Custom Menu Flashing Bug

Technote TB 04February 1989

Written by: Dennis Hescox February 1989

Selected menu items in a custom 'MDEF' resource do not flash correctly due to a bug in the Menu Manager. This Technical Note describes the problem and explains how to make your 'MDEF' flash correctly.

Not on the Menu

There is a known bug in the Menu Manager's interface to custom 'MDEF' resources which causes an item to flash incorrectly if its corresponding menu record contains no text. If there is no text in the the chosen menu record, the Menu Manager neglects to call the menu definition procedure multiple times with mChooseMsg, and the corresponding item does not flash. If there is text in the menu record, the Menu Manager calls the menu definition procedure multiple times to flash the menu item.

No Substitutions Allowed

Until a corrected version of the Menu Manager is released, you can make your custom menu items flash by adding a dummy text menu item in the menu record corresponding to each item in your custom 'MDEF'.

For Example...

When using a Macintosh with color, notice that items in the Finder's Color menu (other than the first one) do not flash. Edit the 'MENU' resource (id=16) in a copy of the Finder. After menu item "x" add menu items "b," "c," "d," "e," "f," "g," and "h" (or other legends of your own choosing) to correspond to the additional seven Color menu items. After rebooting with this edited Finder, selections from the Finder's Color menu should now flash correctly.

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