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Inside Macintosh:

Networking With Open Transport

This edition of Inside Macintosh: Networking With Open Transport describes the 1.3 release of Open Transport, a communications architecture for implementing network protocols and other communication systems on Mac OS computers. This architecture provides a set of programming interfaces for applications and other software.

You will need this document if you are a network applications designer accessing AppleTalk or TCP/IP networks, such as the Internet, at the transport level. This document will tell you how to use AppleTalk, TCP/IP, and serial network providers.

This document is about using network providers, and does not include information on how to implement Open Transport network protocol modules or device drivers. That information is covered in the documents provided with the Open Transport Protocol and Module SDKs. Nor does this document address kernel-level code-building. This document does not tell you how to write your own network provider using Open Transport; instead, this document is written for developers of applications that use network providers. For discussions of networking topics other than Open Transport, see Inside Macintosh: Networking; for information about programming MacTCP, see the documentation accompanying the MacTCP SDK.

New for Open Transport 1.3

This edition of Inside Macintosh: Networking With Open Transport provides new information about

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Book Contents
Figures, Tables, and Listings
Preface - About This Book
For More Information
Part 1 - Open Transport Essentials
Chapter 1 -  Introduction to Open Transport
Chapter 2 -  Getting Started With Open Transport
Chapter 3 -  Providers
Chapter 4 -  Endpoints
Chapter 5 -  Programming With Open Transport
Chapter 6 -  Mappers
Chapter 7 -  Option Management
Chapter 8 -  Ports
Chapter 9 -  Utilities
Chapter 10 - Advanced Topics
Chapter 11 - TCP/IP Services
Chapter 12 - Introduction to AppleTalk
Chapter 13 - AppleTalk Addressing
Chapter 14 - AppleTalk Service Providers
Chapter 15 - Datagram Delivery Protocol (DDP)
Chapter 16 - AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol (ADSP)
Chapter 17 - AppleTalk Transaction Protocol (ATP)
Chapter 18 - Printer Access Protocol (PAP)
Chapter 19 - Serial Endpoint Providers
Part 2 - Open Transport Reference
Chapter 20 - Initializing and Closing Open Transport Reference
Chapter 21 - Providers Reference
Chapter 22 - Endpoints Reference
Chapter 23 - Programming With Open Transport Reference
Chapter 24 - Mappers Reference
Chapter 25 - Option Management Reference
Chapter 26 - Ports Reference
Chapter 27 - Utilities Reference
Chapter 28 - Advanced Topics Reference
Chapter 29 - TCP/IP Services Reference
Chapter 30 - AppleTalk Reference
Chapter 31 - Serial Endpoint Reference
Appendix A - Open Transport and XTI
Appendix B - Result Codes
Appendix C - Special Functions
Appendix D - XTI Option Summary

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