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Inside Macintosh: Overview /

Chapter 2 - Memory

This chapter provides a brief introduction to memory management on Macintosh computers. It describes the organization of the partition of memory assigned to your application when it is launched and explains the basic data types used by the Macintosh Toolbox and Operating System. This chapter also describes how you can allocate portions of that memory partition for specific purposes and how the Memory Manager helps to maintain an orderly partition.

This chapter provides only the minimum information about memory that you'll need to understand the rest of this book and to begin reading other Inside Macintosh books. For a more detailed description of basic memory management strategies, see the chapter "Introduction to Memory Management" in the book Inside Macintosh: Memory.

Chapter Contents
About Memory
The System Heap
The System Global Variables
Application Partitions
The Application Stack
The Application Heap
The Application Global Variables and A5 World
Memory Blocks
Nonrelocatable Blocks
Relocatable Blocks
Locking and Unlocking Relocatable Blocks
Purging and Reallocating Relocatable Blocks
Data Types
Pointers and Handles
Procedure Pointers
Type Coercion

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