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Alcohol thread
« on: December 09, 2012, 01:08:53 am »

Alcohol abuse among older men and women is a more
serious problem than people generally realize. Until recently
older problem drinkers tended to be ignored by both health
professionals and the general public. The neglect occurred
for several reasons: our elderly population was small and
few were identified as alcoholics, chronic problem drinkers
(those who abused alcohol off and on for most of their
lives) often died before old age; and, because they are
often retired or have fewer social contacts, older people
have often been able to hide drinking problems.

Some families may unknowingly "encourage" drinking in
older family members if they have the attitude that drinking
should be tolerated because older people have only a
limited time left and therefore should be allowed to "enjoy"

As more people learn that alcohol problems can be
successfully treated at any age, more are willing to seek
help to stop drinking.

Full article:
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