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Rhapsody Documentation

Rhapsody Home Pages

View Online A set of "home pages" that guides you to the documentation you're looking for. These pages mirror those found on the Rhapsody Developer CD, yet lead you to more up-to-date information.

Release Notes

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The release notes describe new features, known problems, and bug fixes for the current Rhapsody release. They often contain late-breaking information that did not make it into the installed release notes.

Yellow Box Java APIs

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An alpha version of the Application Kit and Foundation APIs, as rewritten for Java.                               

OPENSTEP Documentation

Discovering OPENSTEP: A Developer Tutorial (Windows NT)

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Discovering OPENSTEP provides an introduction to OpenStep programming on Windows NT systems. It guides you through the creation of three applications of increasing complexity. Along the way, it explains concepts and illustrates aspects of Objective-C, OpenStep classes, the development environment, and programming techniques. A short appendix offers a summary of object-oriented programming. ($16.00, 226 pages, paperback)

Programming Tools and Techniques

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This book explains how to program in the OpenStep development environment. It covers topics such as creating and managing a project, composing a graphical user interface, and making a custom subclass.

Topics in OPENSTEP Programming

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Detailed discussions of the concepts behind the Foundation Kit, the architecture of the text system, and the unique services that allow applications to easily share functionality.