Sound Input Q&As

Technote TB 565October 1990

Revised by: Developer Support Center September 1993
Written by: Developer Support Center October 1990

This Technical Note contains a collection of archived Q&As relating to a specific topic--questions sent the Developer Support Center (DSC) along with answers from the DSC engineers. Current Q&A's can be found on the Macintosh Technical Q&A's web site.

Macintosh IIsi sound input documentation and samples

Date Written: 4/30/91

Last reviewed: 3/18/92

Where can we learn how to access the recording capabilities of the Macintosh IIsi? We need to be able to acquire and process the samples in real time under program control (that is, no "push to record" button).


Inside Macintosh Volume VI contains the comprehensive documentation on using sound with the Macintosh. It supersedes the information in the Sound Manager chapter of Inside Macintosh Volume V. "Recording Sounds Directly From Sound Input Devices" is a section pertinent to your concerns. Also, check the SC.024.SoundApp folder in the DTS Sample Code folder and sound Q&As on AppleLink and on the latest developer CDs.

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