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« on: February 16, 2017, 04:50:48 pm »
    This is a response to the file KURT.LZH, which has been circulating
    over MOODS. The LZH archive consists of the file KURT.DOC, which is
    available in XHATE10 (ZIP OR ARC), the archive you are reading this

    This archive crystallizes (no pun intended) the Constance Cumbey "New
    Age Conspiracy" theory, a theory that has become almost a canonical
    part of Fundamentalist Christian doctrine. There are no indications who
    this "Kurt" is, but he is assumed to be the author of this tract.

    This piece is a libel against Neo-paganism in general and Dianist Wicca
    in particular. It is full of lies and requires a response.

    Michelle Klein-Hass
    Founder, the Christian Hate Materials Project



   Though  this  book  deals  with  the  Washington  State educational
system, the same things are  happening  all  over  the  country  under
different names.  For most of the school curriculum formation (writing
and  tryed  out)  is  done  in  the  Pacific  Northwest by the new age
movement for the National  Education  system  As  an  insider,  I  can
explain  how  they  have  managed  to  go so far in government and law
making and gone undetected by the majority of  the  population.    The
following  gives some of the plans and ideas of leaders who are in the
radical reconstruction of our educational system.  This book will give
an idea of how they have  advanced,  some  of  the  results  of  their
advancement, and  where  the  momentum  seems  to be taking us....

....This book will show the taking over of the Education  system;  with
the intent of wiping-out THE JUDEO - CHRISTIAN VALUES. By a conspiracy
which is written of by Marilyn Ferguson in the Aquarian Conspiracy and
"she  has  found  in  the deepest roots of the educational system; she
quotes "There are  lot  of  us  in  the  woodwork."    He,  a  veteran
bureaucrat,  was  referring  to  a  loose coalition of conspirators in
agencies and congressional staffs.

    There continues to be no hard evidence that there is a "New Age
    Conspiracy" infiltrating the school system! The public schools are in
    sorry shape, to be sure, but these assertions of a covert "crystal
    weenie" KGB out to undermine Judeo-Christio-Islamic values are way out
    of line indeed.

   A Parents Guide to Child's Education

    The 15 "warning signs" referred to in this piece range from the
    innocuous to the absolutely ludicrous. First off, there are absolutely
    NO curricula I know of that teach reincarnation and Eastern Religion.
    In fact, Religion is usually glossed over, if discussed at all, in
    Public Schools, keeping in mind the constant skirmishes over the 1st
    Amendment. And if Religion is discussed, the thrust is usually towards
    Judeo-Christio-Islamic monotheism if anything. In the South, the thrust
    is even more blatantly towards Evangelical Christianity.
    Even more ludicrous is the assertion that in some cases children have
    to sign a "contract" not to discuss their studies with their parents.
    Bullpuckey! The trend in education nowadays is towards MORE, not LESS
    parental involvement.

    The other assertions regarding teaching about the environment,
    teachings about nuclear war and children's fears of it, and exploration
    of children's attitudes have basis in fact. I do not think there is any
    harm in children, especially older children, discussing hard issues in
    class. In the era of AIDS and Crack, the hard issues of sexuality and
    self-esteem NEED to be brought up. If not, there is a danger that a
    whole generation will indeed be lost.

    After a discussion of applicable laws regarding education, the tract
    bounced to another, completely unrelated bugaboo....

   On April 25, 1982, folks around the western world opened  up  their
newspapers  and  found themselves staring at a startling full-page ad.
The ad trumpeted in bold headlines that:

   The World has had enough of HUNGER, INJUSTICE, WAR,  IN  ANSWER  TO

   The ad went on to say that this "Christ" has  been  emerging  as  a
spokesman  quietly  since  1977;  that throughout history, mankind has
been guided by a group of enlightened men, the  "Masters  of  Wisdom."
The  ad  claims that he is the "World Teacher," called Maitreya, known
by Christians as the Christ, by  the  Jews  as  the  Messiah,  by  the
Buddhists  as  the fifth Buddha, by the Muslims as the Imam Mahdi, and
by the Hindus as Krishna.  The ad claimed that he was hidden from  the
world,  but that within the next two months he would speak to humanity
in a worldwide TV broadcast in which his message would be heard by all
nations telepathically in their own language.
   Extraordinary News!
   If  these  claims  were  true,  this would be extraordinary news: a
world-shattering event.  However, close examination of  this  material
reveals  things  which  do  not tally with the Biblical version of the
second coming of Christ. comes the "Maitreya"/Antichrist barrage. The TV appearance of
    "Maitreya" has been trumpeted by Benjamin Creme for years and years.
    The big TV broadcast didn't happen in 1982, it didn't happen in 1987
    during the "Harmonic Convergence", and it didn't happen in May 1990,
    the last time Creme asserted that Maitreya would speak on TV.

    If this was the Biblical Antichrist, then I'm sure he'd have his act
    together a lot more than he does. And he certainly wouldn't choose an
    eccentric, albeit rich old coot as his "John The Baptist" figure.

    The piece continues by another bounce, first into the "We Are The
    World"/Hands Across America event (a failure) then back into Alice
    Bailey and how she supposedly speaks for all "New Age" types.

    The sinister plan that is attributed to Bailey to corrupt education
    runs as follows:

   1)  Children  should  be  trained  to  accept  a  One-world  global
government and culture without question.

    This doesn't wash. If teaching kids about other cultures is training
    them to accept a "One-world government" then the Geography and Social
    Studies classes that kids experience at school are guilty as charged.
    But one does not mean another. A does NOT equal B.

   2)   Full   implementation   of   the   anti-Christian  educational
philosophies of John Dewey,  but  with  a  more  eastern  metaphysical

    John Dewey, although very misguided with Positivist philosophy and
    Behaviorist psychology, was NOT anti-Christian. In fact he saw religion
    as a way of keeping social systems together.

   3)  Destruction  of  the  ideals  of patriotism and national pride,
helping kids become "world citizens."

    I don't see that...quite the opposite, I see that flag-waving, "God
    bless America" attitude being instilled in kids at an early age.

   4) Hinduism  and  other  pagan  religions  must  be  emphasized  as
attempts are made to blend them into Western civilization.
   5)  Orthodox Christianity must be demeaned and declared obsolete to
the children, while lifting up the New Age "One World" religion.
   6) The New Age pluralistic religion (All paths lead to  God  -  all
religions  are  equally  valid)  will be taught as the only acceptable
belief system, excluding Jesus' unique claims.
   8) Essential Christian  doctrines  like  hell,  judgement  or  even
heaven are  to  be mocked and denied.  Rather, karma and reincarnation
should be taught

    Again, like I have said, when Religion is spoken about in school, it is
    usually in the context of the Three Great Monotheisms. In the South,
    the ideology of Evangelical Christian Fundamentalism has always been
    and continues to be liberally admixed in all parts of school life.

   7) Adolescents will be encouraged to force these doctrines on their
parents and rebel if the parents do not cooperate.
   9) Permissive methods of discipline will be fostered, and  concepts
such as sin and guilt are felt to be unevolved and counter-productive.

    Rather than schools becoming less and less structured in the '80s and
    the '90s, the "hickory stick" approach has made a very big comeback.
    Watch the movie "Lean On Me" (which is based on a true story) and tell
    me that permissiveness is on the rise.

   10)  Children are taught that death is not an enemy to be feared or
fought off, but rather is to be embraced as part of "the Plan."
   11) They are also to be taught that people who do  not  accept  the
New Age teachings (ie.  Bible-believers) are an evolutionary "drag" on
humanity  and  must  either  capitulate  or be killed like a bacterial
   12) The model of the traditional family and its sexual  mores  must
be  discarded, and loyalty to one's family must be replaced by loyalty
to the world.  It is frightening to note how many of  these  concepts,
first  promulgated  a generation ago, have become standard features of
public education, supported by our tax dollars!    More  and  more  of
these ideas  are being brought in every semester!  Both of the authors
of this booklet were involved in education  and  curriculum  formation
for  schools  while occultists; and used our positions to indoctrinate
our charges in New Age values.  That was years ago!  Today, the "brain
trust" behind modern education reads like a Who's Who of the New Age.

    I have seen NONE of this shit taught in school either when I was there
    or in the materials brought back by friends' children! In fact, with
    the "Just Say NO" and "DARE" programs, the Christian moral ideals of
    chastity before marriage, the traditional family, and the authority of
    parents are being pushed at a fever pitch.

   Dee Dickinson, the director of New  Horizons  for  Learning,  is  a
member  of  President  Bush's  White  House  Task  Force on Innovative
Learning.  She has helped put together a graduate program in Education
at Antioch University (a teachers' college!) in cooperation  with  the
Washington Education  Association.  This course includes subjects like
astrology and tapping the human potential.   A  frequent  lecturer  at
Antioch  is  Miriam Starhawk, one of the leading spokeswomen for Wicca
("white" [sic] witchcraft).  She is a witch [sic]!

    I am SURE that for every Dee Dickinson on the White House Literacy Task
    Force (The real name of Bush's "Task Force on Innovative Learning")
    there are at least two Reaganbush Bible thumpers. And just because
    Starhawk has lectured at Antioch doesn't mean that Antioch is a Pagan
    institution. It might be liberal, but it certainly isn't Pagan.


   The  radical  reconstruction  of  our  school  system (in the U.S.)
funded by our tax dollars,  and  the  lobbying  force  of  the  N.E.A.
(National Education Association), and the W.E.A. (Washington Education
Association),  will  bring  a  new  reformed Babylon to earth. (let me
build on this.) Their purpose is to educate  our  children  to  reject
differences in sex, intelligence, culture, values, ethnic systems, and
religious values.   No absolutes.  This translates into creating a new
government order, a new economical system, and a new religious  order.
(The  New  Age)  All  this BEGINS in the RADICAL reconstruction of our
educational system. A. CONTROL THE SYSTEM.

    What "Kurt" neglects to say is that Parental Control movements are the
    biggest trend in education. In literally hundreds of school districts,
    PTAs and parents' councils are getting veto power over textbooks and
    curriculae. It seems to me that schools are less and less controlled by
    the N.E.A. and School Boards and more and more controlled by parents.

   IV. THE FORMING OF THE NEW BABYLON (The winning of a generation)

   The next section will help describe the curriculum change toward  a
new religion  and  the  New  Babylon.    The  Heritage Institute has a
master's degree program in education which was designed in cooperation
with leaders of the Washington Education Association and New  Horizons
for Learning(Dee  Dickinson).    This  is  through  Antioch University
Seattle, founded in 1975.  Some courses offered include:

    The article lists a series of classes, obviously elective in nature,
    that smack of being listed out of context.

   To briefly recap the material presented so far, I would remind  you
of the International, National and local movements bringing in the New
Age  movement to our school system through the Tri-University project,
BSTEP, the  National  Education  Association,  the  National  Training
Laboratory, and   now   a  masters  degree  program.    All  of  these
organizations and projects involve the movement away  from  academics,
and the  reforming our values through behavior curriculums.  The plans
presented emphasize control over our educators and the students, along
with control over all curriculum to  leader,  economy,  and  religion.
The  movement  is  very  subtle,  so  as  not to alarm the people with
massive changes, but rather  through  gradualism  gain  acceptance  of
ideas while expanding them into the deeper roots of their New Babylon.
The  taking  away  of  Judeo-Christian  values and replacing them with
values that support the New Age philosophy did not happen over  night.
It  began  in 1962 when prayer was taken out of the schools, equalling
the removal of God, and you will remember the N.E.A. Teachers Training
Manual which included  the  use  of  influence  procedures  for  using
brainwashing techniques  was  published  in 1962.  So this has been on
going for almost 30 years now.

    "Kurt"'s agenda now shows itself up. "Kurt" really objects to the fact
    that even though in most cases religion is discussed exclusively in a
    Judeo-Christio-Islamic Monotheistic context, that Christian
    indoctrination in the form of prayer in schools (where it does not
    belong) is no longer allowed by Supreme Court decision.

   g.   At  an  Edmonds school district high school we see evidence of
the culture in our area.  An example comes from the hallways  in  Nov.
88  in  the  form  of  flyers promoting:"Joey Swanson presents- Forced
Entry -- with COVEN plus DEATH SQUAD." ( At the Ballard V.F.W.)

    This is obviously an advertisement flier for a Heavy Metal gig. Need I
    say more?

    I will conclude with a large chunk of the tract, so that you can decide
    for yourself where "Kurt"'s true agenda lies: that unless public
    schools become indoctrination grounds for Evangelical Christian
    Fundamentalism, that the only other choice is for children to be taught
    in Fundamentalist parochial schools. I wonder whether this whole tract
    is an attempt to scare Christian parents into pulling their kids out of
    school and putting them into Fundie parochial schools?

   There  are many teachers who still hold to the standards and values
of God who do not have Jesus as their savior.   They  don't  have  the
power  to  overcome  this  movement but those who have Jesus Christ as
their Lord can.  These teachers must seek deliverance for  their  kids
from the  Antichrist  through  prayer.  Some teachers help to curb the
degeneration of the next generation of kids, but I'm afraid  that  the
educational  process  is  converting more and more teachers to the New
Age movement  through  their  cleverly  devised  strategies.     These
teachers  are a generation, and will be creating a generation, for the
coming Antichrist and his prophet as was foretold in the Holy Bible....

   ....Be prepared to receive ridicule if you plan to fight this movement.
   Through  eastern  mysticism,  and no ABSOLUTES or value system, our
society is  being  changed  to  accept  the  New  Age  answers.    The
hysterical  part  of  this  is that the New Age philosophy created the
problems that they are now trying to solve.  So now New Agers  can  be
heroes in developing answers to the problems they've created.
   With  the  only  true  God  who  gave  us  the  social  structures,
government structures, family structures,  and  individual  standards,
the problems cease to exist when these standards are followed.
   Without  the  structures  God  gave  and  with a value system being
destroyed by New Age thinking, we see the increase in alcoholism, drug
abuse, sexual immorality, all of which leads to higher divorce  rates,
which  leads  to  the  breakdown  of  the family and the love everyone
needs.  When the family unit dissolves the destructive cycle increases
and propagates itself.
   In order to bring this home to you, consider  the  teacher  in  the
Tacoma  School  Dist.  who  is  now  offering an accredited course for
teachers  through  U.PS.  The   course   is   `Teaching   for   Social
Responsibility' and instructed by Lee Landrud.  The course is promoted
like this:

   feel connected

   see different viewpoints

   think critically

   resolve conflicts so all win

   responsibly make decisions

   become agents of peaceful change

   cooperate in team learning

   learn meditation skills....

....Teachers who have Jesus in their lives seem to emphasize  only  the
positive  values  of  God  in the curriculums and de-emphasize New Age
philosophy.  But  the  teachers  who  have  no  understanding  of  the
conflict  of  beliefs being fought in our society are easy targets for
deception.  The educators who  have  already  been  indoctrinated  and
filled with this movement's deceptions will do anything to promote and
fulfill  the  call  upon  them  as  agents  of  change for the New Age

  ....The picture  I  have  drawn  seems  to  be  so  immense  that  it's
unstoppable.   But I truly believe by turning to God and away from sin
that God will heal our land.  My hope is that like the Kings of Israel
there were good and bad Kings.  When the Kings  led  the  people  into
rebellion  against  God, His judgement came upon the nation of Israel.
But when the king led the people back to God, God restored the people,
land, prosperity, and security to the nation of Israel.  And sometimes
God stayed the judgement due the Israelites while restoration and  the
people were  humbling  themselves  before  God.   We know that the one
world government, one world  leader,  one  world  economy,  one  world
religion will  take  place  in  the  end  times.  But God may stay the
judgement against us if we continually seek Him and ask  Him  for  our
people and our land.  This may cause revival to take place which turns
our nation  around,  and stays the end time judgements against us....

....Action is needed by finding out what your children are being taught
in school  and  how  it  lines  up  with the word of God.  Lets become
responsible for our children and their upbringing, not leaving  it  up
to someone else.  Through this outline, I've given you information and
examples to make you aware of the plans for this generation.  So above
all  prayer,  along  with  fasting  to God, to make the way, clear the
path, open the minds and hearts of the educators and the children.  We
hope for a change in our educational system and  society,  to  reflect
Godly principles for the salvation of our people and land.

    <end of tract>

    The change that "Kurt" is hoping for is on its way, and it's not a very
    pleasant one. Excellent teachers whose only "crime" is same-sex
    orientation are still being removed from the profession. I am waiting
    until someone who is Neo-pagan by religious belief is hounded from
    their classroom by Fundie witch-hunters. Forced prayer in school using
    "The Lord's Prayer" or another Christian prayer might come back to
    schools once the balance of the Supreme Court tilts irreversably to the
    Right with the ratification of Judge Souter or another Religious
    Rightist candidate to the seat recently vacated. The theory of
    Evolution, which is as founded in scientific fact as the Three Laws of
    Thermodynamics and Newton's Law of Gravity, continues to be taught,
    albeit under fire from Creationist pseudo-science. But who knows how
    long before even that will no longer be a part of the curriculum.
    With the "back to basics" mania, it is doubtful that the New Age
    methods that might have found their way in a non-religious context into
    the schools will remain there.
    The fact of the matter is that the watered-down textbooks that result
    from pressure from the Religious Right are doing damage to the learning
    experience NOW. With further erosion of the Supreme Court, it is
    obvious that the slide will continue into a true dark age of
    illiteracy and faith rather than academic excellence and knowledge.