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Inside Macintosh:


Inside Macintosh: QuickTime describes how your application can use QuickTime, Apple's system software extension that supports time-based data in the Macintosh desktop environment. Time-based data refers to any information that changes over time, such as sound, video, animation, data produced by scientific instruments, and financial results. This book discusses how you can

A companion book, Inside Macintosh: QuickTime Components, describes the components that are supplied by Apple as a part of QuickTime. These components augment the capabilities of the QuickTime extension, allowing you to capture digital video, compress images and sequences, and perform other related activities.

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Book Contents
Figures, Tables, and Listings
Preface - About This Book
Chapter 1 - Introduction to QuickTime
Chapter 2 - Movie Toolbox
Chapter 3 - Image Compression Manager
Chapter 4 - Movie Resource Formats

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