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Inside Macintosh: Apple Guide Complete / Part - Appendixes

Appendix A - Guide Script Command Abbreviations

Most Guide Script commands can be specified by their full name or an abbreviation. Abbreviations for all Guide Script commands are shown here, in alphabetical order of the full command name.
Table A-1 Command abbreviations
Full command nameAbbreviated
command name
<3D Button><3DB>
<Allow Prompts><AP>
<App Creator><AC>
<App Logo><AL>
<App Text><AT>
<Balloon Menu Text><BMT>
<Build Sequence><BS>
<Coach Mark><CM>
<Default Format> 
<Default Nav Button Set><DefaultNBS>
<Default Prompt Set><DefaultPS>
<Define AppleScript Coach><DAC>
<Define Context Check><DCC>
<Define Event><DE>
<Define Event List><DEL>
<Define Format><DF>
<Define Item Coach><DIC>
<Define Menu Coach><DMC>
<Define Nav Button><DNB>
<Define Nav Button Set><DNBS>
<Define Object Coach><DOC>
<Define Panel><DP>
<Define Prompt Set><DPS>
<Define Sequence><DS>
<Define Text Block><DTB>
<Define Transparent Format><DTF>
<Define Window Coach><DWC>
<Delete Index><DI>
<Delete Index Header><DIH>
<Delete Index Topic><DIT>
<Delete Topic Area><DTA>
<Delete Topic Area Header><DTAH>
<Delete Topic Area Topic><DTAT>
<Dimmable Button Data><DBD>
<End If><EI>
<End Making Sure><EMS>
<End Panel><EP>
<End Sequence><ES>
<End Text Block><ETB>
<Help Menu><HM>
<Hot Object><HO>
<Hot Rectangle><HR>
<Hot Text><HT>
<Index Instruction><II>
<Index Sorting><IS>
<Insert Index Header><IIH>
<Insert Index Topic><IIT>
<Insert Sequence><IS>
<Insert Topic Area Header><ITAH>
<Insert Topic Area Topic><ITAT>
<Jump Sequence><JS>
<Launch New Sequence><LNS>
<Look For Instruction><LFI>
<Look For Results Instruction><LFRI>
<Look For Search Btn Instruction><LFSBI>
<Look For String><LFS>
<Make Sure><MS>
<Max Height> 
<Min Height> 
<Mixin Match><MM>
<On Panel Create><OPC>
<On Panel Destroy><OPD>
<On Panel Hide><OPH>
<On Panel Show><OPS>
<Panel Prompt><PP>
<Radio Button><RB>
<Radio Button Launch New Seq><RBLNS>
<Replace Sequence><RS>
<Seq Nav Button Set><SNBS>
<Sequence Prompt Set><SPS>
<Skip If><SI>
<Standard Button><SB>
<Starting Res Number><SRN>
<Start Making Sure><SMS>
<Startup Window><SW>
<Topic Area><TA>
<Topic Areas Instruction><TAI>
<Topics Instruction><TI>
<World Script><WS>

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