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Apple Game Sprockets Guide
View HTML Apple Game Sprockets is a set of libraries that enhance your ability to create games for the Macintosh or any computer running the Mac OS. This book introduces you to the features of Apple Game Sprockets and helps you get started programming games in a new and easier way.
Advanced Color Imaging
View HTML From this web page you can gain access to Apple Computer's official documentation for enhancing your software's color capabilities. In addition to supplying you with the conceptual and reference documentation that will help you incorporate Mac OS advanced color imaging technologies into your software, this web page gives you access to archives of previous versions of this documentation.
Imaging With QuickDraw
View HTML Inside Macintosh: Imaging With QuickDraw describes how your application can use QuickDraw to create and display Macintosh graphics.
QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities
View HTML A reference to the essential supporting components of QuickDraw GX, the new object-based graphics programming environment. This book describes important features of the QuickDraw GX programming environment, as well as several utilities that your application can use for programming with or apart from QuickDraw GX.
Sound Manager
View HTML This document describes all aspects of sound in QuickTime, including QuickTime Music and release notes for the latest version of the Sound Manager.