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Inside Macintosh:

Inside Macintosh: OpenDoc Cookbook

OpenDoc is a revolutionary cross-platform technology that makes developing software significantly easier. The OpenDoc Cookbook shows you how to create OpenDoc software components, called part editors, for the Mac OS platform. The book contains source code for a complete but basic part editor implemented by the OpenDoc engineering team at Apple Computer to illustrate the correct way to code to the OpenDoc programming interface. The source code is accompanied by step-by-step explanations. The book contains

The OpenDoc Cookbook is a companion book to the OpenDoc Programmer's Guide. The source-code files for the SamplePart part editor and other example part editors are available at http://www.opendoc.apple.com/dev/dev.html.
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Book Contents
Preface - About This Book
Chapter 1 - Development Environment
Chapter 2 - SamplePart Tutorial
Chapter 3 - Where To Go From Here
Appendix A - OpenDoc Utilities
Appendix B - System Object Model

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