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_Û Bulletin 105 -- WHAT IS STP?  Û____

    When: 6/14/92 at 11:58 am
 Left by: castalia (Level 49)

well, until quite recently I would have been unable to answer
that question to my satisfaction, but I am now in the fortunate
position to do so:


STP, aka DOM, aka 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine

CHEMICAL CLASS: Phenethylamine (same as MDMA, MDA, 2-CB etc...),
meaning it is a much closer relative to MDMA (XTC) than LSD-25, a
common misconception.

SYNTHESIS: full synthesis instruction and formula available on
request (I'm not gonna type the whole thing in....)

DOSAGE: 3-10 mg

DURATION: 14-20 hrs


- 1 mg: There is almost certainly no effect. Physically there is
a slight dryness in the mouth, and my eyes are noticeably
dilated. There is an eerie feeling overall.

- 2.3 mg: Mood elevation at 2-3 hrs. after that emotional effects
become more pronounced, enhancement of color also... very little
perceptual distortion... emotional content and and empathy for
other closer to mescaline than
amphetamine... unable to sleep at 10 hrs...

- 3 mg: ...I found that I was able to separate components of
complex things.... sharpness of observation is enhanced... a line
of thought or a bit of personal history ties the thinker to the
objects that had been thought of... the future is the result of
your own involvement w/ everything about you.

- 4 mg: ... there was shuddering, and a tight jaw, and I was not
particularly motivated to talk... Im feeling a little sick at the
3-hr point... at the 4th hour it went totally outside me. I saw
the clouds toward the west. THE CLOUDS!! no visual experience has
ever been like this. the menaing of color has just changed
completely.... it is a beautiful experience... of all past joys,
LSD, mescaline, cannabis, peyote, this ranks number one....

- 5 mg: there was an intensifaction of light, color and odors. it
was all very pleasant and beautifuyl, except that I had an
overwhelimingly negative feeling. .... I alternated about 50-50
between joy and discomfort. as the evening drew on I became
withdrawn and pensive. it seemed clear that I had made all the
wrong decisions - choice of partner, place to live, isolation, no
meaningul activity..... the experience continued unabated thru
the night with much
tension and discomfort. unable to sleep. I hallucinated quite
freely during the night, but could stop them at will. while I
never felt threatened, I felt I knew what it was like to look
across the brink to insanity.

- 8 mg: the very quiet development picks up speed between the
first and second hour. there is a rich curly-imaged-eyes-closed
show that interlocks closely w/ music... there is a continuous
thirst and little urine. napping seems ok at 16 hrs, but real
sleep must wait until the 20 hr point.

- 10 mg: is true that DOM has the glory and the doom
sealed up in it. all that is needed to unseal it, is to surround
it with a warm, living human for a few hours. for that human for
those hours all the dark things are made clear.

- 12 mg: the first awareness was at 30 min... and the development
was extremely rapid, something more like LSD. the body tremor
feels like poisoning, there is no escaping the feeling of being
debilitated, but there is no nausea. the transition and trauma
ended near the 2nd hour, the music, eroticism and fantasy was
exceptional.... there were some residual effects still noted the
next day...this may be a bit much for me.



_Û Bulletin 106 -- Voyages into inner space  Û____

    When: 6/14/92 at 9:19 pm
 Left by: The Zen Goblin (Validated User)

This is quite interesting Castalia, I've never even heard of STP.
One question I have is how many times did you try each dosage

_Û Bulletin 107 -- WHAT IS STP? PART 2  Û____

    When: 6/15/92 at 10:24 am
 Left by: castalia (Level 49)

Well, here's the conclusion to the STP info, which should help
shed some light on the compound's strange history and why it has
spawned so many strange rumors in terms of its long-term



This compound was scattered widely and plentifully in the heyday
of the
Haight-Ashbury in S.F. in mid-1967. It was distributed under the
name STP, which was said to stand for Serenity, Tranquility and
Peace. It was also
claimed to represend Super Terrific Psychedelic, or Stop The
Police. The police called it: Too Stupid to Puke. Acutally, the
name was taken from the initials of a motor additive completely
unrelated chemically. Incredibly, and sadly, one of the avowed
experts in the area of "sensuous drugs", actually stated that
STP, the motor additive, was really one and the same as STP, the
dangerous psychedelic. The motor oil additive, he wrote in a book
of his, had properties somewhat related to that of LSD, mescaline
and the amphetamines. How fortunate that the love children of the
time didnt do much reading, for they might have gotten into yet
deeper pharmacological trouble with drug raids on the local gas

Two complications became apparent during this first appearnce and
they led to serious difficulties. ONe, there was no equation made
between STP and DOM. no one knew what this drug was that had been
distributed in a cavalier way
throughout S.F. There could be no educated guess as to the best
treatment of overdose emergencies. Secondly, the initial tablets
apparently contained 20 mgs of DOM per tablet, later it was
dropped to 10 mg. Either of those is now known to be a thoroughly
whopping dose. The over dose situation was aggravated by the slow
onset of DOM, since the full impact of the drug is not
appreaciated until at least 2 hrs have elapsed. But many of the
recipients of the free handouts of DOM were familiar w/ LSD,
which can show its onset after 15-20 min, or even sooner w/ large
doses and there is already a deep and compelling intoxication
felt at the half-hour point. They, quite reasonbly, expected this
familiar activity pattern w/ STP and assumed, when there was
little, if any activity noted at the half-hour point, that the
potency was less than expected. They took one or even two
additional doses. Thus, some of the overdose victims of the
period may well have taken 30 mgs or more of DOM. The slow onset
of action, coupled with the remarkably long duration, caught many
innocent users

ok, and that's that for STP/DOM. I hope this info will help clear
up some misconceptions about STP, which abound in plenty. you can
see from the above account, tho, how STP may have acquired a
reputation of being a trip that can last days, considering how
the initial wave of users apparently o.d. by the dozens.

and as to the question, how often have I tried each of the
dosages I described in the first post, the answer is: not at all.
in fact, Ive never even SEEN DOM. the paragraph above, as well as
the first post are excerpts from:
PIHKAL (short for: Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved) - A
Chemical Love Story - by Anne and Alexander Shulgin, which came
out late last year.

Alexander Shulgin, as you may know, former chairman of the UC
Berkeley Dept. of Chemistry is also the father of MDMA (XTC), by
far the most famous
Phenethylamine around. He is also 110% committed to psychedelic
research and its continuation, regardless of govt and laws. Im
not alone among the
psychedelic crowd with having a deep respect and admiration for
the man,
especially since he is not only a wonderful human being with a
lot of warmth and a great sense of humnor, but he also KNOWS more
about this class of drugs (phenethylamines) than anyone else on
the planet.

as you can see, from the above excerpts, he still actively
experiments w/ these compounds. PIHKAL, not only contains the
above description of DOM (which I abbreviated by about 1/3 in the
transcription), but for about 250+ ADDITIONAL PHENETHYLAMINES,
each listed alphabetically, w/ general info, synthesis
instructions, formula, duration, dosages, effects at different
dosages and an extended commentary.
I was familiar with about 10 of the 250 or so compounds listed in
the book, all of which are psychedelic/psychoactive and most of
which are as fascinating to read about as DOM.

after reading the book, a 1000-page volume, I have come to the
conclusion that it is a research report on the effects of
designer phenethylamines as initially tested in a group of about
13 subjects. yes, Shulgin and his wife, Anne, who live near
Berkeley, seem to have a sort of Secret Society going, where
these people periodically get together and test a new drug
designed by Shulgin, following a well-designed procedural
protocol, that allows them to deal
extremely well w/ the negative consequences of such pioneering
experimentation, and enables them to communicate the results of
their tests to others.
PIHKAL is the book that resulted from these  experimentations. it
is a de facto research report on the effects of designer drugs on
human beings -  data and information that under less repressive
conditions would certainly be published in mainstream academic
journals. Shulgin is a first-rate scientist of the old school
(meaning he believes in self-experimenatoina and ALWAYS is the
first one to test any new compound on himself) and the people he
has selected to be part of his testing group are no flakes.

If youve ever heard of Gracie & Zarkov, or read any of their
exploits, I
strongly suspect that they are part of Shulgin's group. In any
case, even the knowledge that such a group exists, makes me
drool. I mean where do I sign up?

if all this made you interested in the book, I should tell you
that the drug experimenation reports only take up about half of
the book. the first part is a semi-ficitonalized autobiography of
Shulgin and his lifelong involvement w/ psychoactive/psychedelic
drugs and his continuous quest for further knowledge into how
these compound interact w/ the human brain and mind.

_Û Bulletin 108 -- More on PIHKAL  Û____

    When: 6/15/92 at 10:39 am
 Left by: castalia (Level 49)

the Shulgin's are self-publishing PIHKAL, which means you get the
1000-page volume for $18.95. that's the good news. the bad news
is, it's not easily available in bookstores. the only place Ive
even seen it at was the Anarchist Bookstore on the Haight in S.F.
it might have found its way by now into
BookSoup or the Bodhi Tree (both in W. Hollywood), but if you
want to save yourself some trouble of running around looking for
it or ordering it direct from Tranform Press, you can get it thru
The Albert Hofmann Foundation book catalog.

you can order a copy by sending $18.95, plus 8.25% CA tax, plus
$5 for 1st class shipping/handling or $3 for 4th class to:

The Albert Hofmann Foundation
219 S. La Cienega #615
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

you can also write to that address for a catalog, or to expedite
the process, you can leave me an address in email and I can send
you a catalog. (to ORDER the book, tho, you need to write and
send a check to the above address).

and no this is not an ad/plug for the AHF per se (nobody makes a
lot of money off that book, obviously), it's just that I think
that that book is
indispensable to anyone seriously interested in psychedelic
exploration. it has sort of set a new standard in the field of
'underground' drug information book, by applying all the
standards and rules on reporting research data that would be
applied to an academic journal publication, thus making this book
one of - if not the most - reliable and informative source on
phenethylamines that I am aware of.