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Inside Macintosh:


Programming With JManager

For MRJ 2.0

Programming With JManager describes the JManager function library used in MRJ 2.0, which is used to instantiate a Java runtime environment on the Mac OS platform and to interact with the Java code within it. You can use JManager functions to embed Java applets in Mac OS applications or to create Mac compatible Java applications. This book discusses how you can

Note that the JManager function library has changed for MRJ 2.0. If you build programs with this version of JManager, you cannot run them using MRJ versions prior to 2.0. To be compatible with older MRJ versions, you must use the previous version of JManager.


Book Contents
Figures, Tables, and Listings
Preface - About This Document
Chapter 1 - Using JManager
Chapter 2 - JManager Reference
Chapter 3 - JManager Java Class Reference
Appendix A - Changes from JManager 1.0
Appendix B - Mac OS-Related Issues

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