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Interapplication Communication
View HTML Explains how to make your application work with other applications to give users even greater power and flexibility in accomplishing their tasks.
View HTML Describes how to write software that uses any of the AppleTalk networking protocols. You need this book if you want to write an application specifically designed to use AppleTalk, an AppleTalk network server, or a new networking protocol that is a client of any of the AppleTalk protocols. This book will also enhance your understanding of Macintosh communications and collaborative computing products such as the Communications Toolbox and the PPC Toolbox.
Networking With OpenTransport:(UPDATED 2/20)
View HTML This book, Inside Macintosh: Open Transport, describes the 1.1 release of the Open Transport networking system, which is a communications architecture that can be used to implement any number of networking and other communications systems. This book discusses only the implementation of Open Transport 1.1 on Apple Macintosh computers.