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Why use Higher Intellect?
« on: June 10, 2013, 06:20:22 pm »
It is clear that Internet content is changing and seems to be focused more on the social media aspect instead of actually delivering what users are looking for. The Higher Intellect archive is as "raw" as they come, and the site is intentionally simple and basic in design. Why?

1) Higher Intellect does not require you to login or sign up to access the site. We don't want your name. We don't want your e-mail.

2) Higher Intellect does not display intrusive advertising. The site is run at a loss each month. We don't run this to make money. Popup ads were attempted once and deemed too much of an annoyance, so the only ads existing are small and simple.

3) Higher Intellect will mirror almost anything. At one point we hosted an official mirror of Wikileaks. Some users may not agree with certain content in the archive, and others will even find it outright repulsive. Our focus is preserving content rather than pleasing people.

4) Higher Intellect does not use embedded file viewers or eye candy which may interfere with search engine indexing or direct external hits. Almost all visitors arrive by external search engines and are usually only interested in the one target document from their search, so our goal is to make that content served as fast and easily as possible.

5) Higher Intellect isn't going anywhere. The public text archive has been serving content since late 2001 and our network redesign in 2012 allows for redundancy and growth, ensuring that the site will continue on for years to come.
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