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AppleScript Language Guide: English Dialect

The AppleScript Language Guide: English Dialect is the definitive description of the English dialect of the AppleScript scripting language. This book is an essential reference for anyone using AppleScript to modify existing scripts or write new ones. It also contains useful information for programmers who are working on scriptable applications or complex scripts.

The book begins with an introduction to scripting and an overview of AppleScript's main features. Most of the book consists of detailed definitions of AppleScript terminology and syntax of value classes, commands, objects and references to objects, expressions, control statements, handlers, and script objects.

In addition to definitions, the book provides many sample scripts and discusses advanced topics such as writing command handlers for script applications, the scope of script variables and properties declared at different levels in a script, and inheritance and delegation among script objects.

To get the most out of this book, you should be familiar with Macintosh computers. Although not required, some previous experience with another scripting language (such as HyperTalk) is also helpful.

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Book Contents
Figures and Tables
Preface - About This Guide
Part 1 - Introducing AppleScript
Chapter 1 - AppleScript, Scripts, and Scriptable Applications
Chapter 2 - Overview of AppleScript
Part 2 - AppleScript Language Reference
Chapter 3 - Values
Chapter 4 - Commands
Chapter 5 - Objects and References
Chapter 6 - Expressions
Chapter 7 - Control Statements
Chapter 8 - Handlers
Chapter 9 - Script Objects
Appendix A - The Language at a Glance
Appendix B - Scriptable Text Editor Dictionary
Appendix C - Error Messages

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