Author Topic: Re-imaging a Riverstone RS3000  (Read 4304 times)


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Re-imaging a Riverstone RS3000
« on: December 10, 2012, 04:37:56 am »
If your Riverstone has stopped booting from the flash OS image, you can wipe the flash and install a fresh OS.

if the flash memory is corrupt or otherwise won't boot the OS image, do the following (this retains the existing startup cfg)

rs-boot> pcumount
rs-boot> erasepcvfs
rs-boot> pcmount -i
rs-boot> pcshowversion

-should indicate "version 2" if it worked. You can also check to see that the filesystem is working by going into /pc-flash0 and doing "touch test"

If you want to erase the startup config, you can also do this manually:

rs-boot> rm /int-flash/cfg/startup

Now, plugin the network cable from management port to the laptop with tftp server. The tftp server should have the ros9406 image in its root directory.

rs-boot> set net-addr
rs-boot> set netmask
rs-boot> set boot-addr (tftp server, something like
rs-boot> set bootsource ros9406
rs-boot> boot

This should boot into the riverstone OS over tftp. Do the following to copy the OS to flash:

rs# interface add ip en0 address-netmask
rs# system image add (tftp ip, something like ros9406
rs# system image list

should say:

slot0 ros9406 (version [selected for next boot]

If it doesn't indicate the next boot, use "system image choose rs9406"

rs# reboot

It may fail as it will likely default to the existing tftp boot, so this needs to be changed:

rs-boot> unset net-addr
rs-boot> unset netmask
rs-boot> unset boot-addr
rs-boot> unset bootsource
rs-boot> boot