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Inside Macintosh:

Inside Macintosh: Processes

Inside Macintosh: Processes describes the parts of the Macintosh Operating System that allow you to manage processes and tasks. If your application needs to get information about other open applications or to execute tasks at interrupt time, you should read this book.

Inside Macintosh: Processes shows in detail how your application can manage processes and tasks. It also provides a complete technical reference for the Process Manager, the Notification Manager, the Time Manager, the Deferred Task Manager, and other task-related services provided by the system software. With this book, you'll learn how to

To use this book, you need to be familiar with the general structure of a Macintosh application and with basic memory-management techniques. Both of these topics are discussed at length in the book Inside Macintosh: Overview.

Additional aspects of the Macintosh Operating System are discussed in Inside Macintosh: Files, Inside Macintosh: Memory, Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities, and Inside Macintosh: Devices.

Inside Macintosh is a collection of books, organized by topic, that describe the system software of Macintosh computers. Together, these books provide the essential reference for programmers, designers, and engineers. A graphic overview of Inside Macintosh appears on the inside back cover of this book.


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Preface - About This Book
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Processes and Tasks
Chapter 2 - Process Manager
Chapter 3 - Time Manager
Chapter 4 - Vertical Retrace Manager
Chapter 5 - Notification Manager
Chapter 6 - Deferred Task Manager
Chapter 7 - Segment Manager
Chapter 8 - Shutdown Manager

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