |+-+-+The Year we Shock the World+-+-+|

                     ******** DISCLAIMER ********
      This text file is for study purposes only and is being written
      for information purposes only. The Author of this text does not
      in anyway promote illegal activity that can be used from the
      following information and will not accept responsibility for
      any actions that another person may take by using material in
      this text. I am a Student and this was a project I have been
      doing on PHONE SECURITY in the United States.


   INTRO -

         Well All you P/H and Wanna BE P/H people out there. I have been
        asked about this many of many times.I have been doing a study on
        this subject for awhile and finally have decided to write a text
        for the public to read up on and make they're own crticsism's on.

     The U.S. was and still is the INNoVAToRs in P/H. Way back from
     when Ole "CAPTaIn CruNch" blew that cereal box whistle into his
     phone (creating what is now BlUE BOxinG) which is of course
     DEAD in the U.S. and rapidly starting to die in EUROPE as well.
     We have gone from phreaking through AT&T and MCI and SPRINT Direct
     to having Now to divert our calls,( Hoping they still cannot lock
     and trace ) too not using the services at All.Yet the most famous
     Dial-out today amoung PhReAks is the OLE 950 Systems.Here is some
     information which you may find valueble.


           950's - A Phreakers DrEam cOmE TrUe ...............

   Most 950's are clear and modem phreaks get GREAT cps on the lines
   (Unlike when you go through most pbx's and get Massive Linenoise)
   when these services were introduced THEY were a Phreakers Dream come
   true.Today only a few have this Capability due to the systems changing
   they're hardware (For wireless communications to sites) or Adding a
   detour for Phreaks called TONE GUARDS which without getting real
   technical on ya "FUCK WITH YOUR MODEM TRANSMISSION" so bad that it
   has been succesful. Most people do not even bother with these services.

              What Are 950's anyways ?

     The 950 service offers national companies that network a system
     of letting the employess acsess through the business TOLL-FREE
     from a payphone Etc Etc.This lets the comapny issue they're own
     toll free dial-in and with an issued passcode the employee may
     dial withen the system to the office and extentions or dial to
     a long distance number.Most 950 services are regional so this
     helps a great deal.This is basically simular to 1-800, yet I
     cannot tell you what makes a company choose between the two.
     The 950 services are NOT in anyway affiliated with your local
     phone company and very few are affiliated with any major L/D
     company(The ones who have Multi-millons invested to BUST your
     ass).You just call up the system , get a Tone ,Dial as many ones
     until you get a BUSY SIGNAL or Recording.Deduct 11 digits from
     the number and there ya have it A digit Template to try and Hack.

        (Basically this is True BUT with these exceptions)


      Subject-RUMORS RUMORS RUMORS ( I Like Calling It Paranioa )                     
   Today with this "OUT FOR MYSELF ATTITUDE" as I like to call it,and
   all these un-informed lamers ( No offense to people just starting P/H
   noticed i said UN-INFORMED LAMERS). An un-informed lamer is somebody
   who jumps into the dark with out getting a flashlight to see what is
   out there. Guys who find out about the service and just start abusing
   it without knowing the DO's and DON'T's.Eventually they get popped
   and try to avoid looking like an idiot when they get caught by
   exagerrating they're ass Off about how they got snagged.I have heard
   many funny stories from Un-inFormed Lamers.One funniest story i ever
   heard before was from this lamer who found out about a 950 service
   and sat at home by his telephone hacking BACK to Back codes off the
   system with no delay in sequntial order,during the Day.Well the truth
   was that the comapny operator saw that someone kept failing attemted
   codes on the system back to back WITH THE SAME DESTINATION NUMBER.
   The operator contacted the local phone company and they in turn put
   a lock in trace FULL CLASS ANI on the the 950 system and they snagged
   the fuckers number.They then proceeded to make a Phone_Bill for the
   guy (BTW for Note the Phone bill was from them it WAS Not attached
   to his Local Phone company phone Bill).The Phone Bill that the service
   sent him was .50 per attempted hack plus 150.00 for the Charges they
   had to pay THE LOCAL phone comapny for the Lock And Trace.Well I
   am sure this Guy got a real Ass whoopin from his parents
   but let me tell you his Version  .....

                ( Straight From the Movie -WAR GAMES- )

  U.L (Uninformed Lamer) Hey Mix your not gonna belive what Happened
                         to me Yesturday !!!

  Mix - What Happened ?
  U.L - I had to come to a payphone to call you. Hey man Ya better be
        careful i just got popped for using 950's.
  Mix - No Kidding ?  What The Heck Happened ?

  U.L. - Well the other night I was On Danse MaCabre , And the sysop
         said I was So Kewl that he gave me Disabled 255 and told me
         to download as much as I wanted !!! ( NOT ) I flagged alot
         of stuff and fell asleep before the download was over. I woke
         up the next morning and was still connected there. Can ya
         belive this ! The BBS never hung me up !
  Mix-That is weird I never heard of that happening.
  U.I- It did Mix , Anyways I was walking to school the day after
       and this black van was following me.They pulled over and I
       started to run they caught up with me and it took 3 guys to
       pin me down and throw me in the van.

  Mix - Who were they ?
  U.I.- The F.B.I. !! They told me that I was using goverment
        lines and they had been tapping my line for 3 months!!
        They took me down to they're station and Handcuffed me
        and interrogated me.
  Mix- What did they ask you ?
  U.I. - They asked me Where did I get they're secret Number
         ACCIDENTLY DIALED THIS ONE " you know I would never
         Rat On You Mix for giving it to me.
  Mix - Hey U.L 950's are public numbers and are posted on
        almost every pay-phone in the U.S.

  U.L. - Oh I know that (Duh) but Ohh Ohh Ohh but see it is
         a front on this system. it is a Public Acsess but has
         a Backdoor I hacked out which is really an F.B.I.
         System with many accts.

  Mix- Whats the passcode ?
  U.L.- I cannot give it out
  Mix-Ok so then what happened.

  U.L. - They told me to give them names of other hackers I Know.
         I did not tell them anything. I would never turn you in
  Mix - Ok that's kewl so what else  ?
  U.L. - Well they beat my ass and took me to my house
          and put me under HOUSE ARREST until my Trial.
          I was able to sneak past them to a pay phone
          because I wanted to warn you.
  Mix - TrIAL ? What Are they gonna do to you ?
  U.L. - I am Facing a 30 year sentence for this.I will never
          Rat On Nobody though.

       Kill Three Operators in The Process ?
    ( By Now I knew this Guy was A U.L. for Sure )
   U.L. - No but I put one of the F.B.I. agents in the Hospital.
          When they tried to catch me I drop kicked em in the Jaw
          and now he is in a Coma.

   Mix - DanG Man

   U.I. -Let everyone Know that i am Outta the scene.I am Gone
         for Good.
        ( By Now he thinks I am Hearing the Theme song from
             DRAGNET or Something )
   Mix- Dang man this is so strange because I just talked to
        your parents a while ago and they told me that you
        could not talk on the phone no more because you
        were restricted for them getting such a Big Phone Bill
        for them that they had to pay.
        ( Now the U.I. Pauses for a second )
    U.I. - Mix Do not tell them what happened me and the F.B.I.
           cut a deal that they will not inform my parents until
           the Trial if I gave them the codes I had.

     Mix - Hmmm Ya know What ?
     U.I. - What
     Mix - You Are a Fuckin Lamer who got caught and never
           learned about hackin these systems. YOU ARE LAME.
     U.I. - Mix """ Mix " " Mix "  ?

        ( DIAL-TONE On MY END - I Just Hung Up )

     Well this LAME MUTHA FUCKA had Called Many people Besides me
     with this Lame Story and the Scene got FrAnTic. This lamer's
     story which was spread by Lamers who believed the LIL BITCH
     was just the fuse to inginite the dynamite of this already
     paranoid scene. Actually the rummor story sounded more belivable 
     than this lamers own words by he time it got around town.             
       Anyways maybe this next text will phase out some rumors --


       (The Question on Every Phreaks Mind)       

       The Answer to the Question is YES
               but than again NO.

     Again let me mention that the 950' services are what is known as
     TRACABLE DIVERTORS.Which means you place a free or local call to
     a service dialing long distance through them.If the comapany knows
     a code is being abused or they're system is being hacked the only
     trace they can pull while you are online is the DESTINATION NUMBER
     ,CODE,AND TIME YOU CALLED IN.Your local phone Company keeps track
     of calls made from your phone though. Your local phone company is
     obligated to release records of they're logs to these 950 services.
     So if the company detects fraud on they're system the can match the
     time in with the phone companys record of 950 calls -Which Are many.
     This is still a tedious task and hard to accomplish for the Reps.
     One way that has worked in the past in catching hackers is THE
     LOCK TRACE PATTERN set up with the 950 service and your local phone
     company.This is mainly used when someone is Hackin The Fuck Outta
     the system (The Wrong WaY) and they want to stop this guy and bill
     him.Explained later in this text the company detects the hacker or
     abuser on the system and contacts the Local phone company and requests
     a special LOG to be run A.S.A.P of all people calling into they're
     phone system.A special custom log is activated by the local phone
     company ( Which is cost the 950 service bucks for every call that
     the service receives until the TRACE is terminated )and SUPER ANI's
     your ASS.Your trace is Set Now and they Got YA.Later they match
     the two patterns together and Bill Ya for whatever AbUsE ya did.
     The Only other way you get popped is on Trap Codes which are
     pre-arranged under no one in the companies account and are just
     there to Let ya Snag em,AbUsE em and get a Lock and Trace process
     put on your Ass.


                      TIPS ON HACKING 950 SYSTEMS

    1- Every Attempt On Dialing In to the system to Crack a code
       should be RANDOM length times (ex -60 ,30 12 Secs A part).
       This Avoids the Computer from Notifying the operator there
       is back to back failures on the System.
     2-Never Never Never Hack Sequntially. WHy ? Well most of the
       computer systems in the office's can figure out and notify
       the operator when Back to back Attempts are being made to
       hack the system in a numeric order and failing.

     3- HAVE TONS Of Random Destination (Carrier Lock Numbers)
        handy and dial these randomly.NEVER USE YOUR FAVORITE
        BBS as a Carrier Lock. Why ? The Computer system these
        operators use can also detect and Notify the operator
        when the same destination number is being used many
        times with Various Bad Codes.Three Things can happen
        If Warranted a LOCK and TRACE will be Initiated , the
        BBS you are calling will be blacklisted with the service
        and NO ONE on any code in the system can dial the BBS
        anymore because it will be blocked , and every connect
        (Good Code) you got in that period with that destination
         will be dead in less than an hour.

      4-Some Systems have Installed false carriers so that every
        bad Code you get will connect to a carrier and you will
        not be able to log that very well will you "WOW! ALL GOOD
        CODEZ ! I AM FUCKIN EinStien !" -Not- .Make sure if you
        run across this problem for modem users only -To Input
        a pause in your Hackin Progarm that will comapre Variables.
        Like this - Call the service with a watch time how long it
        takes to get a bad code. After timing input a string that
        will hang-up or ignore any carrier received in that time
        frame.Then tell your program to have the modem detect any
        carriers 2 secs after that time period of the False ones.
        It is a lil work to figure but can be done.

         5- If You Are Not Monitoring the hacking (Like Most of us who
            have better things to do than monitor Phone Noises) make
            sure to set up a timer to of when to start and when to quit
            Hacking.You never know if you are gonna sleep a long time
            or have an emergency come up or Just plain forget you are
            Hacking.I guarantee that you will eventually get a pattern
            lock going on You.

       6 - It is Good to hack codes on a Template. WHY ?
           In order to keep track of records, a-lot of these
           950 companies issue they're codes in a set of
           templates like xx4532 2345xx etx etc. This is the
           real jack pot and I have found many like this.
           Lets say I get a working code like 645121. I am
           hacking another day and happen to get a 654121.
           Hmm pretty close are'nt they ? I set up my hacker
           that night to dial 3 ramdom digits + 121. i wake up
           and find that there are many code I have gotton by
           using 121 as my last three digits in the 3 digit
       7 - Hack De System S L O W L Y. Have your modem at a slower
           dial-speed than normal.This System is DUMB sometimes it
           does not even recongnise the good Codez on various attempts.
           This is caused by the modem dialing to fast for they're tones
           to handle.Put A pause in between the code and Dest. Number.
           Again this system is Dumb and can get confused if so much
           stuff is pumped into it quickly.Slow Down Your Ats11= a lil
           to ensure making the run through was Correct and you get all
           the goodies without missing any. All ya got ta lose is a
           second or two at the most WhoPiiiii !

                      DIALING OUT WITH 950's

   1- My Favorite One ( Which is Still In Dispute By others ) is
      through a local PBX (Granted you get good cps connection).
      This is nice ..Just set up a wardialer find a ToneLoc and
      hack the sucker for personal use to divert the call in your
      local calling area.950 dial-up's never show up on the PBX's
      Phone Bill so they never know you are there , That is unless
      a Lock And trace is Pulled then of Course it will go to your
      friendly Neighborhood PBX .. Which just Saved You BUTT.                     

   2-Try To Not Abuse One Code.Try And have a few Availiable and
     use them randomly in your daily calls to various places.
     If you are stuck with a single code then I suggest not
     dialing 10 million places with this in one night.You will
     be the center of attention when it comes to log tracking.

   3- As We All Know -DO Not Spread the Code to Everyone
      on Mother Earth,It will be Detected and Killed OR
      Even Worse TRAPPED.
   4- Most Important GIVE A CODE A BREAK...Do Not Keep using
      a Code longer than a week. File it somewhere. You never
      know if you are on A Trap Code as it is and I sure would not
      wanna bet a Million calls on that single LASTING code that
      could be on my next Phone Bill.By giving it A REST you can
      also extend the life of the code since these are large
      corporate accts that are paid in bulk and may be overlooked.
      A constant abuse though will be noticed.

    5- If You are going to make voice calls with these codes person
       to person BE sure to make sure they will not sqeal on you if
       the service calls and asks them who has been calling them with
       an illegal code.Better yet make sure they are kewl and just
       don't tell the person what ya do (Keep the mouth shut is best).
       In most cases unless you call AUNT MARTHA a Million timez a
       week i doubt they will make contact with her.Never-The-Less
       as I mentioned the service can detect your destination number
       if they are tracking.

     6- Once On a Code enjoy it.If there is any kind of trace it would
        have been done on the dial-up.There is not a time trace trap
        involved here.Think of it this way.It is better to be on a code
        a long time than to be dialing many numbers with the same code
        in a short time. Do not hesitate how long you stay on the phone
        with the code ...Well as long as it does not get into the many
        hours Bracket in one time period.





  -- Special Greets Going Out to - AbUsE !! The #1 H-P GROUP in 1993 !

     FrAnTiC - FucK All Them SoCial TaKErs ...The Guys in AbUSe really
               BaCk You Up BroTher -Keep the trUSt happening.
     R/\D/\R / miNiSTry - I Appreciated that backRound Run WitH me.
                          Good Luck To Your New H-P Group.Appreciate
                          you helping with BETA = BONO = HACK.                           

     I.P. - Shadowreaper - You Two Mutha FuCKA Know Were Gettin Paid
                            in 93 !!!hahahahhahahha

     Casual - Hey MOn - Being So Versatile Must be Nice ! ThAnx For
                        All the help Here So Far.
     /\/\oTioN - MerGe Now or Forever Hold Your Peace with Us.
                 You Guys Can Grow Stronger With Your talents
                 That Are Not Being Displayed in the scene and
                 our Power.

      BoNe - Hey McGyVEr Get Them Red Boxes And Scramblers DONE !!
                        LAST BUT NOT LEAST !!!

                        ))))))) BONEHEAD (((((((
                 For programming BONE-O-HACK WHICH IS COMING
                        SOoooooN to A Scene Near you
          CALL THESE ABUSE BBS's /and\ Speak At The Elite !
 BONEHEADS +1 909 356 0787
 SePulTuRa +1 213 466 4481

             ---- WRITTEn By MixMasTer of AbUsE ----
                                                  [RULING IN 93]


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