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Morning Glory Seeds
« on: February 15, 2017, 09:22:24 pm »


                     How to Trip on Morning Glory Seeds
                             by: Bud J. Jonser
Thanks to my wife Ashly and my two children Jane and Mary and to my dog Sparky

         A "Quarter Pounder with Seed, Large Fry, No Shake" Production


I am undecided as to whether you are reading this file to gather as much
information as possible, or if you just want to get down to the actual
method, so I'll leave the tried and true recipe at the end of this file.


     In general, if you have no psychedelic experience under your belt,
I.E. acid, shrooms, etc., stop thinking about using this information. Your
first trip is nothing you want to learn from a textfile, but something
you want an experianced friend and guide to help you with.
     Morning glory seeds contain something called Lysergic Acid Amide, not
to be confused with LSD or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, but you can easily
see the chemical connection between the two. Unfortunately, the effects of
LSA (as I will refer to it) and the other groovy alkaloids contained in
MG (as I will refer to Morning Glory seeds) are not as potent as LSD except
in very high doses not to be toyed with. Several friends have reported
sharp visions with MG, tending to be more like acid than shrooms, however,
my experiences with MG have all been rather disappointing. Indians have
supposedly identified MG as a great way to trip out, but researchers are
at odds when it comes to identifying what the Indians are really talking about.
Many think that the Indians mean(t) Datura (definately tripulous), not
MG, but the mere fact that MG contains LSA should make it noteworthy.
     Below, I will describe the 4 methods I have attempted (mostly without
success) including all-out balls-to-the-walls method which should convince
all of you as to MG's effectiveness.

Pre-Requisites [for all methods]

     For all of the methods, you are going to actually get the seeds. They
are available at most gardening-type stores and even many super-markets. MG
is quite a common plant. Seeds of Heavenly Blue, Flying Saucers, and Pearly
Gates all contain hallucinogenic properties, although there may be others.
Check out your local library for more detailed information. Just recently,
I have seen stores sell "The True Morning Glory Vine" which is doubtlessly
what the Indians used, not the wimpy domesticated American flower. Still,
friends contest that they were able to trip off the flower seeds. You have
probably heard rumors of tainted seeds to prevent trippers from doing
exactly what this file describes. The fact is some companies do spray
the seeds with preservatives containing mercury. Friends contest that
"Crossman" seeds are not tainted, but "Crossman Mixed" got someone sick. If
you should happen to ingest tainted seeds, you will simply throw-up and
feel nauseous for the night, nothing more-- provided you don't mix the seeds
with anything. Compared with acid, the seeds are quite expensive. The cheapest
I've seen is 59 cents + tax for 1.9g. A minimum of 20g is required to trip,
and I personally reccommend 50g to avoid preparing a "dud" mixture.
     Once you have the seeds, you must grind them into a fine powder. I turned
mine into absolute dust. The finished powder looks like fine brown sugar.
You cannot ingest the seeds whole! If you should try, they will pass through
your digestive system intact (I.E. You'll shit them out in one piece.)
     If you are brave and (to steal a quote from some biology text in
reference to this very act) equipped with extraordinary gustatory accoutrements,
you can now ingest the seeds in this powdered form. A word of warning:
They are fucking NASTY! This is why the folowing recipes are listed below--
to assist you in getting the LSA past your taste buds and into your brain.
    An interesting note: To trip on LSD, you are ingesting 100-200 micrograms
that is .0001 to .0002 grams. With MG, you are ingesting 20 to 40 grams
just to get assumably the same amount of LSA. Therefore, you are ingesting
400,000 times more matter than you need to. Once you taste MG, you will
become instantly convinced that the less you have to force down the better.

Method #1 "Stoner's" Method

     This one is simple. It is the recipe for what is colloquially known as
"magic kool aid", and anything with k00l in it has to be good, right? Just
stew up some pungent kool aid (grape works nicely) and add the previously
mentioned ground seeds. Stir. Drink.

My experiance with this method: The seeds don't mix well and end up sinking
to the bottom. The kool aid just adds to the volume of what you have to
ingest and I resorted to using a straw to suck up the seed matter. After
about twenty robust sips, I dry heaved and decided to call it quits. Within
about ten to twenty minutes I felt lightheaded and dreamy. Stimuli became
intensely annoying. I was annoyed by everything, even the almost silent
buzz of the overhead lights. I layed down on my bed and slept for what I
thought has been a couple of hours at least, yet when I opened my eyes, only
fifteen minutes had passed. Upon opening them, the first thing I saw was a
green shirt of mine laying on the floor. Instantly, my vision was as if I
was wearing green sunglasses. I blinked and it was gone. I went back to
sleep and experianced no further effects. I ingested about 10g of seeds.

What went wrong: Low dose.

Method #2 "Indians'" Method

    This method was/(is?) used by South American Indians. Put the finely
powdered seeds into a drinking glass and cover them up with drinking
alcohol. The purer the alcohol the better. If you can't get pure ethyl
alcohol, use Everclear, or if you can't use that, maybe vodka will do the
trick. Let the seeds soak 12-24 hours, filter the mix through a cheesecloth
into a second glass. Drink the second glass. It should be piss yellow and
be strong enough that you don't taste much besides the sting of Everclear.

My experiance with this method: I used Everclear, and substitued a coffee
filter for the cheesecloth. I then added the MG/Everclear mixture to
daquri mix and drank it. I experianced only alcoholic effects. I used
20g of seeds.

What went wrong: The coffee filter was too tight and judging by the fact that
it turned piss-yellow, it probably absorbed much of my MG alkoloids. Also,
I transferred the mixture around too much-- from the second glass into the
blender then into a third glass, with valuable residue sticking to all glasses

Method #3 "Chemist's" Method

    This method is a bit more involved. To get it to work you must be
accurate and careful.  You will probably need to use at least 100g of seeds to
get a substantial yield. You cannot simply make one hit at a time since a
low yield often turns out to be no yield. The ratio here is 1:1:1. That is
100g Morning Glory Seeds : 100ml (mililitres) petrolium ether (sometimes
called benzene) : 100ml (mililitres) methanol (sometimes called wood alcohol.)
    Take the 100g crushed seeds and place them into a wide-based glass flask or
drinking glass. To this flask, add 100ml petrolium ether. Let it sit for
48 hours. At the end of the 48 hours, strain this mixture through a tight
screen. Make sure to separate all of the liquid from the seed mush. You can
discard the liquid. Allow the seed mush to dry 100% completely. Put the
seed mush into a clean glass flask. To this flask, add 100ml methanol.
Allow this to sit for 48 hours. At the end of the 48 hours, filter the
mixture through a tight screen, depositing the liquid drain-off into a second
flask labeled "A". Save flask "A" and put the seed mush back into the other
flask (the one you just took them out of) and add 100ml of fresh methanol.
Allow this to sit for 48 hours. At the end of this (the last) 48 hours,
filter it exactly as before, through a tight screen into flask "A". You should
be left with a moderately thick piss-yellow liquid (in flask "A".) Pour this
liquid onto a cookie-sheet and allow the alcohol to evaporate 100% completely.
In a few hours you will be left with a yellow film on the cookie-sheet. Scrape
this up and swallow it.

!! WARNING !!  Petrolium Ether is extemely fucking flamable! Even the fumes
can explode so do NOT leave your mixture uncapped near any sparks or flames.
Methanol is very very flamable too, so watch it. Both are potentially deadly
if swallowed, so make sure your filtrations and evaporations are 100%
complete! Keep out of reach of children.

My experience with this method: For the tight screen I again used a coffee
filter which soaked up a minimal amount of valuable residue because I shaped
it such that the liquid would all strain through one spot on the filter.
The film for one hit is less than enough to spread on a single cracker so
you can gulp it down easily. The effects were indentical to the first 50
minutes of an acid trip. (I.E. 45 minutes of nothing, than 5 minutes of
asking yourself "Am I tripping?") unfortunately the next minute when the
carpet patterns start shimmering and moving about in three-dimensional space
thus answering the question with "YEP!!!" never happened. Object's edges
became extremely defined and I had a rather eurphoric minute (mostly of
happy anticipation of the hours to come) and that was it. My pupils were
doing bugs-bunny cartoon contaction/expansions so something was working.
I used 35g of seeds.

What went wrong: Low yield. You need to use 100g+ of seeds to get any
substantial yield.

Method #4 "All-out Balls-to-the-Walls" Method

    First, prepare method #3 (Chemist's) with a 50g dose. Next, immediately
ingest 12 (twelve) drops of Passion Flower Extract (available at health
    Passion Flower extract is what is known as a MAO inhibitor, or Mono-
Amine-Oxidase inhibitor. Without digressing into lengthy explanations and
warnings about MAOI's I will simply explain that they disable the barriers
in your body/brain that inhibit as much Lysergic Acid from passing/remaining
in your body/brain as possible. Therefore, by inhibiting them, Lysergic Acid
can stick around in greater amounts and durations. In order to avoid an
adverse reaction (like death) you MUST refrain from eating 12 hours before
and after you ingest this combination!!

!! WARNING !! MAOI's lower the brain's barrier against more than just
Lysergic Acid. Many foods which are completely harmless without MAOI's
become LETHAL in combination with them. Such foods include: cheese, alcohol,
caffiene, chocolate, animal fats/livers such as chicken, any kind of uppers or
downers (including caffiene and diet-pills), MSG (mono-sodium-glutimate) a
common food additive, some veggies such as brussel sprouts, dill, wild
fennel and other seasonings, etc. Junk food probably contains analogs of most
of this too, so just play it safe and don't eat ANYTHING for 12 hours before or
after the ingestion of the Passion Flower!!!!! It could mean your life.

My experiance with this method: Well, it certainly was not like an acid trip.
It did, however, work. The experiance gives euphoria and ability to focus.
I became very involved in watching a very boring educational TV show for over
an hour. My vision around the tv was blurred and undulating, yet the man on
the screen remained stable. Sparks of static dazzled with brilliance. Later,
I watched clouds for approximately four hours straight with immense interest
and enjoyment. At moments I was given to fits of uncontrollable laughter.
And when a friend dropped by to borrow something, seven hours into the trip,
I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear and chuckle. I didn't realize how
much I was affected until I actually tried to act normal. I experiance nothing
remotely like a sensory hallucination, however. It was dreamy, very much
like waking up perfectly refreshed at 3AM with a very bad fever, but feeling
extremely happy. I was sluggish and would strongly warn against trying to
drive. My eyes were expaning/contracting as if on acid. Occasionally, I
became chilled, although I was wearing a hooded sweatshit, jeans, wool socks,
and a blanket, in addition to having the heat cranked up. Overall, the effects
were quite like great pot without any of the confusion, paranoia, or rushes
of extraneous thoughts. It was about 50 times more mellow than pot, too. The
effects lasted approximately 10 hours with no discernable peak. I took 50g of

The primary effects are as follows: dreamy-state, happiness, ability to focus
and become intensely interested in anything you like, inability to concentrate
on complex tasks such as programming, or driving, extreme mellowness.

About all the extaction methods

     Cover your glasses/flasks with saran wrap to prevent evaporation and
to keep the stink down to a minimum. Heed all warnings and take yourself

About the trips

     Plan your potential day as you would an acid trip. Follow all of the
warnings herein, your life could depend on it! Also, MG makes the eyes unusually
sensitive to light, therefore you might want to wear sunglasses.

A final word: even at this moment I am having very vivid and stong memories
of the taste of MG. This is a very real and horrible side effect, not a joke.

  I take no resposibily for any of my own actions, let alone yours. This file
  is intended for informational purposes ONLY.      Peace, Pot, and Microdot.


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