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Inside Macintosh:

PowerPC Numerics

Inside Macintosh: PowerPC Numerics describes the numerics environment for Macintosh with PowerPC computers. PowerPC Numerics is an environment in which floating-point operations are performed quickly and as accurately as possible. This book contains information you need to know to write floating-point applications for Macintosh with PowerPC computers. By reading this book, you'll learn about

To use this book, you need to be familiar with the PowerPC run-time architecture as described in the book Inside Macintosh: PowerPC System Software. It also helps if you know how to write programs in the C programming language.

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Book Contents
Figures, Tables, and Listings
Preface - About This Book
Part 1 - The PowerPC Numerics Environment
Chapter 1 - IEEE Standard Arithmetic
Chapter 2 - Floating-Point Data Formats
Chapter 3 - Expression Evaluation
Chapter 4 - Environmental Controls
Chapter 5 - Conversions
Chapter 6 - Numeric Operations and Functions
Part 2 - The PowerPC Numerics C Implementation
Chapter 7 - Numeric Data Types in C
Chapter 8 - Environmental Control Functions
Chapter 9 - Conversion Functions
Chapter 10 - Transcendental Functions
Part 3 - Numerics in PowerPC Assembly Language
Chapter 11 - Introduction to Assembly-Language Numerics
Chapter 12 - Assembly-Language Environmental Controls
Chapter 13 - Assembly-Language Numeric Conversions
Chapter 14 - Assembly-Language Numeric Operations
Appendix A - SANE Versus PowerPC Numerics
Appendix B - Porting Programs to PowerPC Numerics
Appendix C - MathLib Header Files
Appendix D - FPCE Recommendations for Compilers
Appendix E - MathLib Reference
Appendix F - PowerPC Assembly-Language Numerics Reference

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