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Inside Macintosh: Overview /

Preface - Going Further

If you've made it this far, you've learned quite a bit about putting a Macintosh application together. You've seen how to create and manage menus, windows, dialog boxes, and preference files. You know how to get information about the user's actions, and you know how to respond to many of those actions. You also know, at least in overview, how your application shares the available system resources with the Operating System and other open applications. Congratulations; that's a lot to learn in less than 200 pages.

No doubt, however, you want to learn more. The Venn Diagrammer application fails to implement a number of very fundamental elements of a typical Macintosh application. It provides no text-input or editing capabilities, no support for user drawing, no support for color, and virtually no support for the many important features introduced in System 7. The following section briefly describes some of these capabilities and refers you to the Inside Macintosh books that give more information about implementing those capabilities.

This afterword also provides some hints on writing your application so that it is compatible with all existing Macintosh computers and system software versions and so that it can be easily localized to different languages. This afterword ends with a list of additional developer services provided by Apple Computer, Inc.

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Implementing Further Features
Maintaining Compatibility
Making Your Application Localizable
Using Developer Services
Technical Publications
Technical Support

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