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Inside Macintosh:

Macintosh Human
Interface Guidelines

Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines provides authoritative information on the theory behind the Macintosh "look and feel" and the practice of using individual interface components. This book includes many examples of good design and explains why one implementation is superior to another. Anyone designing or creating a product for Macintosh computers needs to understand the information in this book.

Read this book to learn

  • how people interact with computers
  • the principles of the Macintosh human interface
  • interface behaviors, such as responses to user input from the mouse or keyboard
  • interface elements, such as menus, windows, dialog boxes, controls, and icons
  • the importance of designing for worldwide markets and for people with disabilities
  • effective use of color
  • guidelines for using language clearly and consistently
  • suggestions for creating an effective design process, including how to manage complexity in software and how to extend the interface beyond these guidelines
  • sources of further information
At the back of the book is a checklist for evaluating how well your program conforms to the human interface guidelines.

To get the most out of this book, you should be familiar with Macintosh computers. If you are a programmer, you should also consult Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Toolbox Essentials for complete information on the technical implementation of your program and its interface.

Programmers and interface designers may also be interested in the companion to this book, the Electronic Guide to Macintosh Human Interface Design.

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Book Contents
Figures and Tables
Preface - About This Book
Part 1 - Fundamentals
Chapter 1 - Human Interface Principles
Chapter 2 - General Design Considerations
Chapter 3 - Human Interface Design and the Development Process
Part 2 - The Interface Elements
Chapter 4 - Menus
Chapter 5 - Windows
Chapter 6 - Dialog Boxes
Chapter 7 - Controls
Chapter 8 - Icons
Chapter 9 - Color
Chapter 10 - Behaviors
Chapter 11 - Language
Appendix A - Resources
Appendix B - Bibliography
Appendix C - Checklist

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