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Inside Macintosh:

Cyberdog Programmer's Kit

Cyberdog is the compelling new Internet-access technology that gives Macintosh users flexible and extensible access to the World Wide Web, news groups, e-mail, and many other network services.

Cyberdog is a complete modular architecture for integrating existing and future network protocols and services into a unified experience for the Internet user. Cyberdog's modularity comes from its basis in OpenDoc; as a developer, you can enhance or extend Cyberdog simply by creating Cyberdog-aware OpenDoc components.

The Cyberdog Programmer's Kit describes how you can create these components. The book contains an overview of the Cyberdog architecture, code examples and tutorial steps illustrating how to create Cyberdog components, and a complete reference to the C++ classes and methods that make up the Cyberdog programming interface.

See the addendum Creating a Cyberdog Service for additional programming examples.

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Book Contents
Figures, Tables, and Listings
Preface - About The Programmer's Kit
Part 1 - Basics
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Cyberdog
Chapter 2 - Development Overview
Part 2 - Programming in Cyberdog
Chapter 3 - Adding Cyberdog Features to an OpenDoc Part
Chapter 4 - Creating a Cyberdog Display Part
Chapter 5 - Embedding a Cyberdog Display Part in a Navigator
Part 3 - Cyberdog Reference
Chapter 6 - Types, Constants, and Global Functions
Chapter 7 - Classes and Methods

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