Macintosh Common LISP Q&As

Technote PT 525October 1990

Revised by: Developer Support Center September 1993
Written by: Developer Support Center October 1990

This Technical Note contains a collection of archived Q&As relating to a specific topic--questions sent the Developer Support Center (DSC) along with answers from the DSC engineers. Current Q&A's can be found on the Macintosh Technical Q&A's web site.

MCL technical support

Date Written: 3/30/93

Last reviewed: 7/2/93

How can I get answers to my Macintosh Common Lisp questions?


Macintosh Common Lisp technical support is available on the Internet at the following addresses (add "@internet#" for the corresponding AppleLink addresses):

* [email protected], which reaches the MCL team

* [email protected], which reaches MCL users at large

You can join the info-mcl list in one of the following ways:

* Contact [email protected] on the Internet to add your address to the list.

* Join INFO.MCL$ on AppleLink by contacting ST.CLAIR.

* Check comp.lang.lisp.mcl on Internet netnews.

MCL utilities and sample source code are available in these places:

* on the MCL 2.01 CD-ROM (available through APDA)

* on the Developer CD Series disc (Tool Chest edition) and the develop Bookmark CD

* on the Internet, by anonymous ftp from the location

Highlighting Macintosh Common LISP table dialog strings

Date Written: 8/13/91

Last reviewed: 8/1/92

I have defined a table dialog with "sequence dialog items" in the form of a list like

    ((" string1"  . (function1)) (" string2"  . (function2)) ... ) 

How can I highlight the strings so that they are highlighted when the table dialog appears on the screen?


Create the window with (... :WINDOW-SHOW NIL ...), highlight cells with CELL-SELECT, and then ask the window to (WINDOW-SHOW).

MCL 2.0 heap allocation

Date Written: 5/18/92

Last reviewed: 7/13/92

I have Macintosh Common LISP (MCL) v2.0b1. How do I repartition my memory so that I can enlarge the application heap, without enlarging the LISP heap? In other words, I would like to keep the LISP heap the same size and give my application heap a little more room. I'm trying to allocate large blocks of memory using _NewPtr and am running short on memory.


OK, here's the story. In MCL 2.0b1 the only way to change the heap split (app/LISP) is to define the values in the LSIC resource. There's a template in the application, so if you drag the application over ResEdit you should see this resource with a template. In this one you are able to specify the application heap min/max and median values (defined in bytes). So the trick is to increase the min value which will take more heap space from the LISP environment. Be careful, though, because the stack is also using this application heap. By monitoring Using (room) you might see the values during runtime.

In MCL 2.0 final there's a parameter in save-application which defines the application heap usage. Even better, the application heap grows and takes space from the LISP heap if needed. However, the heap values don't shrink, because the MCL team didn't want to rewrite the whole Toolbox Memory Manager.

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