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Chapter 3 - Resources

This chapter describes how your application can use the Resource Manager to create and manage resources, collections of data stored in a file's resource fork that have a defined structure or type. The Macintosh Operating System and the Macintosh Toolbox define a large number of resource types. You'll need to include resources of some of these types in your application's resource file to meet various requirements of the system software. In addition, the system software provides a number of resources (such as fonts, patterns, and icons) that you can use to help create the standard Macintosh user interface for your application.

This chapter begins with a general description of resources. Then it shows how to

For a complete description of the capabilities of the Resource Manager and for code samples illustrating more advanced resource-handling techniques, see the chapter "Resource Manager" in Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox.

Chapter Contents
About Resources
Resource Paths
Resource Types
Resource Structure
Using Standard Resources
Using Custom Resources

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