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Inside Macintosh: Apple Guide Complete / Part 2 - Building Guide Files

Chapter 6 - Testing Your Guide File

By now you have created your guide file, and you are ready to test it to see if it performs as you expect. You have designed the content of your guide file, described the design in Guide Script source files, and compiled these source files into a guide file. This chapter describes how you can test your guide file to make sure that it works as you expect.

The type of testing you should perform on your guide file includes:

This chapter discusses each of these areas of testing. Note however, that it does not provide in-depth information on software testing methodology.

This chapter also includes information on how to use Guide Maker's Reports menu.

Once you test your guide file, if you find that it needs redesign, see the chapter "Designing Your Help Content." After testing your guide file, if you want to localize your guide file, see the chapter "Localizing Your Guide File."

Chapter Contents
Testing Your Guide File's Interface
Obtaining Navigation Information
Getting Debugging Information
Testing Your Look For Content
Generating Reports
The Scopes and Keys Report
The Names to IDs Report
The Index Sort Strings Report
The Guide File Info Report
Verifying Coachmarks, Context Checks, and Event Functions
Testing Coachmarks
Testing Context Checks
Testing Event Functions
Planning for User Testing

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