Author Topic: Video camera discussion  (Read 6715 times)


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Video camera discussion
« on: December 09, 2012, 12:41:12 am »
Without going broke, I decided to pick up a "prosumer" video camera for my video projects. The camera I chose is a Canon XL2 with both the stock 20x lens and the 3x wide angle lens. This is a standard definition 16:9 (or 4:3) camera using MiniDV tapes. The reason I chose this camera over a smaller HD camera is the control you have over all aspects of the camera. There is room for 3 presets for the standard picture settings, and then you have manual control over the light and gain. It also has XLR ports for an external microphone if you're using it to conduct interviews. The viewscreen is very small so you may want to look into an external screen. I purchased this camera used for about $1300 with extra batteries, a remote, and a light attachment. High definition cameras in this prosumer range usually run over $2500.

Here are some sample videos made with my Canon XL2 camera: