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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 2 - Working With MacApp

Chapter 18 -
Working With Windows

This chapter describes MacApp's support for creating and using windows in your application. It also includes recipes and sample code that demonstrate how to

For additional information on windows and views, see Chapter 8, "Displaying, Manipulating, and Printing Data," and Chapter 17, "Working With Views."

Chapter Contents
Floating Windows
Using Window Manager Routines
Defining a Window With a 'View' Resource
Creating Windows
Recipe--Creating a Window From a View Resource
Define a Resource ID Constant for the 'View' Resource
Define the 'View' Resource for the Window
Create a Window From the 'View' Resource
Recipe--Defining and Using a Floating Window
Include MacApp's FloatWindow.r File Into Your Resource File
Call the InitUFloatWindow Initialization Method
Base Your Floating Windows on the TFloatWindow Class
Define a Resource ID for the 'View' Resource
Use the 'fwnd' Resource Type to Define a Floating Window Resource
Call NewTemplateWindow to Create a Floating Window

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