Apple produces information for programmers and other innovators who are developing products in all areas of Apple technology. From this page, you can go directly to product-specific pages to read and search documents online, download documents in compatible compression formats, and order printed books. This page also has links to other Apple resources, such as develop, Technical Notes, and Technical Q&A's, and to third-party web sites of interest to Apple developers.

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iMac Developer Note
Describes the iMac computer from the developer's perspective.
G3 Developer Note
A revision to the Power Macintosh G3 Developer Note dated 8/13/98.
Text Encoding Conversion Manager For Version 1.4
Provides two facilities - the Text Encoding Converter and the Unicode Converter - that your application can use to handle text encoding conversion on the Mac OS.


Other Apple Resources on the Web

develop, The Apple Technical Journal
Take advantage of the wealth of information in these archived editions. The full-length articles include sample code and time-saving programming techniques.

Technical Notes
Informational notes from Apple's Worldwide Developer Technical Support (WWDTS) engineers.

Technical Q&A's
Answers to questions from other developers, straight from Apple's Worldwide Developer Technical Support (WWDTS) engineers.


Third-Party Resources on the Web

MacTech Magazine
Features articles and columns written by some of the industry's top professionals (including Apple Engineers), and includes source code, industry news, product reviews, conference reports, and more.

A server providing a central access point for Rhapsody-related news and information.

Omni Development, Inc.
A NEXTSTEP, OpenStep, and Rhapsody software development company specializing in information exchange applications.

A website providing WebObjects, Apple Computer's Enterprise web and database application development platform information.