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Chapter 7 - Dialog Boxes

This chapter describes how your application can use the Dialog Manager to create and manage dialog boxes. You can use dialog boxes to alert the user to unusual situations or to solicit information from the user. The Venn Diagrammer application uses one modeless dialog box and two modal dialog boxes.

This chapter shows how to

Most Macintosh applications support a number of dialog boxes and provide more complete event handling in those dialog boxes than is illustrated in this chapter. For example, the dialog boxes supported by the Venn Diagrammer application do not contain text fields. For a complete description of the capabilities of the Dialog Manager and for code samples illustrating more advanced dialog handling, see the chapter "Dialog Manager" in Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Toolbox Essentials.

Chapter Contents
About Dialog Boxes
Using Modeless Dialog Boxes
Creating a Modeless Dialog Box
Setting Up Application-Defined Items
Handling User Actions in a Modeless Dialog Box
Using Modal Dialog Boxes
Displaying a Modal Dialog Box
Defining a Modal Dialog Filter Function

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