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Inside Macintosh:


Inside Macintosh: Text shows how your application can perform all kinds of text handling, from simple character display to complex, multi-language text processing. This book provides a brief introduction to the unique Macintosh approach to text handling,and shows how you can To use this book, you should be familiar with QuickDraw, described in Inside Macintosh:Imaging.

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Book Contents
Figures, Tables, and Listings
Preface - About This Book
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Text on the Macintosh
Chapter 2 - TextEdit
Chapter 3 - QuickDraw Text
Chapter 4 - Font Manager
Chapter 5 - Text Utilities
Chapter 6 - Script Manager
Chapter 7 - Text Services Manager
Chapter 8 - Dictionary Manager
Appendix A - Built-in Script Support
Appendix B - International Resources
Appendix C - Keyboard Resources
Appendix D - Renamed and Relocated Text Routines

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