Author Topic: Police brutality and abuse of power  (Read 3248 times)


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Police brutality and abuse of power
« on: December 08, 2016, 04:30:39 pm »
Pieces of garbage with a badge. This is a compilation of news links related to police brutality and cases of corrupt or lying police officers. - Eastpoine, Michigan, USA - Denver police - Franklin Ennis, pet killer - Daniel Stephenson - Andrew Spencer, pet killer - Judge Eric Clay approves police animal abuse by Christof Klein, Damon Young, Jeffrey Case - Citywide Protection Services hires murderers. Probably the same pieces of shit who couldn't become cops and end up as these pathetic power abusing security guards. - Kevin Jones - Joseph Quiles causes serious vehicle crash and blames victim - Sean Williams murders people, also Ronald Ritchie is a piece of shit - Wilfredo Diaz, Brian Sabolik, Erin O'Donnell, Michael Farley, Chris Ereg and Michael Brelo - Jonathon Aledda shoots random person for fun - Mohamed Noor murders woman who reported crime - Richard Pinheiro, corrupt piece of shit - Michael Mays shoots family's dogs then lies about story - Greenburgh Police Chief Chris McNerney corrupt piece of shit - Detective Jeff Payne, Lt. James Tracy, couple corrupt pieces of shit who think they're the law
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