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Inside Macintosh: Programming With MRJToolkit /

Chapter 1 - Using MRJToolkit

Although most Java code can run unchanged on multiple host platforms, in some cases you might want to access certain platform-specific functions. MRJToolkit allows Java code limited access to the Mac OS platform. Specifically, it allows you to do any of the following from your Java code:

Allowing access to the Mac OS platform means that your Java application becomes platform-specific. However, since calls to MRJToolkit do nothing if the appropriate implementations are not available, you can still easily adapt your Java application to work on different platforms.

Although Mac OS programming knowledge is not required to use MRJToolkit, you should read the "Finder Interface" chapter in Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Toolbox Essentials for information on how the Finder handles files.

Chapter Contents
Including MRJToolkit With Your Application
Manipulating Files
File Types and Creators
The MRJOSType Data Type
Setting the Default File Type and Creator
Setting or Reading File Types and Creators for Existing Files
Finding an Application With a Given Creator
Finding Special Folders
Responding to Simple System Events
Assigning Keyboard Equivalents to Menu Items

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