Inside Macintosh is a collection of books, organized by topic, that describe the system software of Macintosh computers. Together, these books provide the essential reference for programmers, designers, and engineers creating applications for the Macintosh family of computers.

Be sure to check out the QuickTime area for QuickTime, QuickDraw 3D, Sound, and QuickTime VR documentation.

Check the archives library for legacy and unsupported documentation.

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General Overview


User Interface

Apple Guide Complete
Macintosh OS 8 Human Interface Guidelines
Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines
Macintosh Toolbox Essentials
Mac OS 8 Toolbox Reference
More Macintosh Toolbox

Graphics and Media

Apple Game Sprockets Guide
Advanced Color Imaging on the Mac OS
Imaging With QuickDraw
3D Metafile Reference
QuickDraw GX Environment and Utilities

Operating System Services

AppleScript Finder Guide
AppleScript Language Guide
AppleScript Scripting Additions Guide
Mac OS Runtime Architectures
Operating System Utilities
PowerPC Numerics
PowerPC System Software
Text Encoding Conversion Manager For Version 1.4

Internet and Component Software

Programming With MRJ Toolkit
Programming With JManager For 1.0.1
Programming With JManager For 2.0
Using JBindery

Developer Tools and Languages

MacApp Class and Method Reference
ResEdit Reference

Networking, Communications & Collaboration

Interapplication Communication
Networking With OpenTransport