Author Topic: ARMY/SURVIVAL MANUALS  (Read 17610 times)


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« on: December 09, 2012, 01:14:43 am »
Knife fighting manual techniques:

Camo concealment and decoys,%20Concealment%20and%20Decoys%20FM%2020-3.pdf

Hand to hand combat

Counter sniper guide

Engineer Diving operations

Kill or get killed

Attack Helicopter Operations

Combat Stress Control

Mines and boobytraps

Topographic symbols


Grenades and pyrotechnic signals

Hand to hand combat

Mountaineering techniques (basic)

Navy Seal Patrol Leaders handbook

Pistol Training Guide

Sniper Training

Survival field manual[1992].pdf

Survival manual

Operators manual for M16 and M16A1's%20Manual%20for%20M16%20and%20M16A1.pdf

Operators manual for M9 9mm pistol's%20Manual%20For%20M9%209mm%20Pistol%20.pdf

Mountaineering techniques (advanced)

Engineer course design forms for a concrete wall

Engineer course carpentry II

Engineer course geology

Explosives and demolitions manual

Nuclear, biological, and chemical aspects of consequence management,%20Techniques,%20And%20Procedures%20For%20Nuclear,%20Biological,%20And%20Chemical%20Aspects%20Of%20Consequence%20Management.pdf

Rifle marksmanship m16a1, m16a2-3, m16a4, m4 carbine,%20m16a2-3,%20m16a4,%20&%20m4%20Carbine.pdf

Survival manual

Intelligence officers handbook

Scout platoon

Medical course combat lifesaver

Principles of epidemiology and microbiology

Medical course - pharmacology

Identifying ammunition

Operators manual AK-47

Ranger handbook

Special forces medical handbook

Survival manual

Design - active solar preheat systems

Winter survival course handbook

Marine Corps survival

Marine Corps sniper manual