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Technote TB 550October 1990

Revised by: Developer Support Center September 1993
Written by: Developer Support Center October 1990

This Technical Note contains a collection of archived Q&As relating to a specific topic--questions sent the Developer Support Center (DSC) along with answers from the DSC engineers. Current Q&As can be found on the Macintosh Technical Q&As web site.


The information in this Technote has been updated and incorporated into separate Q&As.
Please see the following Q&As for up-to-date information:
TB57 - Maximum Number of Menu Items
TB56 - Bypassing AppendMenu's Meta-character Processing
TB55 - Tear-off Menus
TB54 - Moving the Menu Bar
TB53 - Expanding the Set of Menu Item Modifier Keys
TB52 - LMGetTheMenu and LMSetMenuHook
TB51 - Desk Accessory Menus
TB50 - Menu Definition Drawing Dimmed Items
TB49 - Drawing While a Menu is Open
TB48 - Adding Color Icons to Menu Items
TB47 - Changing Menu Titles
TB46 - System Menu IDs
TB45 - Calling GetMenu Redundantly
TB44 - Unpopped Popup Menus and Mac OS 8.5

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