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Inside Macintosh:

Inside Macintosh: Overview

As the first book in the Inside Macintosh series, Inside Macintosh: Overview provides a general introduction to the Macintosh Operating System, the Macintosh Toolbox, and other system software services that your application or other software component can use.

Inside Macintosh: Overview illustrates how to write a Macintosh application by gradually dissecting the source code of a very simple sample application called Venn Diagrammer. It describes the principal programming techniques you can use to develop Macintosh applications, including

Inside Macintosh: Overview also provides guidelines for writing software that is compatible with all supported Macintosh computers and provides an introduction to the available languages and platforms that you can use to develop Macintosh software.

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Book Contents
Figures, Tables, and Listings
Preface - About This Book
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Memory
Chapter 3 - Resources
Chapter 4 - Events
Chapter 5 - Drawing
Chapter 6 - Windows
Chapter 7 - Dialog Boxes
Chapter 8 - Menus
Chapter 9 - Processes
Afterward - Going Further
Appendix A - Constants, Types, and Variables
Appendix B - Utility Routines
Appendix C - Dialog Code
Appendix D - Resource Code
Appendix E - User Interface Code

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