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Inside Macintosh: Programmer's Guide to MacApp / Part 2 - Working With MacApp

Chapter 20 -
Working With the Keyboard

This chapter describes how to respond to keystrokes and key combinations in a MacApp application. It also includes recipes and sample code that demonstrate how to

For a detailed description of keystroke dispatching, see "Target Chain Dispatching" on page 107.

Chapter Contents
Simple Keystrokes
Command-Key Combinations With Menu Command Equivalents
Command-Key Combinations With No Menu Equivalent
Other Modifier Keys
Function Keys and Other Extended Keyboard Keys
Scripting Note
Recipes--The Keyboard
Working With the Keyboard--A General Outline
Recipe--Handling a Keystroke Other Than a Command-Key Combination
Override the DoKeyEvent Method of an Event-Handling or Behavior Class
Recipe--Responding to a Command-Key Combination
Override DoCommandKeyEvent in an Event-Handling or Behavior Class

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