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Inside Macintosh: OpenDoc Cookbook / Part - Appendixes

Appendix A - OpenDoc Utilities

This appendix describes some of the unsupported utilities provided with the Mac OS implementation of OpenDoc for the convenience of developers. The utilities described in this appendix are those used by SamplePart. They comprise classes, types, macros, and functions implemented in files with the following names:


These filenames also apply to header files containing class definitions, method declarations, and function, type, and macro definitions. The header files have the same filenames with the extension .h. To use these utilities, link the .cpp files into your library, and include the .h header files in your source files.

All of these utilities are supplied with the Mac OS implementation of OpenDoc on an "as-is" basis. They have not received the rigorous quality-assurance testing given to OpenDoc itself, and they are not part of the official OpenDoc API. Source code is provided, and you are welcome to modify the routines as necessary.

Appendix Contents
Exception Handling (Except)
Using the Exception-Handling Utility
The Exception-Handling Scheme
Throwing Exceptions
Exception Handlers
The SOM Environment Parameter
Handling SOM Exceptions
Automatic Environment Checking
Coding Precautions
Make Variables That You Modify Volatile
Data Value Manipulation (FlipEnd)
Conversion Functions
Conversion Macros
QuickDraw Focus Library (FocusLib)
What the Focus Library Does
What the Focus Library Does Not Do
Using the Focus Library From C++
Using the Focus Library From C
PostScript Printing
International Text (IText)
Creation in Default Heap
Accessing Attributes
Accessing the String
Memory Management (ODMemory)
Allocating Heaps
Allocating Nonrelocatable Blocks
Allocating Relocatable Blocks (Handles)
Memory Debugging
Object Handling (ODUtils)
Standard Type Input and Output (StdTypIO)
Boolean Values
Short Values
Long Values
ISO String Values
Type List Values
Text Values
Time Values
Geometric Values
Storage Unit Reference Values
Icon Family Values
Storage (StorUtil)
Storage Utility Functions
Temporary Objects (TempObj)
Need for Temporary Objects
Using Temporary Objects
Using Temporary Iterators
Adding New Temporary Classes
Adding New Classes Using Templates
Adding New Classes Without Using Templates
Type-Checking Errors
Resource Handling (UseRsrcM)
Setting Up the Build System
Initializing Your Library
Accessing Your Library's Resources
For C++ Users
Resource-Loading Utilities
Window Utilities (WinUtils)
Retrieving Window Properties
Using the Window Utilities

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