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Preface - About This Book

This book, Inside Macintosh: Overview, provides a general introduction to programming for Macintosh computers and to the Inside Macintosh library of reference books. Unless you are already an experienced developer of software for Macintosh computers, you should read this book for a general overview of the Macintosh system software and of the programming techniques that you should use when developing your application.

This book is written for both professional developers and "hobbyists." It assumes only that you understand fundamental programming concepts and that you have had experience using a high-level programming language such as Pascal or C. It is helpful, but not necessary, to have some experience programming for a graphic user interface (like the Macintosh desktop metaphor). At the very least, you should already have extensive experience using one or more applications on a Macintosh computer. Before you start programming, you need to understand what the basic elements of the Macintosh desktop metaphor are (windows, menus, scroll bars, and so forth) and how the user expects those elements to operate.

This book leads by example. From the very first page, the fundamental programming techniques are illustrated by source code that you can compile into actual, working routines and applications. Gradually, you will learn how to implement the major features of a Macintosh application, including

This book also provides guidelines on how to maximize your application's compatibility with the entire family of Macintosh computers and minimize the amount of work required to localize your application (that is, to adapt it for use in other geographic locations). Compatibility and localizability are features that you should always plan in advance. In general, your best guide to writing software that follows these guidelines is to use the techniques illustrated throughout the Inside Macintosh series of books.

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