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Inside Macintosh:

Inside Macintosh: OpenDoc Programmer's Guide

OpenDoc is a revolutionary cross-platform technology that replaces conventional applications with user-assembled groups of software components. With OpenDoc, users can create virtually any kind of custom software solution. The OpenDoc Programmer's Guide describes this component software revolution and explains how you can develop for it on the Mac OS platform. The book contains three parts:

Part 1 is an overview of OpenDoc development. It explains what parts and part editors are, how embedding works, and how you should approach your development project.

Part 2 describes OpenDoc programming in detail. It includes chapters on embedding, drawing, menus, windows, storage, data transfer, scripting, and extending OpenDoc.

Part 3 provides guidelines for presenting the correct interface to your users.

The OpenDoc Programmer's Guide also includes an extensive glossary of OpenDoc terms and appendixes with checklists to speed your programming efforts.

See OpenDoc Class Reference for complete reference information about the OpenDoc programming interface.

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Book Contents
Figures and Tables
Preface - About This Book
Part 1 - Basics
Chapter 1 - Introduction to OpenDoc
Chapter 2 - Development Overview
Part 2 - Programming
Chapter 3 - Frames and Facets
Chapter 4 - Drawing
Chapter 5 - User Events
Chapter 6 - Windows and Menus
Chapter 7 - Storage
Chapter 8 - Data Transfer
Chapter 9 - Semantic Events and Scripting
Chapter 10 - Extending OpenDoc
Chapter 11 - OpenDoc Runtime Features
Part 3 - Human Interface Guidelines
Chapter 12 - Basic Interface Elements
Chapter 13 - Guidelines for Part Display
Chapter 14 - Guidelines for Content Manipulation
Appendix A - Embedding Checklist
Appendix B - HI Checklist
Appendix C - Installing OpenDoc Software and Parts

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