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                     NEW DRUGS THAT MAKE YOU SMART
                         by John Morgenthaler
                      from MONDO 2000 - issue #2
The term nootropic comes from the Greek word meaning "acting on the mind."
Since the invention of Piracetam by UBC laboratories in Belgium, other drug
companies have been scrambling to develop their own nootropics. Some of them
being researched now include; Vinpocetine, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam, and
Oxiracetam. As yet, there is no nootropic drug that is FDA approved for sale
in the United States, but there is plenty of motivation on the part of the
drug companies to get that approval - financial analysts expect the U.S.
market for cognitive enhancers - smart pills - to soon be in excess of one
billion dollars per year!
Nootropics are very interesting because of their lack of any demonstrable
toxicity. They are not, however, the only substances that increase
intelligence. There are over 30 chemicals that have been shown to improve
animal and/or human intelligence (learning and data processing of particular
types of tasks.) Here I propose to present a practical, drug-by-drug guide to
the use of the most interesting of these cognitive enhancement compounds, and
where you can get them.
Disclaimer: This article should not be interpreted as medical advice or an
attempt to encourage the use of cognitive enhancement dru... uh, compounds.
You must consult with a licensed physician for such medical advice. We don't
even want you to EXPERIMENT WITH THESE COMPOUNDS. Nor do we wish to imply, in
any way, that you should try to INCREASE YOUR INTELLIGENCE or MAKE YOURSELF
INTO A SUPERBEING. Heaven forfend!
CENTROPHENOXINE (Trade Name: Lucidril)
Centrophenoxine is an intelligence booster and also an effective anti-aging
therapy. It has been shown to cause improvements in various aspects of memory
function and a 30% increase in lifespan of laboratory animals.
One of the most widely recognized aspects of aging is the buildup of
lipofuscin in brain cells (lipofuscin is the stuff that age spots are made
of.) Centrophenoxine removes lipofuscin deposits from brain cells and reduces
its rate of accumulation in young brain cells. It also rejuvenates the
synaptic structure - the area where the actual transfer of information takes
place between nerve cell.
PRECAUTIONS: Centrophenoxine should not be used by persons who are easily
excitable, people with severe arterial hypertension, or those subject to
convulsions or involuntary musculoskeletal movements. The drug also should
not be used by nursing mothers. Adverse effects are rare, but include
hyperexcitability, insomnia, tremors, motion sickness, paradoxical
drowsiness, and depression. There is no toxicity of Centrophenoxine at
therapeutic doses.
DOSAGE: Take 1000 to 3000mg per day. Centrophenoxine takes effect very
quickly. You'll notice an increase in alertness and a slight stimulating
SOURCES: Centrophenoxine is not sold in the United States. It can be
purchased over the counter in Mexico or by mail from the address below.
Choline can be found in several forms including choline bitartrate, choline
chloride, or phosphatidyl choline. Phosphatidyl choline (PC) is the active
ingredient of lecithin. All of these forms of choline will produce memory
boosting effects, but PC has some unique effects as well.
Choline compounds, including PC, are able to pass through the blood-brain
barrier, where the brain utilizes the choline to make acetylcholine (a
neurotransmitter that plays an important role in memory). Thus, choline
enhances memory by increasing the amount of acetylcholine available for
memory and thought processes.
PC has some other important health benefits. It functions as a source of
structural material for every cell in the human body, particularly those of
the brain and nerves. It also aids in the metabolism of fats, regulates blood
cholesterol, and nourishes the fat-like sheathes of nerve fibers.
PRECAUTIONS: Any compound that acts like a precursor to acetylcholine such as
choline, PC, or DMAE should not be used by people who are manic depressive
because it can deepen the depressive phase. Choline bitartrate and choline
chloride can sometimes cause a fishy odor or diarrhea. PC, however, does not
have either of these effects.
DOSAGE: Take 3 grams of choline per day in three divided doses. If you're
taking lecithin you need to take a lot more because only port of the lecithin
is choline. Often the label will provide information on the quantity of
choline per tablespoon. All forms of choline should be taken with one gram
per day of vitamin B-5 so that the choline can be converted into
SOURCES: Choline and lecithin are considered nutritional supplements and can
be found at health food or drug stores. Commercial lecithin usually contains
other oils and phosphatides besides phosphatidyl choline. Look at the label
before you buy and make sure the product contains more than 30% phosphatidyl
choline. Also, you should taste your lecithin and make sure it does not taste
bitter (this indicates rancidity). Much lecithin on the market is rancid. The
best form of lecithin I know is Twin Labs brand "PC 55" - it contains 55% PC
and is always very fresh.
Dehydroepiandosterone (pronounced dee-hi-dro-epp-ee-an-dro-ster-own) is a
steroid hormone produced in the adrenal gland. DHEA is the most abundant
steroid in the human bloodstream. Research has found it to have significant
anti-obesity, anti-tumor, anti-aging, and anti-cancer effects. DHEA levels
natural drop as people age and there is a good reason to think that taking a
DHEA supplement may extend your life and make you more youthful while you're
alive. Additionally, DHEA may be an important player in cognitive
DHEA is involved in protecting brain neurons from senility-associated
degenerative conditions like Alzheimer's disease. Not only does the neuronal
degenerative condition occur most frequently at the time of lowest DHEA
levels, but brain tissue contains more DHEA than is found in the bloodstream.
In an experiment with brain cell tissue cultures, Dr. Eugene Roberts found
that very low concentrations of DHEA were found to "increase the number of
neurons, their ability to establish contacts, and their differentiation."
DHEA also enhanced long-term memory in mice undergoing avoidance training.
Perhaps it plays a similar role in human brain function.
DOSAGE of DHEA ranges from 50 mg to 2000 mg per day. There is no solid
information indicating an optimal dosage for humans, but, if you want to get
serious, you can get your DHEA levels checked every few months (or about
$65), each time raising the amount of DHEA you take. When your blood levels
reach what is normal for a 20-year-old human, then you're taking enough.
SOURCES: DHEA is now being used by many people with AIDS because of its
immune enhancement and antiviral effects. DHEA is not FDA approved but AIDS
buyers groups are able to sell it to members because the FDA has a policy of
looking the other way when it comes to the activity of these groups. Try
contacting these buyer's groups: alliance 7, 617/281-5360 in San Diego; or
Healing ALternatives Foundation, 415/626/2316 in San Francisco.
Research in other countries has shown that Hydergine improves mental
function, prevents damage to brain cells, and may even be able to reverse
existing damage to brain cells. Hydergine acts in several ways to enhance
mental capabilities and slow down or reverse the aging processes in the
brain. Its wide variety of effects include the following:
1. Increases in blood supply to the brain.
2.Increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain.
3. Enhances metabolism in brain cells.
4. Protects the brain from damage during periods of decreased and/or
   insufficient oxygen supply.
5. Slows the deposit of age pigment (lipofuscin) in the brain.
6. Prevents free radical damage to brain cells.
7. Increases intelligence, memory, learning and recall.
8. Normalizes systolic blood pressure.
9. lowers abnormal high cholesterol levels in some cases.
10. Reduces symptoms of tiredness, dizziness, and tinnitus (ringing in the
One way that Hydergine may enhance memory and learning is by mimicking the
effect of a substance called nerve growth factor (NGF). NGF stimulates
protein synthesis that results in the growth of dendrites in brain cells.
Dendrites facilitate communication throughout the central nervous system and
are necessary for memory and learning. New learning requires new dendritic
PRECAUTIONS: IF too large a dose is used when first taking Hydergine. it may
cause slight nausea, gastric disturbance, or headache. Overall, Hydergine
does not produce any serious side effects, it is non-toxic even at very large
doses, and it is contraindicated only for individuals who have chronic or
acute psychosis.
DOSAGE: The US recommended dosage is 3 mg per day; however, the European
recommended dosage is 9 mg per day, taken in three divided doses. Most of the
research has been done at levels of 9 to 12 mg per day. It may take several
weeks before you notice the effects of hydergine.
SOURCES: Hydergine is available in the United States and you can buy it if
you have a doctor's prescription, but keep in mind that your doctor may not
be familiar with the uses I have discussed. It can also be purchased over the
counter in Mexico or by mail from overseas (see below).
Sulbutiamine is a new compound that has been described as being like
Hydergine only better. It has been shown to facilitate wakefulness, improve
long-term memory, speed up reaction time, decrease anxiety, and increase
overall resistance to stress.
DOSAGE: To combat fatigue take two 200mg tablets per day, always with
breakfast or an AM meal, for a period of 20 days. Do not exceed three tablets
at any time as this very powerful substance may cause severe headaches. Other
than this, Sulbutiamine has no known adverse side effects.
SOURCES: Sulbutiamine is not sold in the United States. It can be purchased
by mail order from the address below.
Vasopressin is a brain hormone that is released by the pituitary gland. It
improves attention, concentration, memory retention, and recall (both
short-term and long-term). Vasopressin facilitates more effective learning by
helping to "imprint" new information in the memory centers of the brain, a
function which cannot be achieved without the action of vasopressin.
Cocaine, LSD, amphetamines, Ritalin, and Cylert (pemoline) cause a release of
vasopressin. Frequent use of these drugs can deplete levels of vasopressin
with a result of making you slow and dopey. If you feel burnt out, a whiff of
vasopressin can transform your experience in about 10 seconds because it is a
direct application of the specific brain chemical that has been depleted.
Alcohol and marijuana, however, inhibit the release of vasopressin. A whiff
of vasopressin when using these drugs will compensate for much of the
dopiness caused by them.
Vasopressin is very useful in situation where there is a large amount of new
information to learn. It increases your ability to memorize and recall
specific factual information.
PRECAUTIONS: Vasopressin usually produces the following side effects: runny
nose, nasal congestion, itch or irritation of the nasal passages, headache,
abdominal cramps, and increased bowel movements. Vasopressin has not been
proven safe for use during pregnancy.
DOSAGE: Vasopressin usually comes in a nasal spray bottle. Most studies
showing memory improvement have been done with a dose of 16 to 16 USP per day
or about two whiffs three or four times per day.  Vasopressin produces a
noticeable effect within seconds.
SOURCES: Vasopressin is available in the United States. You can buy it if you
have a doctor's prescription, but keep in mind that your doctor may not be
familiar with the uses I have discussed. It can also be purchased over the
counter in Mexico or by mail from overseas (see below).
Vinpocetine, like Piracetam, is a nootropic drug and a powerful memory
enhancer. It facilitates cerebral metabolism by improving cerebral
microcirculation (blood flow), stepping up brain cells' production of ATP
(the cellular energy molecule), increasing the brain's use of glucose, and
increasing the brain's oxygen utilization.
Vinpocetine is often used for the treatment of cerebral circulatory disorders
such as memory problems, aphasia, apraxia, motor disorders, dizziness, and
PRECAUTIONS: Adverse effects are rare, but include hypotension and
tachycardia. It has not drug interactions, no toxicity, and is generally very
DOSAGE: One or two 5 mg. tablets per day.
SOURCES: Vinpocetine is not sold in the United States. It can be purchased by
mail from the address below.
A little known FDA ruling now allows the importation of a three-month
personal supply of drugs as long as they are regarded as safe in other
countries. Ordering safe but unapproved drugs is now legal under the new FDA
pilot guidelines, Chapter 971. This compromise was made under pressure from
AIDS political action groups because the were being denied access to
potentially life-saving substances.
INTERLAB, a mail order pharmacy in England, was established in response to
this new FDA ruling. INTERLAB carries a wide variety of drugs for cognitive
enhancement, life extension, and the treatment of AIDS which are not
available in the United States.  They even carry Retin-A for the skin.
All of the drugs I have discussed here can be purchased without a
prescription from them. You can request a price sheet by writing to:
INTERLAB, PO Box 587, Newport Pagnell, Bucks MK16 8AA, England. Their prices
are reasonable and, on some items, quite low. If you want to order right away
send a personal check for the amount of the item(s) you want plus $6 for
shipping (or $10 for accelerated shipping).
* Centrophenoxine (60 x 250 mg. tablets) $29
* Hydergine (100 x 5 mg. oral tablets) $39
* Piracetam (60 x 800 mg. tablets) $30
* Sulbutiamine (20 x 200 mg. tablets) $11
* Vasopressin (12 ml nasal spray) $22
* Xanthinol Nicotinate (60 x 150 mg. tablets) $9
You must include the following signed statement with your order:
  "I hereby declare that the products I am purchasing are not
   for commercial resale. They are for my own personal use only.
   The supply ordered does not exceed three months usage and
   they are used with the consent of my physician."
* Other cognitive enhancers include: xanthinol nicotinate, fenozolone
(Ordinator), idebenone, Ginko biloba, acetyl-1-carnitine, DMAE,
pyroglutamate, RNA (ribonucleic acid), isoprinosine, phenylalanine, phenytoin
(Dilantin), pemoline, Ritalin, vitamin B-12, ACTH 4-10, L-prolyl L leucyl
glycine amide, niacin, vitamin C, ginseng, GH3 (Gerovital), PRL-8-53,
R-58-735, ISF-2522, THA, metrazol and strychnine (the last two are very
dangerous). We will be reporting on some of the more exotic members of the
tribe in upcoming issues.
John Morgenthaler is the founder of the Cognitive Enhancement Research
Institute (CERI). Send communications to John Morgenthaler, CERI, PO Box 483,
Santa Cruz, CA 96061. If you would like a copy of the CERI newsletter, send
$1 (for handling) along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Mondo 2000 Magazine is available at Tower Records outlets in the
Los Angeles area, or from:
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